The Duke of Sussex as Co-Founder and Patron of Sentebale

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There are other criticisms in the article, not just that one photo.

First-If these precious angels don't melt your heart, and move you to tears, then I don't know what will. Love the pictures of Harry with the kids. They bring out the best in him. And they adore him. From what I've seen, the man could work in a special ed preschool any day.
I found little Karabo very moving. She may not have sight with her eyes, but she sees with her heart- and oh her joy is infectious!
Harry, you rock a purple apron. And you can fly helicopters for the British Army, but not string beads.
Harry said that most of the photos of his family he keeps in his heart. I'm sure that some of the most special are of his mom. Interesting , because while millions of us enjoy remembering her by looking at photos of her in the literal sense, he prefers his memories. Never thought of it, but makes perfect sense. I'm sure she'd be very proud. Harry reminds me of her when he's with children.

No words. If you have some, you're better than I.
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I don't know why but Harry has just a natural charm and you can't help like him (at least me). This is why he is so popular I think... no stifness, he presents himself as he is... And he is so good to relate with children because, I think, he still has a part of childish attitude!
He's definitely a child at heart. A big kid. And that's why we love him!
He's definitely a child at heart. A big kid. And that's why we love him!

May be. But his taking up responsibility for people, especially children, in need is a very grown-up, adult thing to do!
I meant that he was a child at heart.
Maybe its just me but reading through the article with the pictures of Harry in Lesotho and reading about the pictures taken, I was under the impression that he took some pictures (that were shown) but didn't take all of them. To do that, he would have been focused mainly on photography rather than why he was there. There is also a photograph taken near the bottom of the article where it must have been a board meeting. Harry, at that point, was wearing a tie. All in all, I would guess that Harry's venture into photography was a spontaneous spur of the moment thing and not the itinerary of his day as he left the UK

Regardless of who took the pictures, whether they were staged, posed, photoshopped, cut and pasted or whatnot, Harry is the real deal when you see him with the people. There is a rapport there between them, especially the children, that melts your heart. He brought a little bit of the holiday spirit to Sentebale and that is the kind of holiday party I would have liked to be at.
It seems that some people are even envious of Harry's success and popularity ad try hard to put him in a bad light... failing... It may be just my impression tough
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Chris Jackson from Getty Images went on the trip. It's his pictures when Harry are in them.

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:previous: Prince charles has put up with media garbage for nearly 40 odd years since he created The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation (which includes the Princes Trust) so there is nothing new under the sun. It is something that shaped not only Prince Charles attitude to the media, but both William and Harry. For good or ill they have grown up with the media's continuallyl trashing their father and his charities in the light of the work he does for them, so I don't think this will bother Harry at all.
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Prince Harry playing a charity football match for @Sentebale today.
"Prince Harry has paid a moving tribute to two of the most significant women in his life at a new centre for children with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The prince has named parts of the new Mamohato Children's Centre in memory of his late mother Princess Diana, and also his beloved childhood nanny Olga Powell.

Tomorrow the royal will officially open the ground-breaking new centre which will care for and educate 1,500 children a year in the poverty-stricken kingdom of Lesotho, which despite being one of the smallest countries in the world has the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS."

The centre has been funded and built in just three years by the charity Sentebale, which Harry co-founded with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho after falling in love with the country and its people when he first visited during his gap year at the age of 19.

Sentebale means ‘forget me not’ in the local dialect and was chosen in memory of Harry and Seeiso's mothers.

Prince Harry pays moving tribute to his mother Princess Diana and his childhood nanny Olga Powell | Daily Mail Online
I think it's lovely that Harry paid such a tribute to the two women who were so important to his development. Olga Powell was immensely valuable to both Princes during their childhood and of course one of the last things she did was write to Harry, worrying about his safety in Afghanistan.
Very moving to know Harry will honor his late mother and late nanny in such a way.
What a lovely and loving tribute to his Mother and Nanny. They'd be thrilled by Harry doing this.

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Beautiful homage to Harry to the mother and the nanny Olga Powell.
It's great to see him interacting with the children and taking photos. He's doing well.
It's great to see him interacting with the children and taking photos. He's doing well.

He is great with children indeed! I've always felt that in a way Harry belongs to Lesotho... If you know what I mean!:flowers:
Emily Nash ‏@emynash #PrinceHarry says at current rates no wild African elephants/rhinos will be left when kids born in 2015, "like my niece Charlotte" are 25"

Emily Nash ‏@emynash
#PrinceHarry announces his brother Prince William's @united4wildlife will fund the South African Wildlife College, in a speech to graduates.

Emily Nash ‏@emynash
#PrinceHarry says on William's wildlife efforts: "I am incredibly proud of what he is achieving and will do whatever I can to support him."

Nice to see William providing so much money for the the project
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