The Miller Family 2: July 2008-

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She is an amazing and respectful young woman, I couldn't have worded it any better than that. I would love to see her new bridal look, I know she will be looking very elegant and posh and very beautiful as she always does.
The August 2011 edition of Town and Country magazine has a story about M-C,Pavlos and her sister Pia renting two RVs to take their children on a tour of the American west.The website doesn't have the edition up yet but here is the link to keep checking:
Town & Country Magazine - Town & Country
Does anyone know if Alexandra has married yet? News about the Miller girls is hard to come by these days.
She recently posted on her twitter account a photo of a tattoo on her left wrist. The tattoo is the letters AD.

She said it stood for Alex and Dax.

Maybe she has already married.
I read something recently - can't remember where - in which Alexandra mentioned "living with her fiance" and two children. So apparently they are not married yet. Somewhere I read that the Miller family had reservations about him and had expressed those to Alex. Take that for what its worth -- as with many things, we'll probably never know if that statement is true.

Alexandra at the Paper Denim & Cloth and Baby2Baby Luncheon at Son Of A Gun in Los Angeles on June 11, 2013.

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I follow Alexandra on Marie-Chantal on instagram and love their photos. They seem like such a close family.

Alexandra and her ex husband Alex seem to have a very amicable relationship which is wonderful for their children. He also attended Robert Miller's 80th as he posted a photo of his friends including Prince Pavlos. The couple also got together for Mothers and Father's Day so that their children could spend the day with both their mother/step mother and their father/step father.
I also follow Marie Chantal ans Olympia in Instagram and they all seem a very close family. Lots of pictures of the Von Furstenberg children. Mr Miller just had his 80th year old party in Gloucestershire, England.
Alexandra Von Furstenburg is on holiday in Ibiza with her children. She posted some lovely pictures of them relaxing off the coast on a boat. Her daughter Talita posted a picture of herself and a friend in the DJ booth of the nightclub Pacha however it has since been deleted. Maybe since she is only 14 someone in the family saw it and got her to delete it.

Alexandra attended the Haney Pret-a-Couture Ambassador Event in Pacific Palisades, California on October 22, 2013.

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Alexandra attended Diane von Fürstenberg's 'Journey of a dress' premiere opening party in Los Angeles on January 10, 2014.

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I remember reading somewhere that Alexandra has struggled for years with an eating disorder.:sad:
Yes, Alexandra has struggled with an eating disorder for a very long time.

Yesterday, May 29, Alexandra attended the Annual P.S. ARTS Bag Lunch in Los Angeles.

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Alexandra and Talita with Diane von Fürstenberg attended the 2014 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Event in Los Angeles, California on October 21:

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Alexandra attended the Giuseppe Zanotti Beverly Hills Store Opening on April 14, 2015:

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Bob and Chantal Miller celebrated their 50th anniversary this past weekend with a trip on the Orient Express from Paris to Italy and a party on Lake Como. In addition to the pictures posted in the main Greek Royal Family Events thread, you can see others at Chantal Miller's instagram, Alexandra VF's instagram, and Marie-Chantal's.

Guests in attendance based on the photographs:

Bob and Chantal Miller
Pia Getty and son Bob
Alexandra Von Furstenberg, partner Dax Miller, daughter Talita
Marie-Chantal and her husband and children
Queen Anne Marie
Princess Nikolaos of Greece
Prince Michael of Greece
Prince and Princess Michael of Kent
India Hicks
Old NY socialite friends Jennifer Creel, Brooke de Ocampo (now Metcalfe) and Amanda Cutter Brooks
Doris Brynner
I think Marie Chantal's sister Alex got married today, at least that is what I understood from her Instagram post today.
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Alexandra attended "NET-A-PORTER Celebrates Women Behind The Lens" in Los Angeles, California, on February 26:

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Alexandra attended the launch of EB Florals By Eric Buterbaugh with Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles yesterday, May 25:

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