The Family of Crown Princess Mary - The Donaldsons

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:previous: yes thank you it is some nice images, love the second one but the first one have to be my favorite :) and polyesco, yes i can see a bit of josephine in brother john too :) but most of all i see mary in josephine, she will in time be a mini mary, i think :)

OT but today was the last schoolday for danish kids before the holiday and by looking in the royal calender it seems like frederik&mary now have begun their summer vacation too:)
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AFAIK she was named after both her grandmothers, the paternal: Mary „May“ Dalgleish, 1914 -28.6.2002, and the maternal: Elizabeth Gibson Melrose, 1917-25.10.1958

Thanks Ricarda :flowers:

That's interesting and I didn't knew that. It's a beautiful way to find your child's name IMO.

But with my mom called Birthe and my mother-in-law called Jytte I think I would have it a bit difficult to follow that way to find a name for my future child :cool:
Mary's father moves to Denmark: og Nu/2013/forsider/48_Blad.jpg

This week's edition of HerogNu reports that Mary's father and Susan last week was visiting Mary, Frederik and the children in their apartment in Frederik VIII's Palace. And he brought good news with him. In about a month and a half, on 15th January, he will begin a 4-5 month long period as a guest professor (in mathematics) in Denmark and will therefore, together with Susan, settle in Denmark for quite some time :)
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How great for Mary to have her father around for a bit. I'm sure John will enjoy being closer to the grandkids too.

Didnt he stay in Denmark years back?
That's wonderful news for Mary & all the family. Great for the kids to see more of their morfar?? Is that right. Mothers father. Will look forward to hopefully seeing some pics of them out and about with the children.
That's wonderful news for Mary & all the family. Great for the kids to see more of their morfar?? Is that right. Mothers father. Will look forward to hopefully seeing some pics of them out and about with the children.

You're absolutely right. John Donaldson is the children's 'Morfar'.
But as far as I know, all four children call him 'Granddad' as he only speaks very little Danish.
I would like to post a Google view of Jane's house in Hobart, since that is a place where Mary go fairly often and where she can be expected to come regularly in the future.
I'm curious as to the general layout of the area.

But I don't know where it is, can someone help me with the name of the street or the name of the local neighbourhood?

I won't point out the actual house itself, the readers can figure that out themselves - it's hardly a secret anyway.

Also, do anyone know where M&F stayed during the 2011 visit to Hobart? They rented a fairly big house, where is that located?

A scan of Jane's beach house on the east coast.

Hi Muhler - another scan while I've got the hang of it.

This photo was published, with the location details, in a magazine a few years ago.

If you remember the photos published in a Danish newspaper of CP Mary with a twin strapped to the front, and another strapped to the back, standing on a bush-lined Tasmanian beach - this is her sister Jane's house at Spring Beach where that was probably taken.

You can find it on Google Earth, and see the rugged - certainly in comparison to Copenhagen, and more rugged than some other parts of Tasmania - surrounds that M and F and family have been known to escape to.

(Looks like ants and lizards territory from what I know of Tassie.)

Also, if you are still looking for the location of the house in West Hobart - Fielding St., up the long winding driveway - will locate it for you. (And lots of photos on Google Images to confirm you've found the correct one.)

Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Cheers, Sun Lion.
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Jane Stephens (Mary's sister) is a partner in the recently opened Boost Juice store in Tasmania - the first for the state :)

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for the Danish and British Christmas photos posted. :flowers:

Denmark looks wet, and the UK looks cold.

I'm down in Tasmania, and though it's summer, it's too far south to have the extreme heat of the mainland.

(It was 44 degrees the other day, when we called into Gundagai looking for some lunch.)

After catching up with all the Christmas posts, I was at a loose end, and wondered if CP Mary's Tasmanian sisters have "made the news" here locally.

Well yes - Jane did in her local, Southern/Hobart, newspaper "The Mercury", back in late September.

