The Shah's brother and sisters

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Ali Reza was the youngest son of Rezā Shāh and Queen Tadj ol-Molouk; he was born in 1922 and died in a flying accident in 1954.
In 1946 he married to Christiane Cholewski, with whom he had a son Prince Ali Patrick in 1947; they divorced the following year.
Christiane was already mother of a son, born in 1941, who had been adopted by Prince Ali Reza, but who wasn't Ali Reza's child (the couple met in 1945 in France, and the child was 4 at the time).
But whatever happened to Christiane after 1954. Did she remarry. What happeded to the adopted son and did she have any more children? I can't find ANY information online.
She had three husbands:
1) Mirza Ali Muhammad Khan Ghavam (b.1911 - ?) married 1937, divorced 1942, father of Sharam (b.1940)
2) Ahmed Shafiq Bey (1911 -1976) married 1944, divorced 1959, father of Shariar (b.1945) and Azadeh (b.1951)
3) Dr. Mehdi Bushehri (b.1916) married 1960.

Source: pahlavi2
These are billion dollar questions which no one can find the answer!
I read that Ashraf have had an extremely low profile in France. Maybe she did not want to be associated with the Pahlavi, except from The Shah himself. As her brother he was often protecting. I think besides that she felt a little isolated somehow
Is Gholam Reza Pahlavi still alive? What country is he living in?
I think the Prince is still alive, aged 89; at least his website doesn't mention his death.
Prince lives in Paris
Prince Reza has not published nothing.
Princess Ashraf Pahlavi is still alive.

The false report of the death of the twin sister of the Shah apparently appeared after the Facebook account of Princess Noor Pahlavi was hacked. The Imperial Family has been deeply hurt by whomever tried to spread this malicious "news," especially during festivities surrounding the Iranian New Year.

The princess is ninety-five years old and resides in Paris.

Ashraf d’Iran
In connection with the false announcements of her death, the Iranian Imperial Family has released a photo of Princess Ashraf Phalavi at her residence in Paris, France. Princess Noor's account on a social media was hacked and that was when the death of Princess Ashraf was incorrectly announced:

Noblesse & Royautés

I think hacking someone's account to falsely announce a death of their relative is a cruel thing to do. I wonder if the hacker has been identified. :ohmy:
Does anybody have any information on the Shah's oldest sister, Fatemeh "Hamdam-e~Saltaneh" Pahlavi? Its like she's a ghost or something. I can't find her birth date (several different ones come up) whether or not she was divorced or not (one site says she married three times another says she never divorced/remarried) or even an announcement of her death (most sites say 1992 but unlike other relatives of the Shah I can't find an announcement of her death in any newspaper/website). I just find it odd and fascinating at the same time that there's so little info on the Shah's oldest sister, so if anyone can help me out in regards to this it would be much appreciated.
You have informations about her here:

H.I.H. Princess (Shahdokht) Fatemah Khanum, Hamdam us-Sultana [H.I.H. Princess Fatemeh Pahlavi]. b. at Tehran, 22nd February 1903 (d/o Maryam Khanum). Rcvd: the Orders of Aryamehr 2nd class (26.9.1967) and the Pleiades 2nd class (1957). m. (first) 1924, Major-General H.E. Hadi Atabay, MD (d. 1971), sometime Chief of the Iranian AMC and Insp-Gen. of Public Health. m. (second) (div.) M… Behrun, Engineer. m. (third) (div.) N…Amir Aslani. She d. 1992, having had issue, two sons and one daughter:
  • a) H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Amir Reza Atabay [Reza Niazmand]. b. 1925. Author "Az Tavalhud ta Saltanat" (Reza Shah: From Birth to Kingship) (1995). m. (first) 1959 (div. 1960), Gail Mildred (b. USA, 1935), daughter of William A. Hohlweg, civil engineer, by his wife, Elsie, née Borden. m. (second) 1960 (div. 1963) Roxana, daughter of Abol Hassan Saba, the father of Iranian classical music. m. (third) 1963, Mahindokht, née Amir Mokri. m. (fourth) Batul, née Gharaguzlu, a Turkish citizen. He had issue, one son and three daughters:
    • i) H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Reza Atabay. b. 1964 (s/o Mahindokht).
    • i) H.H. Princess (Vala Gohari) Aria Atabay. b. 1960 (d/o Gail).
    • ii) H.H. Princess (Vala Gohari) Donia Atabay. b. 1961 (d/o Roxana). m. ... Enu. She has issue, one son:
      • (1) Amir Ali Enu. b. 1989. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • iii) H.H. Princess (Vala Gohari) Massumeh Atabay. b. 6th August 1964 (d/o Roxana). m. 15th March 1986, Muhammad Mottahedan. She has issue, one son and one daughter:
      • (1) Sam Mottahedan. b. at Westminster, London, 1st November 1993.
      • (1) Lily Mottahedan. b. at New Jersey, USA, 18th August 1987.
  • a) H.H. Prince (Vala Gohar) Cyrus Atabay. b. at Teheran, 6th September 1929, educ. at Eton, in Berlin and Zurich, and Munich Univ. Poet and translator. Author "Das magische Buch und andere Gedichte (The Magic Book and Other Poems)". He d. at Munich, 26th January 1996.
  • a) H.H. Princess (Vala Gohari) Simine Atabay [Simindokht?]. b. 1927, educ. m. (first) at Los Angeles, California, 1947, (div. 1957) Kenneth Eugene Hägström (b. Howard Co., Nevada, 7th August 1926; m. second, at Los Angeles, California, 1st October 1960, Gretchen, née Steffen, by whom he had further issue, two sons and one daughter), third son of Gustav Leonard Hägström, by his wife, Olga Eugenia Victoria, née Oakeson. m. (second) 1965 (div. 1971) Frank Manley. She had issue, one son and one daughter:
    • i) John Manouchehr Manley. b. 1966.
    • i) Minou Hägström. b. 1949.

Source: pahlavi2
Thanks but I've actually already seen that source. I was looking for something else.
May GOD rest her soul in peace.
Few members from Pahlavi Family have posted messages about Ashraf´s death:

Princess Yasmine:
Most people knew Princess Ashraf as a strong, fearless woman with an iron will. I was lucky enough to see a softer side of her. When I met her for the first time as a shy 17 year old bride, she welcomed me into the family with open arms. I will never forget the affection she showed me and our children. She loved my husband like a son.
At last she has been reunited with the brother she loved so much.
Ashraf with Noor

Princess Iman
Remembering my Ameh Ashraf today. She was a fierce advocate for women's rights in Iran, a champion of Persian culture around the world, and a patriot to the end

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Princess Ashraf of Iran
Her glamorous life epitomised the excesses of her brother's rule
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