The late Princess Antoinette and the De Massy Family

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Apr 14, 2003
San Diego
United States
Princess Antoinette (the sister of Prince Rainier) at the August 8, 2003, Red Cross Ball in Monaco (far right with her daughter Elisabeth de Massy).

Again at the 2003 Red Cross Ball (far right with her daughter).

with Prince Rainier and Elisabeth de Massy at the Society for the Protection of Animals gala, 7/12/2002

(in white)

here's the pic I forgot to add. (sorry)

Princess Antoinette is standing behind Princess Grace.

This picture was taken in 1957 during the Princely Couple's visit to Denmark. They were waiting to catch a flight to Stockholm.

Princess Antoinette with Prince Rainier at a tennis tournament in Monte Carlo. 4/21/2002.

Princess Antoinette at the 1996 Red Cross Ball with her brother's family.

(standing next to Daniel Ducruet)

at the 2002 Rose Ball with her daughter, Elisabeth de Massy.


standing between Rainier and Albert


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with Prince Albert

holding on to Princess Stephanie


with her head bowed

with Rainier and Albert at the Expo Canine Internationale, Monte Carlo



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I am very curious to see what the DeMassey family is up to now, especially Christian. I haven't been able to find ANY info on them.
I haven't heard anything about them either, are you talking about the book Palace? If so, I thought it was pretty good, did you?
What is he writing about? Could you give some examples?

I do have some pics of him and his kids.
The boys Brice and Antoine.

Christian, his wife and the boys

Brice and Antoine

Little Antoine


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Yes, the book is called "Palace." It's basically his life story, and what it was like growing up in the Royal Family. It ended in 1986, and he was banished from Monaco, and he had just divorced his second wife Michelle (who died from drugs years later). I just wondered where he lives now, if he's allowed back in Monaco, and when and to whom he got married. Also, I have read that his sister, Christine De Massey died of leukemia. When did this happen?

One of the sisters was also married to a cousin of Grace Kelly. I think they're divorced now, but I haven't been able to find any more info on that either.
On Grace and Ranier's wedding day... Christian is the boy at the top of the picture with the top of his head cut off... He was also in Caroline's baptism but I couldn't find the picture...


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Does anyone know where he lives now? When did he get married again, and who is his wife? Is he on speaking terms again with the royal family?
Elizabeth Ann De Massy, Ernst, and Caroline August 5, 2000


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Does anyone know where they live, what they do? Especially Christian. Is he still banished from Monaco?
Because he mother Princess Antionette was always suspected of trying to take over as ruler of Monaco... so evintually Grace and Rainier banished the whole family. They are now welcome obviously because Antionette and Elizabeth Ann are often at functions with Caroline and Rainier
I believe that's right, I read Palace too long ago to remember everything...
Originally posted by kittencrews@Jan 6th, 2004 - 5:34 pm
Because he mother Princess Antionette was always suspected of trying to take over as ruler of Monaco... so evintually Grace and Rainier banished the whole family. They are now welcome obviously because Antionette and Elizabeth Ann are often at functions with Caroline and Rainier
that's very interesting... somebody give me more info on these people please... thanks. :eek:
From what I've heard his book was a very controversial thing because it contained lots of rumors and stuff that he saw. I remeber also reading that he was friends with Phillipe Junot on Paris in the 70s. The book was released in the late 80s I believe.
Well, I guess there were a lot of problems with the entire DeMassey family since Rainier's sister tried to take the throne by way of her son. However, according to "Palace" Christian was banned for writing the book (and for other personal problems with the family). I've always wondered where he moved to, if he's still banished, and when/how he met his current wife. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
they are not very welcome here. always got some inferiority issues.
i saw his wife at a luncheon. didnt know who she was until my mum told me. she was there with HIS mum i believe and they wree SOOO trying hard to make conversation... the wife is dodgy :yuk:
Hi Leyla,

What do you mean by "dodgy". My friends told me that to "dodge" is to avoid.

Originally posted by phidelorme@Feb 1st, 2004 - 5:06 am
Christian de Massy, not DeMassey.

Philippe Delorme

Sorry... it's confusing to know which is the right spelling because so many different places on the internet and books have DeMassy or DeMassey or De Massy or De Massey... but it is De Massey for certain?
So, you saw his wife in Monaco? Do they live there? I saw a picture of her, and thought she was very pretty. I'm guessing that means Christian is talking to his mom now...
Originally posted by rarotonga@Feb 10th, 2004 - 10:38 pm
Hi Leyla,

What do you mean by "dodgy". My friends told me that to "dodge" is to avoid.

by dodgy i mean there is something fishy, something not right about them :unsure:

yes i saw the wife. and i dont find her pretty at all. she got an evil look that is very unattractive. just my opinion :innocent:

Hi guy's this is something I can post about, I read the Barons' book about 4/5 years ago he had a ghost writer help it was in the public library don't waste your own money buying it . I wasn't impressed he used his "conncections" to cash in he comes off in the book as really considers himself a famous royal and feels slighted and wishes he were the one to succeding his uncle and not Albert . :cry:
He comes off whinny, conceited rich brat with too much time and money on his hands ! He implies that Princess Grace was soooooooo close to him alot like her own son :angry: ! He mentions his mom and her 2nd husband were the ones responsible for plotting agaist Rainer (bad uncle who didn't appreciate his deeelitful nephew ) he dosen't understand why Caroline is no longer close to him(whine whine) he dosen't say much about Albert he includes pictures of himself posing with his smashed up (Farrari?) like who cares about him ???
Mal :yuk:
how many siblings are there and can someone post a bio on the princess
Princess Antoinette biography

Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne Grimaldi, Princess of Monaco, Baroness de Massy, was born in Paris onDecember 28, 1920.

She is the elder sister of Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Her parents were Princess Charlotte of Monaco (née Charlotte Louise Juliette Louvet, a daughter of Prince Louis II of Monaco, born out of wedlock, who was legitimated by ordinance of Prince Albert I in 1919.), and Prince Pierre Marie Xavier Raphael Antoine Melchior Grimaldi (né de Polignac), Duke and Duchess of Valentinois.

Three children were born to Princess Antoinette and her lover Alexandre-Athanase Noghès, heir to a cigarette fortune: Elisabeth-Anne (1947.), Christian Louis (1949.), and Christine Alix (1951.-1989). The parents subsequently married in 1951; their children bear the title "Baron/Baroness de Massy". The couple divorced in 1954.

Her second husband, Jean-Charles Rey was married to her from 1961.

Her third husband was John Gilpin, a noted Britishballet dancer, whom she married in 1983 and who died two months later.

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