Nice photo of Jane, and her "Boost Juice" business partner, as they support the anti-bullying drive that is a regular theme of our TV news and panels shows here in Oz - both school bullying and now work-place bullying.

(And this is one of CP Mary's Danish causes, of course.)

I'm on my tablet so can't link, but you can find it on Google under "Boost Juice joins battle against bullying| The Mercury".

My husband discovered "Boost Juice" a few years ago, and it is now a daily - yes daily - part of his working day. (He tells me they help his immune system when he's under work-stress. :lol: I think he just likes them.)

In case you didn't realise, Jane's "Boost Juice" at Eastlands is on the other side of the Derwent River from where she lives in West Hobart, so she would have to travel across the Tasman Bridge between the two - if she goes there much.

(This bridge collapsed in the 1970s when a shipping vessel ran into one of the supporting pylons and cut the city in two. I was living there at the time, and it took a couple of years to be repaired as I remember - but this caused the eastern shore to grow and become independent of the main part of Hobart - and it hasn't looked back. Sydney had to lend Hobart some of it's ferries to help get people about - a big thing for everyone to have to deal with at the time.)

JessRulz's quote above is from 2007, so Jane's business must be going strong now after six years.

There's always a bun fight at the ones in Melbourne and Sydney I've been to - like controlled chaos, with machines whizzing and the counters crowded with customers

Well, Best Wishes All - and Happy New Year,

Sun Lion.
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AFAIK she was named after both hegrandmothers, the paternal: Mary „May“ Dalgleish, 1914 -28.6.2002, and the maternal: Elizabeth Gibson Melrose, 1917-25.10.1958

I'm dismayed to read that Mary's maternal grandmother, Elizabeth, only lived to be about 41 years of age!! Mary's mother also died too young so I hope that Mary herself has regular health checks.

John Donaldson and his wife must like the Danish way of life. They know what they are signing up for this time, given that they have lived there before.
Nice to be near their grandchildren.
:previous:It must be nice for Mary and kids to have John around a bit, or at least closer :flowers:

I wonder if John has picked up any danish over the years
:previous:It must be nice for Mary and kids to have John around a bit, or at least closer :flowers:

I wonder if John has picked up any danish over the years

That's a good questions, I'm curious about that too. I remember both John and Susan has told they think the Danish language is very difficult. I almost sure they can Danish words and sentences, but how much more I don't know :)
As previously reported Mary's father is back in Denmark :)

I saw this article - yesterday he had a nice evening with a group of local musicians in Lemvig, Jutland.


Article: Hvor godtfolk er kommer godtfolk til - Holstebro |


I hope we get to see more of John and Susan before they return home again.
Weeeeeeeee, that´s TØRFISK - I know them :flowers::ROFLMAO::flowers:
Weeeeeeeee, that´s TØRFISK - I know them :flowers::ROFLMAO::flowers:

Yes, Tørfish = Dried Fish are extremely popular in North and West Jutland and have been so since the Later Stoneage.

Which only shows that John Donaldson has a good taste in folk-music.

Here is one of Tørfisk most wellknown songs. It's about a trainride along the west coast, so you get a sense of their style.
You need not understand a word of Danish, just imagine a steam train.
Here is one of Tørfisk most wellknown songs. It's about a trainride along the west coast, so you get a sense of their style.
You need not understand a word of Danish, just imagine a steam train.
VLTJ, one of my favorite songs with TØRFISK :lol:

A little funny fact: The bishop of Aalborg, Henning Toft Bro, is actually (co)founder of TØRFISK. How cool is that? :cool::cool::cool:
The man, who is singing (the man in the blue shirt) is Bent Bro, brother to Henning :flowers:
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Mary is the honorary patron of the University of Tasmania's 125th anniversary celebrations in 2015: Which probably means her and Frederik (and children) will make a trip down there sometime during the next year.

