The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima, Current Events 8 (Nov 2008 - April 2013)

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thanks princess maxima, that's a great video. it's quite unusual to hear maxima speak in spanish!

i liked maxima's new dress, it's definitely different and suits her perfectly. it's also one of the first times we see maxima wearing christian louboutin heels, isn't it?
i agree with you 100%, for me she looks terrible!
I'm afraid I have to agree with you Boris. I am not fond of Maxima's dress this time. I thought it was okay from the side views, then I saw the front and it doesn't look good. It's rare that I don't like an evening outfit of Maxima's.
I like the dress, but I love the shoes. I do think she should have had her hair done and change the earrings. They look too much IMO, an elegant pair of sapphire and diamonds from the Royal collection and 'done' hair would have been perfect. Our Maxima is always out there a little. It's one of the things I like best about her!!!
Boris said:
Messy pool hair, crassly applied make up, fishnet tights, a satin sheet tent dress...
...I'm very sorry, but IMHO this appearance by the Princess is anything but elegant
I agree with you Boris.
The dress was so terrible and Maxima's hair looked so messy. She looked horrible. :ohmy:
Victoria Beckham ?

Or Valeria Mazza?

I really don't like the dress at all.
But the shoes are so pretty, IMO, and so the earrings, they look precious on Máxima.
Any lady with 3 children can wear this dress because it doesn´t have any shape. It doesn´t fit the figure. I don´t like dresses with only one shoulder covered but i find this one particularly vulgar for a princess.
I really liked this early style of the Princess!!
I like the dress and especially its details below the arms. Nice colour also, deep blue. Its line flatters Maxima's figure.
The peep-toes :bb:are fantastic, Christian Louboutin for ever!

Although the make up is not adequate :ohmy:for Maxima (it does not cover her freckles), I like her hair (its polished in an unpolishing manner):ermm:
Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander attended the exchange project ''Connecting Identities'' of FORUM in youth centre Your Space in Rotterdam.
PPE Agency
The prince and princess are holidaying in Friesland with their daughters. They are sailing on the lakes with the Groene Draeck, sailboat of HM The Queen.

According to the article the family arrived at the Gallama dams (Koudum), near lake the Fluessen, wednesday evening. the following day they went to Woudsend. They dined in restaurant 'It Ponkje' and slept on their boat in yacht harbor 'De Rakken'.

Prinselijk paar op Friese meren - Regio - Leeuwarder Courant
Do we not get any pictures for this too?
The sailing yacht looks very beautiful. How far is Freisland from where they live?
I think two or three ours by car...
It´s not very far...
The sailing yacht looks very beautiful. How far is Freisland from where they live?
The fastest route is 163,0 km. With no traffic jam it takes an hour and 43 minutes to Woudsend, the place where they stayed the night too.
We can look forward to another photo-shoot very soon as the RF goes to Italy,Tuscany for their annual summer holiday.:)
They were busted :)
I heard on Radio 538 that Maxima and Willem-Alexander were in Milan walking around and the Italians spotted them and they just chatted with them. All very relaxed.
Looks like Radio 538 misquoted the info RTL Boulevard had last night. Some of their own RTL people happened to be in Florence and saw WA, Maxima, Queen Beatrix and the three little princesses there. They looked happy and relaxed and chatted with other dutch tourists, even allowing them to take photos (which of course cannot be sold by any agency). I think FLorence is close to the Tavernelle Villa.
Dutch Summer Photosession wil be at The Haque 20 July 2009.
I am sure, that it wil be in The Netherlands, the whole family fly back this weekend.
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