The Swedish Royals and The World Childhood Foundation, Part 2 (June 2018 Onwards)

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Queen Silvia and Madeleine attend this evening t the delivery of the first Childhood Award.

Among the 200 guests are both Childhood's collaborators and Princess Madeleine's girlfriends, from Louise Thott to Katti von Horn. And of course a handful of the queen's close friends.
The guests started arriving in just before 6 pm and now the atmosphere is high here at Telia's head office in the giant gallery Mall of Scandinavia in Solna where the party is held. When Princess Madeleine arrived, she shone up like a sun.
How does it feel to be home?
- Oh, it's fun! she said emphatically.
The Queen welcomed everyone and so it was the premiere of the trailer for the new documentary series on Childhood to be broadcast in TV3 and where we get to follow the Queen and Madeleine during their work.
This is the grand finale of Childhood's 20th anniversary and tonight's highlight comes just before half past eight. Then Princess Madeleine will give out the new big Childhood Award that wants to draw attention to the people in Sweden who are crucial in keeping children safe, but whose work is not always visible most.
The three nominees are:
Andreas Grym, an IT crime investigator at the Gothenburg Police, who has successfully identified hundreds of prosecutors online and tracked down suspected perpetrators, leading to convictions in grooming cases across the country.
Eva Thored, investigator of Internet-related sexual abuse against children and child interrogation leaders at the Police in the Mitt region.
Maria Blomgren Rydell, team leader at Barnahus Fyrbodal. Through her dedication, Maria has contributed to the development of the local Children's Home.
- We want to highlight invisible child rights fighters, there are many who work daily to protect children from violence and sexual abuse, but who rarely receive recognition, says Åsa Andreasson Åkerström at Childhood.
Prinsessan Madeleine på Childhood-gala – se bilderna _ Svensk Dam
11 härliga bilder från prinsessan Madeleines fest i natt _ Svensk Dam


Photos by SPA

Queen Silvia began her speech by telling us how the foundation came about 20 years ago. She was careful to thank the key people who helped along the way, but also talked about her own thoughts about the foundation's birth.
- It was a little sensitive because it goes without saying that I did not want to interfere with something that might have been political. I haven't studied law, so I couldn't. But I thought this is a deep humanitarian issue and that I can help with, said Queen Silvia.
- I could draw attention to this issue that nobody wanted to address. Nobody wanted to talk about it, nobody wanted to see it either, and it's not just in Sweden, of course, but it is in the whole world. There are countries that still do not want to talk or see.
Queen Silvia continued to thank Childhood and the Foundation's partners for the work done over the years.
But after that it became difficult to maintain the formality. The royal confessed that she had been influenced by the stories of the nominees from the work on sexual offenses against children.
- I have a little trouble speaking after listening now, but it was important. I have a written speech, but I don't think I need it, said Queen Silvia.
This year, the World Childhood Foundation has released the Childhood Award for the first time.
This year's winner was Andreas Grym, an IT crime investigator at the Gothenburg police. Anders Grym has identified hundreds of online plaintiffs and tracked down suspected perpetrators. This has led to several convictions about grooming around Sweden.
Silvias tal till stiftelsen_ ”Lite känsligt”
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Princess Madeleine about last night:

"So exciting we launched “Childhood Guardians” in Stockholm yesterday! A new approach to expanding World Childhood’s reach to new audiences and bringing more innovation and new ideas to protect kids from abuse."
About the TV serie about World Childhood Foundation

New series about Queen Silvia and Childhood to Viaplay
Queen Silvia - who founded the World Childhood Foundation 20 years ago - has a deep commitment to the foundation that works to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children. The new Viaplay original "Barnens drottning" (The Children's Queen) gives a unique look into the Queen's daily work with Childhood and in exclusive interviews with both her and Princess Madeleine, we get to see the royals much closer than we are used to. The documentary comes to NENT Group's Viaplay streaming service in the spring of 2020.
The World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1999 by Queen Silvia to safeguard children's right to a safe childhood and improve living conditions for children at risk of violence or sexual abuse. Viaplay's new series provides a unique insight into Queen Silvia's daily work and tireless commitment to Childhood.
Following the Queen's welcome speech at award ceremony of the Childhood Prize, a first sneak peek from the documentary series was shown. Among other things, Barnens drottning offers exclusive interviews with both the Queen and Princess Madeleine - who, too, is deeply involved in Childhood since 2006.
- With Barnens drottning, we hope to be able to shed light on a taboo topic and hopefully raise awareness that this is happening to a much greater extent than we think. I think many Swedes do not know what an incredibly important effort Queen Silvia, Princess Madeleine and Childhood make - not only in Sweden but also globally. We are proud to have been given the confidence to portray their work, says Filippa Wallestam at NENT Group.
In the series, viewers also get to meet a host of other enthusiasts who work to push down the statistics. Police, researchers, doctors and people who have been sexually abused as children tell in the documentary series about their involvement.
Presstjänst - Nordic Entertainment Group Ny serie om drottning Silvia och Childhood till Viaplay
Queen Silvia had today a conference call meeting with the board of World Childhood Foundation.
Queen Silvia has recorded a video for parents, shared by Childhood.

