The Grand Ducal Family's Security

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pallas athina

Apr 16, 2004
Do the kids have their own security detail other than during official engagements, ie do they travel with bodyguards? I would imagine Henri and MT have protection officers at all times.
Inside Luxembourg yes there is security. However, outside Luxembourg when in private no it is not typical that even Guillaume has security with him.
I haven't seen any reports but sadly this is a sign of the times. It seems like no one these days is really safe from harm.
Alexandra, Louis and Sébastien have bodyguards? Guillaume also always walks with bodyguards?
After the discussion of Harry and Meghan and their safety, I remembered to ask about the safety of the Grand Ducal Family members. Are all Grand Duke Henri's children safe? What about the grand duke's brothers? Does the Grand Ducal family have security only in Luxembourg?
In the past an article was written that the Grand Duchess Jewels were stolen . No word about it.
In the past an article was written that the Grand Duchess Jewels were stolen . No word about it.

It also depends on the country. I believe Berg Castle should have security around the clock, as well as the Grand Ducal Palace and probably the residence of Guillaume and Stephanie.
Probably also Guillaume and Stephanie should have personal security as well as the Grand Dukes.
I believe they do not have tight security, but they must have security.
Like I said it depends on the country. In Portugal, I know that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister have 24 hour security, and I think other members of the government have it too.
Before Gui's wedding I always saw what looked like an aide-de-,camp or bodyguard nearby in photos and video.

Not sure about now, but I would be very surprised if there is no discreet security around homes and members of one of the wealthiest Royal families in Europe.
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