The Most Terrible, Part 3

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The cape reminded me of Derek Lam. But he designs for 25 year old
I just couldn't resist poking my oar into this gloriously tempting thread!

My all time nightmare outfit is that frock the Princess Royal wore to Charles and Diana's wedding and hauled back out of the mothballs again over two decades later to wear to another family wedding... I believe it may have been for Lady Rose Windsor's nuptials on that second occasion!

That frock to me, the first time round conjured an image of little Peter and Zara, having been rathe naughty and having thrown there breakfast time boiled eggs and yoke dipped toasted soldiers at Mummy when she had gone to see them on her way to St Paul's on that sunny July morning in 1981! That frock was almost as memorable as seeing Diana emerging from the glass coach, looking like she had literally slept for several consecutive days in her cringe-making crumpled and horribly creased wedding dress!!!!!! The Emanuels must have wanted the floor to open when they saw what had happened to the meringue like fairy tale creation during that short carriage ride from Clarence House!!!!

Then all those years later the 'egg-spattered' frock made that second appearance and this time I was put in mind of a victim of a paint ball game where the opponents had had yellow-orange paint balls in there weapons and that from the liberality of the splodges on her frock, the Princess Royal had evidently not been very good at finding cover during the game!

In the younger generation I can not help but frequently cringe when Beatrice and Eugenie play dress up and go out to play! Eugenie's Young Victoria gown was absolutely not for her...poor made her look like a weetbix IMHO! Which should never have happened if she had had 'kindly' and truthful stylist/friend/mother/sister on hand when she first tried it on! Somehow those York girls never seem to get it 'quite' right! Admittedly on occasion they are passable and presentable and I know they are young, but goodness me! And then there were those fascinator titfer thingies they developed a pash for!

Remember that swarm of butterflies that appeared to be erupting from the side of Beatrice's lustrous Titianesque red locks combined with a red,yellow splodged top and peacock type inspired blue,blown, turquoise butterfly-ish (the dyes ran a bit on a hot wash type) print skirt - it was a horror combination IMHO!

At the same wedding, Eugenie fared little better in her white fascinator that looked like a napkin that had been rolled up into an attempt at a decorous table setting piece from a pretentious restaurant and her rah rah skirt was simply urgh!!!! The pair should have sacked their stylist(s) if they actually had one at the time for allowing them out during day light hours in such disasters!!!!

But I must try to be charitable as Bea and Eugenie are still young! But I shall say that I do not remember ever shrieking in abject horror at any real disasters cladding the likes of say Madeleine or Charlotte C. at the same age...though I am sure they may have made a few dodgy choices on occasion!
She must be channelling Sherlock Holmes! All that's missing is the dearstalker hat!

Once again I agree Scooter! 'Anyone for a spot of stalking' sprang to mind when I first saw this cape get up! Is this cape the one that is lined with the old family furs? I am not sure if it is....but it does make her look like she is a bit of a parody IMHO!!

It is most unflattering to her and the colour ('fawn' is it or perhaps 'biscuit') is rather bland and draining on DOC! I wish she would wear more bright 'chirpy' hues as they really do suit her so well!
the cape and lining is really weird. I think even she is laughing about her outfit.
Like her double poppies though:flowers:
I have the distinct feeling she wore this outfit to show solidarity with some of the Canadians. The shoulder cape works really well on any coat, Burberry do a very good riding coat, as do Drizabone, with a shorter cape. Our imaginary friend Shelock Holmes wore a full cape of course.

I like neither the colour/style or dead animal lining, the boots however are very nice indeed.:flowers:
I totally agree, Duke of Marmelade.
Very hard to decide about the top ranking here though.
While Maxima's perfectly awful Sesame Street 'Cookie Monster' outfit might have been intended to have a touch of humor about it, Letizia seems to be dead serious about her fashion victim catastrophe.
So I'd say that in this sense, the red Spanish horror is even worse.
OMG, what's this? :eek: Yes, this outfit definitely belongs into this thread. And I thought that the grey dress was horrible... This outfit tops everything I saw recently. :nonono:
:previous: Also these pics belong to this thread!:shock:
(originally posted by LadyFinn here)
That has got to be the worst evening outfit I've seen on Letizia. The dress is way too short and the red stockings? Oh, my eyes! What in the world was she thinking? :ohmy: Judging from the looks the guests were giving her, they were in agreement with me.
I dislike this dress totally,The colour,the form,besides is too short, and I dislike the socks and shoes too:nonono:
:eek::eek::eek::eek:OMG cue 'Psycho' shower scene music!!!!! What was Letizia thinking!!!!!

I am still gagging! That silk sack thing is absolutely criminally inappropriate! It looks like something made up in sewing class at school! And all those inches of matching legs in red tights and those 'Mr Men' style shoes too!:ohmy: I actually quite like the 'clompy' style of the shoes which look quite quirky and original....but with those tights and that sack thing! Oh no.......Fashion Police alert...Princess in disaster on the loose!!!!! Nee Naw Nee Naw Nee Naw - Send her stylist to the Tower for being so treasonous!

As to the Cookie Monster thingy....well I tend to think that as Boris pointed out, it has a touch of humour about it whereas Letizia's outfit looks 'deadly' serious to me!
Who let her out of the palace in that get-up? Maybe Felipe should buy his wife a mirror for Christmas...
I totally agree, Duke of Marmelade.
Very hard to decide about the top ranking here though.
While Maxima's perfectly awful Sesame Street 'Cookie Monster' outfit might have been intended to have a touch of humor about it, Letizia seems to be dead serious about her fashion victim catastrophe.
So I'd say that in this sense, the red Spanish horror is even worse.

Well, if Maxima was trying to show a touch of humor she did it at a very inappropiate time. This was an important function for the Russians as well as the Dutch. She came out looking like a overweight purple clown with that jacket and make-up. I hope she was given a stern talking to by the Queen that this not what a future queen wears. That make-up alone was enough to send someone screaming from the room. She looked she should have been on a street corner.

Letizia, I just cannot get a handle on her style. If it is lack of funds the King needs to let go of some cash so she can dress as well as his daughters. I will be so glad when the designers drop this style of shoe. They are not attractive on anyone, espically someone as tiny as Letizia. They make my back hurt just thinking how much they must weigh on her feet. The red dress was not bad, a tad short of course. The other items she should have tossed in the nearest garbage can. At least her eye make-up did not match her dress! :whistling:

Maxima still is first place for me.
I've just never heard of matching a dress, hose and shoes like that. Especially a bright color like.

Apparently, there must've been a reason that no logical thinking person would do that. :lol:
OMG! Princess Benedikte looks awful- those sleeves............
It's unusual to see Princess Benedikte in a fashion oops. She's....uh...colorful?:ermm: It is a gorgeous shade of blue.
:previous: Quite right, Her Majesty! :eek: This is totally disgraceful - and not just for a CP, for every woman on the planet!! What happened to her? She was doing great IMO.:cool:
I just LOVE this thread! Very entertaining! That "cookie monster" outfit on Maxima was quite interesting.....Hmmmmm what was she thinking? The red on red on red outfit that Letizia wore is just horrible. I love red, but this was like a red explosion. The dress was so poorly fitted it actually made her look extremely thin and sickly. The red tights are a joke, and those "bootie"heels were atrocious. The formal blue dress that Princess Benedikte wore looked like part of the dress got electrocuted and the bright electric blue that resulted looks like it is making the sides of her hair blue!
4Pam, I can't pull up the 1st or 3rd photo. It says link is unavailable. Is it possible to repost it? thank you.
The current anti-Princess Lalla Salma campaign involving the usual suspects has been removed.

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