The Queen, the Obamas and the G20 Summit: April 2, 2009

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Jan 29, 2005
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd shakes hands with Britain's
Queen Elizabeth during a private audience at Buckingham Palace
in London April 1, 2009.

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Hi Iceflower,

Your second picture is actually of The Queen and Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper...

Both Prime Ministers do look the same tough, don't they? :ermm:

There is a resemblance--grey hair, dark suit. Mr. Harper looks HUGE! He must be closer to the camera.:)
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Prime Minister Harper is a large man; he is 6 feet and rather overweight....

Both Prime Ministers - Australia & Canada - and their wives had lunch with The Queen; while the Obama's only had tea with HM & the Duke...

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh both look small and rather frail. I was quite surprised, but they are both in their eighties...

I agree, Vecchiolarry, the Queen and the Duke are looking quite small and frail, but they look still look good; and what an exciting honor for the Obamas!
Presidential Gift Fit for a Queen? An iPod - ABC News
President Obama took time out from a hectic day of nuclear breakthroughs and arranging geopoltiical summits with Russia and China to visit the queen in Buckingham Palace -- and to give her an iPod.
In a day laced with diplomatic minefields, Obama also had to confront this one: What do you get for a woman who has everything?
The presidential anwer was an iPod. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited the queen at the palace this evening and presented her with a gift of a video iPod with an inscription on it and songs pre-loaded. The Obamas also gave the queen a rare musical songbook signed by American composer Richard Rodgers. ...
At the very least, an iPod is a purely American invention. What else can they present?
Given the harsh media reports, the White House put an extra thought into a present. An iPod is the best they can come up with. Unlike DVDs, an iPod will work fine in the UK without any special equipment.
The iPod is also said to be loaded with video of the Queen from her visit to the US in 2007.

The press is also reporting that President Obama gave The Queen a rare signed copy of a Richard Rodgers songbook. I remember reading in a biography that The Queen and The Duke went to see Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals back in the '50s, so it seems someone has done their homework about her musical preferences...
It seems that the Obamas made a good impression on the Queen. If you watch the BBC clip there's a lovely moment at around 0.22secs.

BBC NEWS | UK | Queen greets G20 leaders
You are quite right tommy. It's when the Queen and First Lady Michelle had a photo taken together. It's quite rare as i think protocol always stays on first for HM, and never seen HM had a photo taken where HM put a hand over someone's back just as normal like everyone of us. As the years go on, HM just became a more dear and lovely lady, just like our beloved grandma.
The Queen and Prince Philip Meet President Obama and First Lady - 1 April, 2009

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Protocol is abandoned as Michelle Obama cosies up to Queen - Times

Protocol seems to be dispensed with when the Obamas come to town.

Michelle Obama and the Queen slipped their arms around each other towards the end of a reception at Buckingham Palace held in honour of the G20 leaders and their wives.

The US President and his wife appeared very relaxed in the company of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh from the start.
Obama Meets Queen Elizabeth II At Buckingham Palace (SLIDESHOW) (VIDEO) - HP

Youtube - Meeting the Queen
What a lovely picture of Her Majesty and Prince Phillip with the Obamas.the Queen is just amazing--wonderful woman-proof there is no substitute for integrity-and she and the Duke have it in spades!!
but im shokted How short does her majesty look!!!:whistling:
i didn't like MICHELLE reaction ;when she broke royal protocol during a reception at Buckingham Palace .this women don't know who is the women she is meeting !!!
but i didn't like MICHELLE reaction ;when she broke royal protocol during a reception at Buckingham Palace .this women don't know who is the women she is meeting !!!

What happened? Was there some problem with Michelle's behavor? :ermm:
I am an American but I am also a religious royal watcher, and I was very interested in how the Obamas would react when they met the Queen and Prince Philip. Thoughts were racing through my head like....I hope she keeps her arms covered, I hope his tie is straight, etc, etc, etc. But I suppose that my worries were unfounded. The Obamas seemed to get along with the Queen swimmingly. As for Mrs. Obama touching the Queen, when the Queen was the first to put her arm around Michelle, I suppose she judged it safe to return the jesture. As for the gifts, I thought that they were wonderful, the Queen is known for her interest in techology and often texts her grandchildren and the songbook, well like as stated before, someone obviously did their homework. Great 1st visit so far.
i didn't like MICHELLE reaction ;when she broke royal protocol during a reception at Buckingham Palace .this women don't know who is the women she is meeting !!!

In fairness reports differ as to who initiated the "hug". Personally if HM didn't seem bothered (which i think its fair to say she didn't as she put her arm around the first lady) than i don't see the problem.
Dya know what? It was a breath of fresh air to see the Obamas meet the Queen. They were charming, respectful and the Queen and the DoE seemed to love being in their company. As for Michelle putting her arm around the Queen, I think it was a beautiful gesture and the fact that the Queen put her arm round Michelle obviously shows that HM didn't mind in the least. And now we know that the Queen wants to stay in touch with Barack and Obama on a personal level which surely can only benefit the UK and the USA?

As for the outrage at Michelle - I think there are bigger problems in the world and it's nice to see that some people show affection for the Queen rather than revering her like some Great She Elephant.
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