The Duke of Sussex as Patron of WellChild

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Nov 5, 2005

Arms of HRH The Duke of Sussex

The Duke of Sussex as
Patron of WellChild

Announced March 28, 2007

"WellChild is the national UK children's charity making it possible for children and young people
with exceptional health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible."

Official Website

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Ryan's Royal day out

A brave Daventry boy is heading off to meet Prince Harry on Monday to receive an award recognising his courage in the face of illness.
Ryan Kelly, of Scythe Road on Lang Farm, will meet the prince as he receives a bravery award at the Wellchild and Best magazine Children’s Health Awards at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Ryan, aged nine, was diagnosed with velocardiofacial syndrome as a baby – an inherited condition caused by the absence of a part of his DNA.
The Ashby Fields Primary School pupil is receiving the award for keeping everyone else cheerful through all the complications of his condition, which can cause heart abnormalities and learning difficulties.
Pics 22.10.2007

Cody Taylor, 3, winner of the WellChild Best Brave Child age 2-3 Award,
sticks her tongue out at Britain's Prince Harry, left, during the Children
Health Awards ceremony at Lord's cricket ground, London, 22 October.

The Wellchild awards celebrates the achievements of brave children who
have shown outstanding courage and resilience whilst coping with serious

* Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 *
^I think Harry is a natural with kids (probably because he's a kid at heart!). I'd love to see him do more charity work with children, and I'm sure he'd like that too.
Is Harry's hair starting to get a bit thin at the crown (no pun) similar to his brother's?
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^I think Harry is a natural with kids (probably because he's a kid at heart!). I'd love to see him do more charity work with children, and I'm sure he'd like that too.

I agree...those pics are so sweet...he reminds me of his mother. He seems to have her same gentle nature with children.
Im glad he spoke to the child with Spina Bifida as a Person with this illness I Feel very "Shafted" sometimes And when someone sheds light on it it gives me hope, that im not alone anyway Bravo Henry!
Harry seems to enjoy the "royal duties" He seems very particular though. Most of is charity work seems to have a common thread.
Another royal event that did not appear to have got much press coverage compared to, say, Wills and Harry steppinng out for a few drinks one night.
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Harry's visit has made those children very happy
Thanks for these great photos, I hope Harry's visit receives wide press coverage.
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Prince Harry is doing good works in a syle that is natural. I feel he learnt something from his mother.
he said he still had an Immature side to him lol
TEENAGER Brett Glover has had eight major operations, chronic back pain for much of his life and been told he will never walk unaided.
But Brett, pictured, keeps on smiling through the pain.
Now the 18-year-old is set to be honoured for his courage at a national awards ceremony in London.

Brave teen Brett in line for bravery award |
Pics 28.9.2009

Prince Harry as Patron of WellChild, this afternoon attended a
reception and Awards Ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel,
Park Lane, London, September 28, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** gettyimages ** belga **
He may have one of the most recognisable faces on the planet but young Alex Burke was determined to check that Prince Harry was the real deal.

Looking puzzled as he met the third in line to the throne at a charity awards ceremony this evening, the six-year-old said: 'Are you sure you are Prince Harry? Where's your crown?', before asking for good measure: 'So you're not William then?'
:previous: haha - kids say the funniest things. He looks like he's having fun with all the kids.
I have always liked Prince Harry, but I think after this event with the children I've fallen for him. You can really see that he got the best of his father and mother. He will become a great asset to the monarchy once his father takes the throne and I think will continue to be a popular figure after his brother becomes King as well. I have high hopes for him. Will and Harry seem to have the same dynamic has Elizabeth and Margaret.
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