She says:

I think about the children in the special situation we are in now, children are even more exposed and vulnerable than usual. Maybe not for the coronavirus itself, but for its consequences. I turn directly to you as an adult. I want to ask you to see, really see, all the children that are in your vicinity. Maybe the child is exposed to the adults' concerns about an uncertain future? Maybe the child is subjected to domestic violence and abuse? Maybe the child is subject to abuse or grooming on the internet? Ask them, "How are you?" "Is there anything you're worried about?" "Would you tell me?" "You should know, you're not alone." "I want to be a support for you!" A safe adult reduces the risk of a child being ill. Your support is more important now than ever. You can make a difference not only for the moment, but for the life of a child.
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Queen Silvia had today a video meeting with World Childhood Foundations Executive Committee.

Press release from Tetra Laval Group
The Tetra Laval Group donates SEK 12.9 million to Swedish organizations for relief efforts in connection with COVID-19
The global outbreak of COVID-19 has created entirely new challenges in our lives and our everyday lives. We feel a deep participation with everyone who is in any way affected by the pandemic.
To contribute to the joint management of the crisis, Tetra Pak, Sidel and De Laval will jointly donate SEK 6.5 million to the Swedish Red Cross, SEK 4.4 million to the Karolinska Institutet and SEK 2 million to the World Childhood Foundation to support the healthcare system and other important relief efforts for COVID-19 in Sweden.
The grant to the World Childhood Foundation will enable more intensive work to protect vulnerable children both on the internet and off-line.
Tetra Laval-gruppens donation i samband med COVID-19
Queen Silvia had today a video meeting with World Childhood Foundation International Council.
On Tuesday, May 19, the Queen held a telephone meeting with Mrs. Elke Büdenbender, wife of Germany's Federal President, on, among other things, the opening of Germany's third Barnahus (Childhood House), Barnahus Berlin - after Leipzig and Heidelberg.
The Queen and Mrs. Büdenbender jointly opened Barnahus Heidelberg last year.
The opening of Barnahus Berlin is scheduled for September 3 this year.
Barnahus Berlin will be housed in the University Hospital Charité's premises. Later this fall, Children's Home in Düsseldorf will also open.
About Barnahus
In a Childhood House, children who have been sexually abused receive support and protection under the same roof. In a multi-professional team consisting of doctors, judges, psychologists, social secretaries and others, they work together for the best interests of the children and in their interests. Childhood House is established in Germany with support from the World Childhood Foundation.
Drottningen höll telefonmöte om Barnahus med Tysklands presidenthustru - Sveriges Kungahus

Bigger photo at court Facebook
Queen Silvia had today an video meeting with the board of World Childhood Foundation.
Queen Silvia had today a telephone meeting with the board of the World Childhood Foundation Germany.
Queen Silvia was today the keynote speaker at Online Dialogue on the new 2020 Child Online Protection Guidelines: Launch and Beyond.
World Childhood Foundation is one of the partners of the dialogue. Also Dr. Joana Rubinstein, President & CEO of Childhood USA, gave remarks.
Online Dialogue on the Launch of the 2020 Guidelines

Queen Silvia said at her speech among other things:
Today’s launch of ITU’s new guidelines for child online protection marks an important milestone in our international efforts to end violence against children. I am happy to see how several UN agencies, and many global NGOs including my Foundation, Childhood, came together to develop these important new resources that will help to drive action for safeguarding children online.
Ladies and gentlemen. It is well over 20 years since I first decided to use my voice and position to break the silence and speak about the unspeakable. The global pandemic of child sexual abuse and exploitation is a topic that I have felt strongly about ever since the first big case in Sweden in 1992.
As you can understand, it wasn’t easy as a Queen to speak about sexually abused children. Whenever I spoke, I saw people looking down or turning their heads. But I persisted, hoping I could make a difference.
Nothing, however, could prepare me for the tsunami of child sexual abuse material that we see today, 21 years later, that is flooding the Internet. Police say, the children are becoming younger, the abuse more severe.
H.M. Drottningens tal vid lansering av the ITU Child Online Protection Guidelines , 24 juni 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus

