The Six Princesses of Luxembourg

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Thank you for posting this link. The historical facts seem to be correct - but just one thing: the site is a "Jacobite"-site, meaning the owners support the claim that the Crown of England and Scotland should have been inherited through the line of king James VI. of Scotland/James I. of England's granddaughter Henriette Marie, duchess of Orleans instead of his daughter Elizabeth Stuart (whose descendants are the current Royal family). Jacobites ignore that Henriette Marie renounced her claims to the thrones of England and Scotland for herself and her children on her marriage to the French king's brother while her aunt's rights to the succession were restored to her by Henriette Marie's brother king Charles II. of England and Scotland when Elizabeth and her son Rupert (who became a loyal, highly decorated and successful admiral for childless king Charles II.) came back to live in London. So for the Jacobites Crown Prince Rupprecht (Rupert) of Bavaria was king Rupert of Great Britain with Crown Princess Antonia of Bavaria, his wife as his queen. Thus the way to present the persons with titles they actually did not held.

Of all the children of princess Elizabeth Stuart only her daughter, electress Sophia of Hanover, left issue with unrenounced inheritance rights - through which the current Royal family is descended

I think the Jacobite issue is far more complex than you make it seem. Where renunciations ever permitted under the law at the time?

Noel McFerron has done considerable research into the matter and is well respected. I'm not saying that I agree with his view. I don't really have a view - I consider it moot because it's an irrelevant issue. But, his facts are always in order. To me, it's very much like the Russian succession issue and the French. People on each side always have something to support their view.
Hello everyone I am new here and I have quite an interest in the Luxembourg Princesses does anyone have anymore pictures of them
thank you in advance :flowers:
On March 7, 1927, The Associated Press reported:

Princess Hilda of Luxembourg, a younger sister of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg "is one of the wealthiest of young royal women, having inherited from her grandfather, Grand Duke Adolphe."

I'm new to this board (wonderful place, don't know why I didn't find it earlier!) and I had a question about the sisters of Grand Duchess Charlotte. I've noticed that several of them died quite young. Does anyone know the causes? I believe one of them was quite badly treated during the war.


Ex Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide dies at 29, influenza and weakness health. :sad:
Marie Anne of Portugal with her six daughters, August 1920.


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Marie Anne of Portugal with her five daughters, August 1929.
(Incomplete family) :sad::luxflag:


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The four eldest princesses outside Schloss Colmar-Berg.


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