The Infanta Sofia's Current Events and General News Thread

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The Infanta Sofia's Current Events and General News Thread

Welcome to the Infanta Sofia's Current Events and General News Thread, commencing September 2023.
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very grown up photo she looks adorable

I bet she is a good student
I'm sure she is a good student and an excellent athlete, the whole package :) Will be interesting to see what her role in the monarchy will be in a few years. She doesnt come across as a person that will only sit around.
“Heritage Objective”: H.R.H. Infanta Sofía sponsors the new National Heritage photography contest

HRH Infanta Sofía sponsors the contest and will be in charge of presenting the prizes.
To participate, photographs must be published on the INSTAGRAM social network citing National Heritage (@PatrimNacional) and mentioning #OBJETIVOPATRIMONIO.

Wonderful first solo event for! I hope to see her also in more sport related engagements.
Is Sofía interested in photography? If so, it is indeed a great first solo event but I am. ot aware of any special interest of the infanta in this area.
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