On Wednesday, June 24, the Queen spoke at a video conference in connection with the launch of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union's ITU Guidelines for the Protection of Children Online.
Guidelines for the International Telecommunications Union 2020 Child online Protection Guidelines are a set of recommendations for children, parents and teachers, companies, and policy makers on how to contribute to the development of a secure and empowering online environment for children and young people.
Drottningen talade vid lansering av riktlinjer för skydd av barn online - Sveriges Kungahus
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Queen Silvia spoke today digitally as the founder of World Childhood Foundation at Samena Council Leaders' Summit.
Leaders' Summit 2020 - SAMENA Telecommunications Council

Queen Silvia said at her speech among other things:
It has been well over 20 years since I first decided to use my voice and position to break the silence and speak about the unspeakable. I founded the World Childhood Foundation to address the global challenge of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Already then, the Internet was used to exploit children and we invested in new technology to detect child sexual abuse material on corporate computers. I hope you all know of it. It is called NetClean.
But NetClean or other technology alone cannot protect the vulnerable. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of launching the new 2020 ITU Child Online Protection guidelines, an important milestone in our international efforts to end violence against children. I was happy to see how several UN agencies, and many global NGOs including my Foundation, Childhood, joined forces to produce these guidelines. Let’s put these resources to work in every country, in every region … and by every government and company.
Ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t easy for a Queen to speak about sexually abused children. Whenever I address foreign parliaments, royal courts, the United Nations, or other audiences, I see people looking down or turning their heads. Nobody wants to hear about the horrific crimes that are being perpetrated against children every hour of every day. And yet I must continue because in the last two decades, despite the progress that I feel our foundation has made, there has only been an increasing tsunami of child sexual abuse material flooding the Internet.
H.M. Drottningens tal vid SAMENA Council Leaders' Summit, torsdagen den 9 juli 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus

On Thursday, July 9, the Queen participated digitally at the Samena Council Leaders' Summit 2020, where the Queen spoke about the importance of child safety online. The Samena Council Leaders' Summit brings together leaders in the telecom industry, decision-makers and regulators to jointly discuss new challenges and opportunities.
Drottningen talade vid telekomkonferens - Sveriges Kungahus

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Giva Sverige (the Swedish Fundraising Association) is the professional membership body for fundraising organisations in Sweden. They updated to their website some time ago the collected funds each member association got in 2019.
World Childhood Foundation got in Sweden collected funds from fundraising in various events and sold products SEK 40 670 000. The year was very good for the Foundation, in 2018 they got SEK 32 611 000.
World Childhood Foundation - Giva Sverige
The nomination for the Childhood Prize 2020 was opened a few days ago, and Madeleine told about it at her Instagram, and told also that she will be a member of the jury just as last year.

The 2020 Childhood Prize will be awarded to a person who works with children and young people in the social services. This year, the prize jury especially hopes for nominations from children and young people with their own experience from the social services.
Last day for nomination is October 16, 2020.
No later than November 4, we will announce the award finalists.
The winner will be announced at an award ceremony on December 21.
Childhoodpriset - World Childhood Foundation
On Thursday, September 24, the Queen attended the digital inauguration of Germany's third children's home, Childhood-Haus in Berlin.
At the digital inauguration of Childhood-Haus Berlin, the Queen said:
"The Childhood Houses are still lighthouses for child protection. With today and the Childhood House Berlin, another bright lighthouse has been added that shows: Change is possible! Much can still be achieved together for the protection of affected children and young people."
Then spoke, among others, Mrs. Elke Büdenbender, wife of the Federal President of Germany. Childhood-Haus Berlin is housed in the premises of the Charité University Hospital, which was virtually displayed during the inauguration.
In a Childhood-Haus, children who have been sexually abused receive support and protection under one roof. A multi-professional team consisting of doctors, judges, psychologists, social workers and more work together for the best interests of the children and in their interests. Childhood-Houses are established in Germany with the support of the World Childhood Foundation.
Drottningen invigde Barnahus Berlin - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos at court Facebook by Victor Ericsson/The Royal Court.

