The new babys godparents

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Who do you think will be among the new baby's godparents?

  • Prince Nikolaos of Greece

    Votes: 11 8.2%
  • Crown Prince/ss Pavlos of Greece

    Votes: 34 25.4%
  • Edward or Sophie of Wessex

    Votes: 38 28.4%
  • Kyril or Rosario of Bulgaria

    Votes: 23 17.2%
  • Willem-Alexander or Maxima of the Netherlands

    Votes: 54 40.3%
  • Constantijn or Laurentien of the Netherlands

    Votes: 17 12.7%
  • Morten Andreassen

    Votes: 2 1.5%
  • Per or Espen Høiby

    Votes: 14 10.4%
  • Kristin Høiby Bjørnøy

    Votes: 19 14.2%
  • Others, please specify.

    Votes: 17 12.7%

  • Total voters
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So far on the British Royal Engagements Diary, there is no visits plan for the Wessexes yet, but the Earl does have an engagements the next day 5th of March, just wait and see, but i'm really looking forward if they are not godparents at least the Wessexes also got invitation to be there.
i wonder if any of the swedish royals will be one of Sverre's godparents, perhaps Prince Carl Philip?
but, it only stated that the Crown Princess would attend, not her younger siblings. too bad...

Victoria is really becoming godmother of europe.. attending almost all royal christenings.
I didn't get the chance to vote in the poll, but I think posibilities would include Rosario of Bulgaria and Marie-Chantal, I remember reading an article about how they are close friends of Mette-Marit.
Apparently Maxima will attend the christening (without the Prince of Orange), so I think it is safe to assume she will be one of the godmothers, probably with CP Mary (who is also attending, with Frederik and Margrethe).
So here goes my finally vote:
-Princess Máxima of the Netherlands
-Princess Mary of Denmark
Here'e my votes:
Kyril & Rosario
& someone from MM's family
Some of my Final votes (there will be more lol) Willem - Alexander Ari , The Earl and and Countess of Wessex the King and Queen of Norway Elena of Spain and Mary and Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
Some of my votes: Maxima, Ari, Marie-Chantal and the Queen of Norway.
My last choice would be
1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
2. Crown Prince Wilhelm-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands.
3. Princess Martha-Louise and Ari
5 Crown Prince Frederik
My last choice would be
1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
2. Crown Prince Wilhelm-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands.
3. Princess Martha-Louise and Ari
5 Crown Prince Frederik

Victoria, Martha Louise and Frederik are already sponsors for Ingrid.
Gloriana said:
Victoria, Martha Louise and Frederik are already sponsors for Ingrid.

Can't they be godparents for Sverre as well, if they are Ingrid's godparents?
yes, they can, but usually what parents do is to choose different ones. but they absolutely can :)
I don't think Constantine is an obvious choice - one of his sons or his daughter-in-law are more likely, than him, I think.
Crown Prince Paul and his brother Nick !!!!!!!
My guess:
CP Mary
Princess Maxima
Prince Kyril of Bulgaria and/or his wife Rosario
does anyone know how many godparents a norwegian prince or princess is given...
Its Official

Prince Sverre Magnus’s godparents

The godparents chosen by Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess for their son Prince Sverre Magnus will be Her Majesty The Queen, Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Her Royal Highness Princess Rosario of Bulgaria, Mr. Espen Høiby, Mr. Bjørn Steinsland and Ms. Marianne Gjellestad.

The christening of Prince Sverre Magnus will take place at the chapel inside The Royal Palace in Oslo, on Saturday 4th March.
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Royal Fan said:
The boy will have the following as Godparents im sure
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
Duke of York
Prince William
Prince Harry
Mette Marits Mother
Cristina of Spain
The Prince and Princess of Orange

The Prince of Orange isn't going (I believe)
Just as well I didn't take a guess because I would only have chosen Princess Maxima correctly.

wow... i thought somebody from the Danish RF will certainly be one of Sverre's godparents... princess mary? but i'm wrong..
I'm glad Maxima was chosen.

I'm also suprised no danish rf too.. But I guess after Frederick's no-show at IA's christening...
I don't think there were any real surprises in that mix. Mette-Marit's brother, a friend of Haakon, a friend of Mette-Marit, Queen Sonja, some royal friends...
I too am a bit surprised that no one from the Danish royal family was chosen. But lots of good choices! Is this Maxima's first royal godchild?
Im suprise too that no one was chosen from the Danish royal family,
I wonder why???
considering 3 senior members of the Danish RF attending, i thought that one of them is going to be Sverre's godparent. Mary's gonna have wait a while for her first royal godchild.
and yes, it is Maxima's first royal godchild.

i like this tradition of choosing the spouses of royal heir as godfather/godmother amongst the royal. Mette-Marit is godmother to Odysseus Kimon of Greece & Christian of Denmark, Mathilde is godmother to Alexia of Netherlands. and now Maxima is godmother to Sverre Magnus of Norway. Good choice!! now, we'll just have to wait for Letizia & Mary for their own royal godchild.
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THats what I fine strange , as you said there are 3 Danish member of the royal family , so why couldnt they have asked Mary ???
Possibly because Frederik is the godfather of Ingrid Alexandra? I don't know.
I am also surprised that neither Queen Margrethe nor Crown Princess Mary is a godparent to Prince Sverre. Strange...
Why is it strange, Frederik is already Ingrids Godfather and Margrethe is Haakons godmother. I would say its "stranger" that Prince Constantijn was not chosen since Haakon is godfather of Eloise, but one clearly does not choose godparents just so one can be chosen in return. Victoria is also comming, noone thinks its "strange" that she or one of her siblings is not godmother this time.
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