The Future of the Norwegian Monarchy

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When looking back the relatively short history of the NRF, they never have a "proper spare". Olav was the only child of their first king, Harald has two siblings with no succession right, similar to his father Haakon is the only one on the line of succession until 90s. Their royal house is always small. It's risky but I guess they have just got used to it.
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A new opinion poll shows that the monarchy still has solid support among the Norwegian people. But only 62% of young people want the monarchy.

In a recent opinion poll conducted by Norstat for NRK, 73 percent say they support the monarchy.

Despite the fact that the monarchy is still strong in Norway, there has, however, been a decline in support in recent years.

I think that 62% for young people is actually quite a high number. And as they age the support among these people will probably increase as people tend to get more conservative as they age.
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