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It has been a year that is unlike anything else and it has affected pretty much everything around us, so also the royal family and the organizations they work with. For Childhood, for which Queen Silvia is honorary chairman, it has meant great challenges and they face great challenges in their various projects around the world.
In order to continue to drive Childhood forward, they, like everyone else, have had to make adjustments. Among other things, Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine work digitally. Silvia both attended the UN meeting and when they inaugurated the Childhood-Haus at the Charité hospital in Berlin last Thursday.
- It has worked very well, above expectations. Queen Silvia is very committed, says Åsa.
For Madeleine, it becomes extra problematic because the state of Florida where she lives has a lot of restrictions at the moment, which makes it difficult for her to get to New York where the headquarters of Childhood USA is located.
- What she does is digital, she is a member of the American board and they have a board meeting in November, says Åsa Andreasson Åkerström, communications manager of Childhood Sweden.
Then of course there is the Childhood Prize.
- There she is a member of the jury and all our jury meetings this year take place digitally. The first start-up meeting has already been and there she has participated, says Åsa.
Madeleine jobbar för Childhood USA – bakom kulisserna _ Svensk Dam
On Wednesday, the Queen attended Brighthood 2020, a conference on the prevention of sexual violence against children. The conference is organized by the company Netclean.
At the conference, which this year will be held digitally, the Queen gave an introductory speech. In his speech, the Queen said, among other things:
"Ladies and gentlemen: Children have the right to a childhood free from violence, abuse and exploitation. And it is our collective responsibility to make sure that right is fulfilled and protected; at home, in our communities, in our schools and in the corporate world.
But now, with only ten years to go until the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to intensify our efforts. "
Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, also spoke at the conference.
Drottningen vid digital konferens om förebyggande av sexuellt våld mot barn - Sveriges Kungahus

Queen Silvia said at her speech also:
Connectivity plays a crucial role in our lives, especially now in the COVID-19 era. For the “connected”, it brings education and entertainment. It allows families and friends to stay in touch, just like His Majesty and I stay in touch with our children and grandchildren when visits and family dinners must wait. (...)
21 years ago, I founded World Childhood Foundation to help fight sexual violence against children. Already then, the internet was used to exploit children. And I asked: how can we turn this around? How can technology be used for good, and to fight these terrible crimes?
In 2003, Childhood invested in NetClean. Their solution detects child sexual abuse material on work computers and now also on mobile phones and tablets.(...)
That is why World Childhood Foundation is leading the work on making the internet safer for children. We do that in the UN Broadband Commission, where we work together with partners like ITU, UNICEF, WHO, and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.
H.M. Drottningens tal vid konferensen Brighthood 2020, onsdagen den 14 oktober 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus
Brighthood - Agenda
On November 1, we launch Petite Olivia x World Childhood Foundation SEK 50 per box sold goes to Childhood. We want all children to grow up safe! Childhood stands for exactly what Petite Olivia stands for, children should be allowed to be children and grow up safe & loving.
In the box you will find 6 bows created in oeko-tex material, in Petite Olivia's luxury box.
The bows are named after Estelle, Madeleine, Victoria, Leonore, Adrienne and Sofia.
Madeleine attended on Wednesday the first meeting of the jury of the Childhood Prize.

Queen Silvia had today a video meeting with World Childhood Foundation Executive Committee.
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Queen Silvia inaugurated today Barnahus Jämtland digitally:
Drottningen invigde Barnahus Jämtland - Sveriges Kungahus

The Queen's speech
H.M. Drottningens tal vid digital invigning av Barnahus Jämtland, onsdagen den 25 november 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus
The model of Barnahus is well-proven as a child-friendly and legally secure way to help. The concept originally comes from the United States. Iceland was the first European country to introduce the model and it was then established in Sweden with strong support from Queen Silvia and Childhood.

Queen Silvia had today also a video meeting with World Childhood Foundation International Council.
The jury has nominated three finalists for this year's Childhood Prize: Helen Brännström from Skellefteå, Marit Gustafsson from Avesta and Jenny Selenius from Stockholm. The selection has been made on the basis of the nominations received from the public during the autumn.
Due to the pandemic, the winner will be announced on December 21, but the physical award ceremony will take place in 2021.
The jury for the Childhood Prize consists of
Chairman Paula Guillet de Monthoux, Secretary General of World Childhood Foundation,
Princess Madeleine, board member of Childhood Sweden and USA,
Lena Ahlström, CEO Ledarstudion,
Elaine Eksvärd, rhetorician and founder of the association Treskablinoll,
Carl Göran Svedin, affiliated professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University,
Elin Wernquist, founder and secretary general, Barnrättsbyrån and
Carina Åkerström, President and CEO, Handelsbanken and member of the Board of World Childhood Foundation.
Här är finalisterna till Childhoodpriset 2020 - World Childhood Foundation
Här är finalisterna till Childhoodpriset 2020 _ World Childhood Foundation_via_TT
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