The Dukes of Lugo Announce Separation (2007) & Divorce (2009)

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Yes, sad news and I feel sorry specially for the kids.
After all these rumours since last few years I'm not surprise that happen... but it's pity specially for the kids.
I hope that doesn't mean divorce in the near future?

But in the other hand when I watch their photos together they looks strange - phisically together but spiritually separation. They are and aren't together. There's no affection between them. Like in this relationships Elena is/was the person with feelings.
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This is a sad news but it seems that Jaime did not fit at all in the royalty business, just look all the pictures he looked very angry. This is life!
Oh dear! This news is sad...although I can't say I'm surprised considering the rumours that have been circulating for a number of years.:ermm:

I, too, think this decision is 99% final, as I don't think they would have released a statement to the public if they weren't sure...:ermm:

I hope the kids are okay!!
Such sad news, I feel so much for poor Froilán and Victoria, and Elena and Jaime as well. A seperation and divorce is not easy for anyone involved.
As a lot of people are thinking it's very sad that the Dukes of Lugo have to separe them. This news is more sadest than we can think because since quiet a long while, this news was nearby of the front page of the newspaper. Before the Princes of Asturias's wedding for instance, people was said yet that the Dukes of Lugo were going to divorce, it means that the couple had to make a great effort to try to maintain the matrimonial link and respect the affective health of their two children. I'm sure that they had done all that it was possible to maintain well their matrimonial situation. The fact that Marichalar isen't a "Prince of the blood" is whithout any importance about the difficulties for a couple today to succeed in their matrimonial situation.
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This rumor has been circulating for many years. Now is official. Jaime was working in Paris, Iam not sure, I believe He is an economist. When He got married his life changed.
Sad news I agree, for a long long time we've hoped that the
rumours weren't true at all, but I think Elena is quite relieved
now. We've seen her with a different look during the last
weeks, she looked relaxed, I think because of the fact that
the decision was made. It's sad for the children, but they
have loving and caring parents and a wonderful big family
to help them with the new situation!
That's really sad news! I really hope that it is temporary..:sad:
One reads that after Jaime had a stroke several years ago, he became more difficult to deal with and had anger issues. Some have stated that he prefers men over women and that Elena may had known this from the start.

Sometimes major life traumas -- such as strokes -- lead people to question their lives and choices. Very sad for Elena and their children.
I am shocked that a little nightmare came true. I hope that they will rejoin each other and find a good solution for their family. May god show them a real good way to solve the problem. I hope that Froilan and Victoria won't suffer from the situation.
Ohh I didn't know this, well maybe the best for them is to take sometime to think things through.
How sad. There have been rumors for years but I still thought they seemed good for each other.
I am sad because any time a marriage ends, there will be people hurt but maybe both parents can become happier people, which in turn will help the children. I always wondered why the Duke of Lugo's children hardly ever smiled, kids can really pick up all the tension in a house even when the parents think they are hiding it. I grew up in a house that the parents stayed together for the children and it was misrable. I would rather they divorce and become happier people because that is what will make their children happier. Froilan and Victoria always look like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, thankfully they have a very good support system and a lot of aunt, uncles and grandparents who love them and will see them through this tough situation. I will pray that the outcome will make the everyone happier.
Well, as the palace has announced, this is not necessarily a permanent arrangement.

Spain's Infanta Elena separates from husband by 'mutual agreement'

Infanta Elena, the elder daughter of the King of Spain has separated from her husband, Jaime de Marichalar. The palace confirmed on Tuesday that the couple have taken the decision by "mutual agreement".
Though no reason was given for the separation, it was stressed that it is not necessarily a permanent arrangement.
Infanta Elena certainly has looked very good lately. Very fashionable and with new hairstyles. Life may be getting better for her - she definitively glows and is looking very relaxed. Sometime separations are for the better -
Infanta Elena certainly has looked very good lately. Very fashionable and with new hairstyles. Life may be getting better for her - she definitively glows and is looking very relaxed. Sometime separations are for the better -

I certainly hope so. It is a very difficult time.
Very sad must hit hard the Royal Family
Sad, sad and SAD news !! =( I just hope the kids will be fine... both, Froilan and Vicky are 2 angels and they have to be happy. I hope the best for Elena and Jaime.
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Well, very sad news especially for ther children, but this doesn´t come as a surprise to most, I think. Isn´t it usually the case that royals first announce a seperation? Anyway, I can´t recall many examples where people actually came back together after a separation. As Elena is an Infanta of Spain, will it be more likely that the court will ask the church for an annulment of the marriage, rather than just a divorce? Would such a thing be the first divorce or annulment in the Spanish Bourbon family? I can´t think of any Borbons who had their marriage annuled in the past (though they might be there).
I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I just saw this video on YouTube that I've never seen before, I thought that it might have been added because of the seperation. It doesn't seem to portray Jaime in a good light, but speaking little Spanish, I don't know what it is saying.

YouTube - La caida de Marichalar

Edit- I can't do it without directly copying it, it's never done this before, so I'm sorry if it's wrong!
A very sad news and another royal divource at this age. I just wish they would get along with other for the sake of children and wish them to find their own peace minds under this arrangement.Now probably it is quite true that royal and royal marriage are still the better options for the two royal families to stick together for everything. It is quite sad to confirm again that, probably no matter how hard these commoners tried, they would find very difficult to live in the royal household.
The video talks about how the accident changed Jaime's life, how before that he was very shy and protocolar and after the stroke, he became flamboyant and outgoing

Shows that fall over and over again and says it probably was caused by the cape he was wearing

Also talks about how much supportive Elena was when he suffered the stroke and shows him buying her a present in a very high class jewelry store in Madrid

At the end, it says that he is a really strong man that can overcome almost everything
It's always a shame to hear about a divorce, but after all the rumors it's not all that surprising. I hope for the sake of the kids that everything can be worked out amicably.
It is sad news but hopefully as individuals they'll be happier, at least eventually. I really feel for their children.
Many times a stroke can change a person's personality drastically. I've noticed over the past few years that when Jaime is photographed with the rest of the Royal Family, he looks bored or unhappy even when the others are smiling and talking to each other. His stroke was a tragedy for not only Jaime, but Elena and the children.
This is just sad, but this is life & marriage, it either goes on or comes to seperation/divorce. This news has been out for quite sometime now ( a few years) & off course nothing was confirmed so, i think that the couple, like many other couples tried to work things out or at least for the children.

I just hope that the children get sometime with their father because at this age, i think every child should be around both parents.
they were among my favourite royal couples, it's such a shame. however, i admire the step, since rumours were going around for such a long time. perhaps they need some time to think about it, as it said in the official communicate.
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