The Late Diana, Princess of Wales News Thread 2: August 2004-September 2005

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Serene Highness
Jul 14, 2003

Arms of Diana, Princess of Wales

Welcome to the Late Diana, Princess of Wales
News Thread, Part 2

Commencing August 2004

The previous thread can be found here

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I will check my bookstore :) and get them scanned. But I guess I have some of them. The front-picture is well known to me.... hm, I'm going to check my picture-archives :)

anyway, I will scan the photo's of the magazine and post them ;)
Thanks, you are a lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll defintely get that hello! magazine, cause i buy hello! every week ;-)

you will have to wait till Saturday though, cause that's when i get my mags every week...
yes, i think it is, it says August 30 in the url, it's def not last week's issue...

i think hello! comes out on Tuesday in the UK (They always have the new cover on the site Monday or Tuesday)

Tuesday always on shown by Tuesday i do shown by covers about Royals like as Princess Diana or whatever and Prince William too.

Sara Boyce
micas said:
Princess Dian is in the front page of Hello Magazine.

I wish to now if some1 have the magazine. Is gona be nice see the pics inside
If some1 have them can post them? Thanks

oh wow!

i always shown by the covers every tuesday morning what's going on about Princess Diana's family and Prince William,Prince Harry and more! its really sad she really gone for 7 years but let Diana rest in peace.

Sara Boyce
Diana, 7 years but never saying goodbye.......
7 years today

Diana, Princess of Wales 1 july 1961- 31 agust 1997. The most beautiful lady of all the world.....forever our Queen of Hearts, I never forget you.........

The unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.
Earl Spencer.
corazon said:
Diana, 7 years but never saying goodbye.......

me too! i never said goodbye to the People's Princess but she really gone for 7 years!

i tell you about Princess Diana was in Majesty covers on Sept.2004 if you are subcribe or you would go bookstore if you lived in England you paid magazine here!

Sara Boyce
Today is the 7th death anniversary of one of most lovely Royals,Princess Diana.It is 7 years but we won't and never forget her,"THE QUEEN OF HEARTS","THE LOVELY AND BELOVED MOTHER OF PRINCE WILLIAM & HERRY"
Fue mi norte, sur, este y oeste unidos
Mis dias de trabajo y mi domingo
mediodia, medianoche; canciones y psalabras
Pense tener por siempre el amor, me equivocaba
Apagadme del todo este cielo estrellado
Quiero envuelta la luna y el sol desmantelado
Vaciad el océano, los bosques arrasad
Nada sirve de nada y todo esta de mas.
beautiful words corazon, but i do want to remind you that the official language on this board is English
Yes, Martine I know but I love the poem but I don´t know writer in english.........I sorry so much.
it's ok Corazon, it's just my duty as a moderator...
I just saw this in a danish magazine... is it true that Jemima, one of Dianas closest friends was her half sister?! never herd of that...
The article says that Jemima was the "result" of an affair between Dianas mother Frances and James Goldsmith...
Does anyone know more about this?

Hugh Grant kæreste med Dianas søster? - 02.09.04

Det fremgår mere og mere tydeligt, at Hugh Grants nyeste kæreste er rigmandsdatteren Jemima Khan. Knap så let at dokumentere er det, om Hugh Grants kæreste er halvsøster til afdøde prinsesse Diana.
Det australske ugeblad New Idea hævder, at Jemima er resultatet af et sidespring, som Dianas mor, Frances Shand Kydd, havde med milliardæren Sir James Goldsmith i 1960, mens hendes ægteskab med jarl Spencer var i krise.
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Princess Diana in boots

hi @all
i am a new member and a big priness diana fan. this forum is great!
so i have a question perhaps anybody can help me? i saw diana in different shoes but only onetime in boots, see the pic. she didnt like boots?
I think I´ve seen some more of her wearing boots... I´ll see if I can find them!

I had never seen the pic you posted, thanks!
During her first solo visit to Norway (during the very beginning of her pregnancy with Prince Harry), she wore "light grayish - white boots" with a two - piece green velvet dress. She was accepting some flowers from a small child and was bending over to reach for them. I also remember her wearing something like "cowboy boots with lacey cut - outs on the side" up to about mid - shin length level, while standing on the sidelines watching Charles play polo one spring. Plus, I also remember her wearing "oxen - blood colored boots up to the knee" with a leather skirt about the same color on one of her "off - days". Once, while taking the boys to school when they were smaller, she wore some leggings with "black suede boots which went over the knee" ... she was very casual that day. Sorry I can't provide any photos to go with this reply ... however, the photos were "taken" in my mind. I just remember them.
Hello everybody, I'm from Spain, so my english is poor, sorry :p ... I wanted to say I bought the hello magazine with Diana in the cover, I have good luck and this magazine is sold in a place I know... I'm a very big fan of princess Diana too :D, I have seen Diana with boots in several times too, in fact I love her pictures with jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket, a baseball cap and boots, she was wonderful in casual style :) , though she was always wonderful :p
Is this a real pic of Diana? If so, does anyone have it in better quality?

Yes, it is a real pic of Diana. Taken on a vacation in Bali :d
ok..,. do you know anything more about that trip? when was it? who was she there with..?
Have you seen any more pics from Bali?

Diana's Wedding Dress in The U.S.

Source, ABACA Press

Dress handlers Graeme Murton and Nile Grossmark stand next to the wedding gown worn by the late Princes Diana at the Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Diana's dress is part of an award winning exhibition celebrating the life and work of the Princess of Wales. The exhibition will be open to the public for the first time in the United States beginning Sunday


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