The Royal Family’s Magazine Covers & Photoshoots

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i agree with u rosa. but i think there are all types of lectors, some like this "gaga" articles and some don't. as there are also all kind of journalists, some of them have nothing to say than "gaga". telquel and nichane have always same style of articles about salma, writing about her fashion, parfums, and other information coming from "anonymous" or ppl working with her. imo, there are no better understanding and analysis in these articles.
after many years reading telquel and nichane, i don't consider them at all serious or reliable. u know, there are this kind of media who attracts lectors with big and curious titles, which arise interests. and when you read the whole article, you see their information and analysis stop somewhere "without notice" as they don't want or can't give the whole information or analysis, which i consider it far from being a reliable and committed media role. From the cover, they are different, but inside it's all the same as most of the media in morocco.

I agree that each person has the right to read what she wants, and when I read these kinds of articles in "Voici", "Point de Vue" or "Paris match", I don't find anything wrong with that because they are in their crenel, but when I read expression like "queen of heart" "queen of people" Cinderella in a magazine that some calls serious, that irritate me, because their role is to give the right info to their reader not fairy tale, if they want to speak about this lady, why don't speak about her association, and say what is nice and what it isn't, because all the actions of a public personality can be criticize, and I am sure that she can improve a lot her way to make her job, because for the moment she don't make anything more than what make other princesses since 50 years ago.
you're welcome Salma:flowers:
yeas,beautiful photo indeed ,i love her caftan looks fantastic.
I´d like see better pic her caftan.
Thank´s for search the pics. She looks beautiful and her necklace is amazing.
alayame made an investigation about royal' rumours. such a coincidence we were talking about rachid relation with the journalist and now we see a magazine discusses the same topic ;) ok, that sounds interesting. i love to read the content of that issue. does someone have a copy and post it here plz?

the magazine' cover says "most famous rumours". to me there is one which i don't see it in their list (at the cover). it's about m6 being a gay. i think moroccan ppl spoke more about that when m6 wasn't married. i guess it was more famous than the ones listed in the cover such as m6 married 2nd time and rachid marriage with a journalist. also i'm surprised to see the magazine speaks now about m6 2nd marriage, when in fact this rumour was speculated at least 4 to 5 yrs ago :cool:
M6 gay??!!i never hear that,can you post some sources plz Zineb sound intersting??
this remours of his second marriage is new about 4 month and exactly 10 october 2008.
if you are intersted to know more here link of the Magazine: AL Ayam Hebdo
ok thanks for doing dearch for me i'll wait:flowers:
about the remours well it's so funny because the remous said,king abolished the family law and he married again,i hear about it even before this magazine article,OH my god i lugh alot:ROFLMAO:
king abolished the family law, to get married again .. yes it's very funny :lol:
imo, if m6 wants to marry 2nd time, he doesn't need to change the family law, he only needs salma to agree and accept his wish as the family law says :) but i don't see it easy, since we heard a lot that salma was opposed to concubines and multiple wifes since the beginning. but who knows, that can happen only in extreme circumstances :sleep:

imo, ppl and especially men who aren't happy with the new family law, would be glad to spread this speculation. but was it the only reason behind the rumour? were there any signs of tensions or disagreements between the royal couple?

yes, many stories could be 100% rumours, but do we know well and everything about the MRF, so that we can judge when it is a rumour and when it isn't?
imo, No. so we have to be carefull to not think that all what it says about the MRF are speculations.
if this is the case, then we don't have to believe on anything :cool: and i don't know to whom is convenient that ppl don't believe on anything ;)
:previous: yes quit funny,it's amazing how ppl find time and efforts for sush things,first gay then a second marriage,two wives:quit impressive for a gay:D:ROFLMAO:
:previous: yes quit funny,it's amazing how ppl find time and efforts for sush things,first gay then a second marriage,two wives:quit impressive for a gay:D:ROFLMAO:
Many gay men lead double lives, especially in muslim countries where the truth could be life-threatening.
Yes of cours it's easy to live double life like you said,using a wife and and kids and all...but certainly there is no need for another wife and one wife is enough,anyway my post above is just sarcastic way describes how i find those remours silly.
Honestly, I don't know enough about the rumours, I heard it was from when he was a young man in Europe so who knows, he probably just went to a few gay bars and that's how the story was picked up.
A really nice picture of both of them. The king should smile like this quite often.
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cute pic indeed,it's a little old,was taken in 2004 during a photosession for Paris Match.
Hello Shrifia and Odette,
The king and the princess are occuped by many important social things for the people and for our country , the sports of our princess are mathematics and computer science as she have been studiyng those more important intellectual sports, we love her for that.
God bless the king
She often Appears on magazine covers in Morocco...but the most of the time with nothing news...just congratulations "she is kind, she travels a lot, she wear very famous designers... her association..."
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