The Duke of Sussex as Co-Founder and Patron of Sentebale

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Bound to get a lot of press. Good for the charity.
What a wonderful initiative! I think this charity deserves more spotlight, and this concert is going to be what Sentebale really needs in terms of "advertsing"!
That's great! It should be very successful!
:previous: I saw an update on this from Kensington Palace's Instagram. It seems like a great initiative. The photo from the article of Harry hugging the little boy is so sweet and touching.
Though it would be kind of humorous if Good Prince Harry fell in love with Anne of Cleves :ROFLMAO:

I think Harry's deep passion for his two causes, Senteble and Walking for the wounded/Invictus, is contagious. You feel his passion and dedication, he isn't just there to make a speech to increase his engagement count. These are causes he has truly carved his own way with. His passion spirit and energy carries over to his audience. Even in the rain the people were excited and part of the event, and not simply to hear Coldplay.
Typical British summer! Honestly! :lol: However, good on the crowds (including Beatrice and Eugenie) for turning up in a downpour. Harry seems to be very close to his cousins.
It was nice to see that lots of members of the RF came to support Harry with the Sentebale concert. It's a pity that the weather didn't behave quite as well, but as Curryong said, that's the British summer for you! It seems like it has been a great event so far - I didn't realise that Eugenie was friends with James Blunt and his wife. I can't remember, did she go to their wedding?
:previous: I've lost track. The Yorkies, rather like Pippa, used to go to quite a lot of weddings at one time. I wish one of the sisters would marry. I feel like a royal wedding!
As you say, it was good to see the Tindalls and Autumn there too, in support. Just a shame that the sun couldn't come out for a few hours. Apparently Joss Stone teased Harry about his singing. Harry once mentioned the horrendous singing of his family to someone on the Xmas walk at Sandringham, so apparently none of them can carry a tune!
do we know when Harry will go to the world Aids conference in Durban - i recall that his cousin George gets married in august in south africa and wondered if Harry would attend. Maybe the conference is happening round the same time and he will be at the wedding then??
AIDS isn't the death sentence it once was. For people in the west, it's becoming like diabetes, a manageable disease.

My ex wife works in infectious disease at a hospital in London, and the progress that has been made since the Diana days is amazing
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Yes, that's true. In the West the progress has been wonderful, although this is still a serious disease. However, in the Third World the picture is not so glowing and the mortality rate is still high, unfortunately. This is a World AIDS Conference so the problems inherent in less developed countries, such as those in Africa, will be highlighted.
Unfortunately Africa is far from the manageable stage AIDS has reached in the west. Sad but not surprising considering their health care. Children still get polio, dyptheria and measles there, things we have had immunizations for now for decades. With the UNICEF and other groups pushing for world immunization, the numbers has decreased but its about 77% of kids have basic immunizations. It is not surprising that HIV/AIDS, which even the west has only been making progress in the last decade or so, is so far behind in Africa. That is why this conference is so important.

I thought George was already married? Harry's due at the World AIDS Conference this month, so if he goes to the wedding in August he'll have to make it a separate trip, but I'm sure he'd love to go. Any excuse to get to Africa!

Are you thinking perhaps Alexander, Janes' son? He was married in 2014 I believe and Harry attended. Made papers as he was not accompanied by Cress to it.
There is nothing cutting edge about what Harry is doing with HIV. Maybe 25-30 years ago, when Diana was campaigning, but today it isn't a taboo.

Of course it remains a serious disease, but Harry isn't at the vanguard of AIDS research.
Until there is a cure for AIDS, one could argue any progress is major :flowers:

Cancer has ben around and almost curable for decades, does that mean thee is no need for Cancer charities? No.

Perhaps one needs to live beyond their own borders and understand just because it is controllable in some areas, doesn't mean there isn't still a major need in parts of the world. It is still an epidemic in Africa, and one that needs focus to stop claiming lives.

Diana wasn't at the 'forefront of research'. She simply was involved in a cause before it became acceptable (considered the gay disease). Her son carries on her work when the cause has again become less popular as it isn't seen a major concern by the west any more.
. Her son carries on her work when the cause has again become less popular as it isn't seen a major concern by the west any more.

It's not that it's less popular, but the fact is, HIV/AIDS isn't the killer it once was.

Harry is travelling around London, 'highlighting' AIDS, but his mother was already there years ago.
Harry is travelling around London, 'highlighting' AIDS, but his mother was already there years ago.

That statement is very much a given. Sentebale which means forget me not was founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso in 2006 in memory of their mothers. He's been involved in AIDS/HIV awareness for many years.

Check out the Sentebale website and scroll down. The figures presented are staggering.

I'm aware of Harry's history 'fighting' AIDS. Prince Seeiso gets credit from me, because he's on the front line. Harry isn't, and to pretend HIV/AIDS is the same as when Diana was campaigning, is ignoring the facts.

That the number of people with HIV in certain demographics is 'increasing', is because people are living longer.
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Perhaps that's a reason also that children in Lesotho have a fighting chance too. Prince Seeiso may be on the front lines with Sentebale more but Harry has the drawing power to rack up donations with his benefits and concerts that fund the work being done at Sentebale. Its a true joint effort in my book. :D
The reason children in Africa have a fighting chance, is because of antiretroviral drugs provided by drug companies. Companies that have been providing drugs long before 'Sentebale' was ever imagined.
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prince Seeiso lives in Lesotho but he wouldn't have been able to finance 1/10th of the programmes that Sentable have been able to begin and support if it hadn't been for Harry's contribution in money and publicity.

If you asked the people of Lesotho whether the Sentable programmes are of value you'd get a resounding Yes. And these too young men founded Sentebale together, when Harry was 19. Neither of them are more 'valuable' than the other. Why is it so hard for you, Rudolph, to give Harry the slightest bit of credit for anything?

Diana did valuable work in the area of AIDS and her son is continuing her work. AIDS is still an epidemic in Africa and Harry will be going to Africa to the Conference there.
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