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In 2018, Generation Pep launched the school initiative Pep Skola (Pep School) - the digital and free tool, which supports schools in working with physical activity and healthy eating habits as a natural and integrated part of the school day. During the fall of 2020, it was also opened up for schools to be certified Generation Pep Schools - and now we can proudly present all the schools that achieve certification for the year 2024.
All certified schools receive a flag to raise and a diploma from Generation Pep, signed by Generation Pep's operations manager Carolina Klüft and Prince Daniel.
Aktuellt _ Grattis alla certifierade Pep Skolor! - Generation Pep
Daniel delivered Generation Pep's "Årets peppare" Prize to Hej främling at the Sports Gala this evening.
Årets Peppare Prize is rewarded to a person, organization or initiative that, in an inclusive and accessible way, has succeeded in getting children and young people to live a more active life.

He said at his speech among other things:
"We know sport in so many different ways. We feel it in the dressing room when you put on the match shirt, we feel it when we sit in the stands or sit and freeze on a windy sports field and watch our children. It is community, joy, big dreams, identity and so much more.
But if we are to continue to be able to enjoy elite sports and take part in your fine performances, we have to move up. Today, only two out of ten children in Sweden move enough every day. Here we have a proper homework to do. And it is us adults who bear the responsibility for how bad things look today. But also we who can make sure that it looks good tomorrow".
Prins Daniels uppmaning på Idrottsgalan – till alla föräldrar_ _En ordentlig hemläxa_ _*Svensk Dam

Daniel's speech
H.K.H. Prins Daniels tal på Idrottsgalan _ Kungahuset

This year's winners create inclusive and natural environments where people can meet and get to know each other through the joy of movement.
Today, new friendships are created and alienation is broken thanks to their invaluable and welcoming efforts where everything starts with something as simple as a hello.
Aktuellt _ Och vinnaren är… Hej främling! - Generation Pep
Generation Pep's operations manager Carolina Klüft hosts the gala together with ESC winner Måns Zelmerlöw.
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Today is 31st January and Generation Pep's seventh Up and Jump, Sweden! -day.
Generation Pep launched on 31st January 2018 the national campaign "Upp och hoppa, Sverige" (Up and Jump, Sweden) against sedentary and to get people move more. This year, they are focusing a little extra on finding occasions in everyday life when we can all have time for a movement break.

Generation Pep's operations manager Carolina Klüft shows how you find time for Up and Jump in your everyday life.
Daniel had today a meeting with Generation Pep and representatives from Svenskt Friluftsliv (Swedish Outdoor Life) and Friluftsfrämjandet (Swedish Outdoor Association). Carolina Klüft, operations manager of Generation Pep, attended also the meeting.
The Royal Court tells about the meeting:
The long-term vision for Allemansrättens Day (The Day of the Right of the Public Access) and planning for Allemansrättens Day on September 20, 2024 were discussed.
The Right of the Public Access is a prerequisite for Sweden's rich and active outdoor life. To draw attention to this, Generation Pep and Svenskt Friluftsliv, with the support of RevolutionRace, have instituted Allemansrätten's Day, on September 20 each year.
Prins Daniel i möte om Allemansrättens dag _ Kungahuset

He has today also a meeting with the Steering Group of Generation Pep.
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Victoria attended on February 6 The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation's networking meeting for the 15 organizations that receive support from the Foundation in 2024. Representatives from these organizations were invited to a joint full day at the Royal Palace, to get to know each other and the respective businesses better, discuss challenges and exchange lessons learned.
Organisationsträff på Kungl. Slottet _ Kronprinsessparets stiftelse

Bigger photos
Pic 1
Pic 2
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Daniel participated yesterday in a meeting at the Karolinska Institutet with a focus on the health of children and young people. Daniel, KI's president Annika Östman Wernerson and representatives from Generation Pep and En Frisk Generation discussed continued collaborations to get more children and young people to live an active and healthy life.
Daniel, Generation Pep's initiator, is an honorary doctor at the Karolinska Institutet due to his long-term commitment to public health.
Generation Pep has published its annual report 2023. Operations manager Carolina Klüft writes: I am extremely proud to have been operations manager at Generation Pep for another year, and in that role to lead our team which, together with all our partners, really advances the positions on the issue of children and young people's physical health.

At the report it is told among other things:
To increase knowledge about the connection between physical activity and healthy food and children's and young people's health Generation Pep has with the support of researchers at the School of Sports and Health Sciences, University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institutet produced a free online training course: Sweden should feel better - an education about children's and youth health. The online course is aimed to adults who meet children in their everyday lives. Since the education was launched in 2023, 3110 people have passed the training. In 2023, work began on developing a new online education to be launched in 2024, directed to children and young people in middle school and upper secondary school and aims to provide a holistic perspective on health and what is needed during a day to feel good.

