The Duke of Westminster and Olivia Henson - 7 June 2024

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A thread about the wedding of Hugh Grosvernor, 7th Duke of Westminster and Olivia Henson. The wedding will be held at Chester Cathedral, Cheshire on 7 June.
I wonder who will be invited. i think the Van Cutsems, Innes-Ker (Dukes of Roxburghe), Anson’s (Earl Lichfield), the Cholmondeley’s , the Dukes of Abercorn will definitely be there as they have close family ties.
Any detail about the ceremony, wedding reception?
Who will attend? The Prince and the Princess of Wales? The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex?
The British royal family is close to the Duke of Westmister family. So I believe that BRF will somehow be present-
The Prince of Wales is expected to attend as part of the wedding party; probably/most likely with at least George as it is his godfather who is getting married. The D&D of Sussex are not expected.
There are family connections to Mountbattens as well. Also the wedding will be huge in Chester itself - there will be a lot of people out on the street even though it is a weekday.
Personally I wish Kate attended with, even undergoing cancer treatment...
I have wondered if we will not see Catherine until after the general election, I know she isn't doing anything political but for her to turn up anywhere that the press are will wipe the politicians off the front pages for days. There will be the daily stories analysing her look, etc etc. Just a thought, not based on anything in particular.
William is definitely going. Not sure about George, because it's a school day - most schools wouldn't mind giving a child the day off for a godfather's wedding, but, officially, kids are supposed to attend school unless they're ill. I doubt that Catherine will be there, if only because she wouldn't want a lot of attention on her on somebody else's big day.

I'm really pleased that all this is happening in Chester, which is only 40 miles from me. Society events are so often concentrated in the South East.
Perhaps Catherine will attend the reception which is private
I agree. From what I read in DM, there will be 2 receptions: the first one is after the wedding ceremony in Chester Cathedral and the second one is in the day after the wedding, but only for close family/friends, which will be more private. So hopefully Catherine can be well enough to attend the 2nd reception.
I can't see her attending the wedding. In my opinion if she was planning to attend the wedding, she would have chosen something else for her first public appearance, so that the frenzy would have been about that and not her at someone else's wedding...

Also, if her immune system is compromised, which it probably is, an event with 400 people isn't actually a great place for her to be.
Do you think Hugh's sister Lady Edwina Snow's son and daughter will be in the wedding party?
People should stop asking if Catherine is going to show up to this thing or that. We're not seeing her before 2025. Yes, that'll just feed the rumor mills on social media, but they obviously don't care about the idjits on Twitter/Facebook/etc., nor should they.
Do you think Hugh's sister Lady Edwina Snow's son and daughter will be in the wedding party?
I thinka all his nephews and nieces will be - wedding party is for all the family.
Maybe no tiara? She looks rather like a flowers-in-the-hair kind of girl.
Will the bridesmaids and page boys arrive by coach/carriage?
I wish I didn't have to work today, and could go to Chester. They've paid for floral decorations everywhere, and for people to have free ice creams! It's cloudy out, but it doesn't look like it's going to rain, and there'll probably be quite a lot of people around, especially with William going.
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