The Prince - Animated series HBO Max

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I'm the only one to find rather disturbing to use children, , yes i know royal children but children nevertheless, as laughing stocks ?
The creator seems to be quite pleased with himself. I know the BRF is quite used to the satire (Wiiliam and Harry were not spared by The "Spitting image" treatment back in the 90's) but still i do think it's just a bit wrong ...
I have to say, I think Gary Janetti’s Instagram posts are funny and snarky, but I do think having a show is taking it a little far. They’re the type of things that give you a chuckle for a few seconds, I don’t think you can build a whole show of it. Royal satire has been around for hundreds of years, and I remember even Prince William was satirized in the American comic Bloom County in the 80s as a tiny tyrant (not dissimilar to how Janetti has portrayed George), but I think that a show is just taking the whole concept too far.
I think both the Instagram and the animated series idea are horrendous. This is a real, live, small child, royal or not, who is being used to generate laughs, many of them mean spirited or sexually charged. I think it shows very clearly what kind of person Gary Janetti is, and it's not a very admirable picture.
USTV seems remarkably interested in the Royal Family. Something like the old Spitting Image shows, which made fun of lots of different politicians, Royals and celebs in a light-hearted way, can be funny, but having a whole programme centred on a small child seems quite cruel.
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