The Steering Group of Generation Pep:
HRH The Crown Princess, HRH Prince Daniel, Elin Annwall (operations manager of the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation), Klas Balkow, Oscar Boldt-Christmas, Eva Carlheim, Håkan Lundstedt and Carl Johan Sundberg.
The research group Cultural Medicine at the Department of LIME at Karolinska Institutet hosted PRAO students from the International School of Kungsholmen last December.
Yaroslav Suprun and Jonas Ekstam participated in lectures on physical health and were also invited on 7th December to the Royal Palace and met Victoria and Daniel at Generation Pep's event.
Generation Pep's Pep Ambassador Fanny Ahlfors inspires exercise and movement on Tiktok and social media. She has been commissioned to create activities for children and young people during the Easter holidays by Prince Daniel.

Children and young people are most sedentary during holidays and weekends. That's why we want to inspire people to enjoy movement with the Pep Kilometer campaign. The Easter break is approaching and with it the first Pep Kilometer of the year. This year it will be extra fun because you get to do the Pep Kilometer together with our ambassador Fanny. You will be given every day an assignment on something you must find during the time you run, cycle, roll or walk your Pep kilometer.
Young people in rural areas have less access to leisure activities, meeting places and basic community services such as school, public transport and healthcare than young people in cities have. We want to change that with the project Landsbygdens röster, which was made possible thanks to support from the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation.

Arla, Generation Pep and Rädda Barnen (Save the Children Sweden) in new school breakfast collaboration
As part of the initiative, a digital tool ”Frukosteffekten” is launched to help more schools get started with serving breakfast.
In Generation Pep's 2023 report, half of teenagers stated that they didn't eat breakfast every day and 11 % answered that they didn't eat breakfast at all. Children in families with higher incomes eat breakfast to a greater extent every day, compared to children in families with lower incomes.
- In the work with Pep School, Generation Pep gives schools support introducing more physical activity and healthy eating habits during the school day. Our hope is that Frukosteffekten can contribute to more schools offering breakfast, says Carolina Klüft, operations manager at Generation Pep.
Generation Pep published its sixth Pep Report on Wednesday April 10.
Only 3 % of Sweden's children and young people eat and move in accordance with dietary advice and recommendations. Children in low-income families have less opportunity to eat good food and participate in sports activities. The Pep Report 2024 warns of growing health gaps among children and young people.
The Pep Report is a survey among children and young people in Sweden aged 4–17 about how they move, what they eat and factors around the children that are related to lifestyle habits. The Pep Report 2024 is carried out with the support of the Heart-Lung Foundation. The SOM institute at the University of Gothenburg has carried out the survey. An extra focus is this year placed on economic conditions, on which the National Association of Mayflower was also included as an advisor in the report.

The Pep Report

Generation Pep's operations manager Carolina Klüft was interviewed about the report on TV4's News morning on Wednesday.
The press in Sweden and abroad has noticed widely Daniel's speech last week at a seminar. He quoted Generation Pep's Pep Report and spoke about that the health of children and young people has long been a class issue. Children of low-income earners have fewer leisure activities than children of parents with higher incomes. The children who live in financial security eat better and get more fish, fruit and vegetables.
Daniel wants more people to pay attention to Generation Pep's warning and the negative development and realize that the situation for the children is urgent. He said at his speech among other things:
"Children must be allowed to grow up into healthy adults and feel like an asset in society, not a burden on the healthcare system".
"We have to stop fixing what's broken and make sure it doesn't break from the beginning. A team that only loses has to change something in its game in order to win. A company that does not make money must change its strategy or it will go bankrupt. Why should we take it easy on our children's health?"
Exceptionally heavy words from Prince Daniel - this is what he is worried about

Carolina Klüft, operations manager and Malin J-son Höök, project manager at Generation Pep, presented Generation Pep's Pep Report at a webinar last week:

FUZED in Almedalen together with Generation Pep - public health and gaming in focus
A new report shows that 80 % of today's young people move too little. FUZED wants to highlight this during this year's Almedalen and launches therefore Clubhouse, an innovative arena with a focus on public health and gaming, in collaboration with Generation Pep. The goal is to arrange seminars that promote discussion about how we ensure that all children and young people have the opportunity to live an active and healthy life.

