The Royal Family of The Netherlands, Current Events 1 (June 2003 - May 2006)

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The Royal Family of Holland, vacations in Italy.

After festivity of the Day of Queen or, which is the same, 68º birthday of Queen Beatrix, the Dutch Royal Family traveled to Italy to enjoy deserved days of rest. In this pretty familiar stamp, Reina is arranged to photograph her granddaughter, who is in arms of her mother, princess Maxima.


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are there more pictures from their vacations?

I think it's time for them to realx a bit. :) The last weeks have been quiet busy. The State Visit from Luxembourg, Koninginnedag, the Birthday of Carl Gustav (and the Queen attending this event .I don't know what it was ;) )...
Time for Holidays! ;)
elenaris said:
:confused: She did not attend the Queen birthday celebrations either???

If you would be so kind and read the posts above you'd know that Princess Anita has the flu and is resting at home, not attending any royal engagements.
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