Now the Donaldson family Christmas couldn't be done this christmas, it could be lovely for F&M and children to go at a family visit soon.

Crown Princess Mary honorary patron of University’s 125th birthday - Alumni & Friends - University of Tasmania, Australia

Thanks for this Roskilde.

It would be great if CP Mary could come down to Tassie and help along the celebrations.

The University, like many other parts of Oz, is having to deal with the new reality of belt-tightening that may see the closure of some of it's campuses.

Despite being the island's third biggest employer - after two supermarket chains - it can't attract the high-fee paying International students it once had, plus a new Federal government in Canberra is cutting funding, and looking at the imbalance of the last years where apprenticeships and trade training has been neglected.

You know, Tasmania is bigger than Denmark, but it only has about half a million people, so it's not suprising things have come to the situation they now have.

It would be lovely to see the CP Couple back here - and particularly in Tasmania.
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And the children too. Next year it will be four years since they last saw mother's homeland. They are reaching an age now where they start to remember more and more and it could be lovely for the CP family. But they are busy and to pull 2-3 weeks out of the calendar isn't that easy.
Yes, perhaps next year?

We have seen Bella and Christian acting like pros in front of a lot of people quite anumber of times now.
And last summer we saw Vincent and Josephine comfortably facing very enthusiastic crowds of up to several hundreds who looked different from themselves and in strange surroundings. And next year they'll no doubt have a rudimentary grasp of English for them to understand that all those strange people just want to say hello and are glad to see them.
So I think it will be a fairly safe bet to say the family will go to Australia next year. - I just hope that at least M&F this time will drop by New Zealand as well.
Ninth Island, a part of Tasmania, is up for sale.

CP Mary's grandfather Captain Peter Donaldson lost his ship the "Shearwater" on a reef off the island in 1962.

No loss of crew, and the remains of the ship are still there.

(Cargo was livestock.)

Yours for just $500,000 Oz dollars - though the marketing is being aimed towards Chinese buyers.

And while I'm posting about Tasmanian islands, another one - Satellite Island - has been named Number 2 in the UK's "Harper's Bazaar" list of the top ten privately owned islands of the world.

(So yes, the Maldives and Seychelles are listed dear W and K, but not Mustique! Tassie is apparently better. :ohmy:).
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CP Mary's two sisters, Jane and Patricia, yesterday presented the "Crown Princess Mary Scholarships" to seven young Danes as part of the University of Tasmania's 125th Anniversary.

This is the largest number of scholarships awarded in one year.

There is a nice photo of the seven young people online in an article by Helen Kempton - "Seven Danish exchange students snare Crown Princess Mary Scholarships to study at UTAS".
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Thank you, Sun Lion.
I think it's such a fine idea that Jane and Patricia presents " The Crown Princess Mary's Scholarships" to young Danes every year. And this year as part of the University of Tasmania's 125th Anniversary. Hope it means a trip Down Under for the CP family in October, where it will be celebrated.
Well I'll have to check this out -

Today's new issue of "Woman's Day" has a couple of CP Mary's nieces on the cover, "Our Secret Life With Aunty Mary!".

(Perhaps a counter to last week's facebook family feud stories?)
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Is this an actual interview or did they just cobble together a story and fill the rest with pictures? Which it looks like they grabbed off social media.

Is this what journalism is these days? However, I recall WD's did one or two exclusive interviews with Mary in the past? Still. I find it hard to believe they would give an interview.

This is a welcome story to see when compared to last week's clearly fake one. I am still gobsmacked that someone actually believed it and wrote a story about it.
Aren't Leeann's daughters from her first marriage? I don't think they are John Donaldson's children. In fact, I don't remember them even being at the wedding (or they didn't sit in the front row with the Donaldsons).
One of Leeann's daughters Sharee is from a previous relationship, the other one Michelle is Leeann and John's daughter. They didn't attend the wedding because their parents couldn't afford to take them.
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