The Nöt & Grönt hamburger is launched in collaboration with Generation Pep, which works for better health for young people. It is the second product that Axfood and Generation Pep are launching together, against the background that only four out of ten Swedish children and young people - according to the latest and completely fresh Pep report 2024 - eat vegetables every day, and that precisely nutritious and healthy food is crucial for children's development and health.
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Together with the Crown Princess Couples Foundation and the association Kompis Sverige Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Danile visited the Vasa Museum in Stockholm today, May 2:

Victoria and Daniel visited yesterday the Vasa Museum with the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation and the Foundation's Youth Council and the association Kompis Sverige. They were shown exhibition Brickwrecks, where eight famous shipwrecks have been built from Lego. Kompis Sverige is a non-profit association that creates meetings between new and established Swedes, the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation supports the association with a grant in 2024.

About the exhibition

The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation tells about the visit among other things:
After the tour at the exbition, Victoria and Daniel had closer conversations with the participating families with children and with representatives from Kompis Sweden in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of their activities. The Foundation's Youth Council was also on the visit to take part in a project that they have been involved in and enabled support for.

The Royal Court about the visit:
Kompis Sverige, founded in 2013 by Pegah Afsharian and Natassia Fry, offers social activities to create meetings between new and established Swedes.

Video of the visit to Vasa Museum with Kompis Sverige
Daniel attended today a meeting with the Steering Group of Generation Pep.
Two work events for Generation Pep this week, which aren't at court's calendar:

On Wednesday May 15 Daniel attended at a meeting with Generation Pep
"We gathered around 30 creators to talk about how together we can gather strength and strengthen the health of our children and young people. H.R.H. Prince Daniel began the day about the importance of more of us trying to bring about a shift in norms where exercise and health become the rule and not the exception."
"Together we want Sweden to feel better Many thanks to @gen.pep for all the inspiration with lectures by HRH Prince Daniel, @carolinakluft, @andersehansen, @martennylen and others. Very fun to see so many creators on site. Now we inspire more young people to enjoy exercise and good health"
"A fantastic lecture start with HRH Prince Daniel @gen.pep @andersehansen
Thanks to everyone who came and listened today and hope the keys will be useful"

On Thursday May 16 Victoria and Daniel hosted a lunch to Generation Pep and its partners at Haga Palace.
"Magical lunch and great conversation today at the palace A big thank you to HRH Crown Princess Victoria and HRH Prince Daniel for allowing us to participate in @gen.pep and inspire children and young people to more exercise and better health"
"A fantastically nice lunch and chat
Many thanks HRH Crown Princess Victoria and HRH Prince Daniel for all the good things you do and cheer us @gen.pep"
"Help spread Generation Pep's message about the importance of providing children with opportunities to exercise and eat good food! This is a prerequisite for us to have healthy, happy and long-lived citizens and to be able to afford the expensive care of the future. Thank you to the Crown Princess Couple for your work and nice lunch at Haga Palace, and thank you to all the ambassadors — including the running king Mickey — and partners for your important work."
"Good lunch and nice conversations with so many fantastic people today at the Palace. Together, we can inspire children and young people to a healthier lifestyle."
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Victoria and Daniel attended today The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation's board meeting.
Generation Pep's Pep Day in Haga Park 8 September
Sunday 8 September at 11.00-15.00 families are once again welcomed to the Pep Day in Haga Park. All children, born between 2012–2021, can participate in the Prince Daniel's Race, where all participants are winners and receive a medal. New for this year is that we are also opening up for children born between 2019–2021 to run a shorter loop with a guardian. Children with disabilities are we lcome, together with their social support, to participate in all age groups.

Generation Pep's operations manager, olympic champion and three-time world champion in heptathlon Carolina Klüft is one of MAX's expert commentators at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Generation Pep's ambassador, kong-distance runner and three-time European Cross Country Championship medalist Mustafa Mohamed is also one of MAX's expert commentators at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
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Viktor Frisk, Vivvi Wallin and Liam Kalevi are now part of Generation Pep's new creative advisory group.
Emma Blomdahl Wahlberg, Generation Pep's communications manager, says that GP has advisory groups consisting of researchers or other experts to help strengthen the organization's work, but that this was missing for the creative work. Instead of having to depend on agencies, they can now have experts, who meet the target group directly on their own platforms on a daily basis.
The advisory group, which in addition to Frisk, Wallin and Kalevi, consists of Marcus Börjel and Benjamin Hailemariam, experts in digital communication and marketing, will primarily focus on providing feedback and advice regarding GP's communication campaigns.
Daniel attended on 15 May at an event, where the new advisory group was presented.
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