The Duchess of Edinburgh's Fashion and Style, Part 1: March 2023 -

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The Duchess of Edinburgh visiting the Katherine Low Settlement in London today, January 16:

** Full view ** Upper part **
The Duchess of Edinburgh at the Dispensaire Français’ biennial gala.

Both Sophie's ensembles are really lovely, and I envy her the excuse to wear beautiful ballet length skirts. Dressing for engagements is a lot of hard work allowing for the cold outside the venue or venues and then, often going into superheated buildings like hospitals, rest-homes and (to a lesser extent) schools.

The need to have easily removed top layers is imperative. Sophie's green jacket is lovely over her winter white polo necked top and what looks to be a matching skirt. However, I would love to have seen a photo of her without it the gorgeous jacket. Likewise, I would also love to have seen the outerwear covering her short-sleeved navy dress.
I love the teal and purple combination. Love the jewel tones on Sophie
A nice look on Sophie and hair always looks nicer up or tied back.
There appears to be a problem with the cut of the dress. Maybe it will be better with different under garments. Something doesn't seem to be fitting correct.
Not a bad outfit on the duchess and the colours all work too!
The coat is a nice colour but looks a little on the big size on the duchess.
Yes, the coat looks very large across the shoulders. A very unusual pendant which works well with the sweater.
The Duchess of Edinburgh with a good professional look at the Community Sports Awards at Headingley Stadium in Headingley, Leeds today, March 8:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **
The colours are really lovely but the coat is tad too big on the duchess.
That’s a lovely style and colour. I think the upper part fits well, but there’s a little too much material in that swing back!
That's a really lovely suit and hairstyle on the duchess.
One of my favourite colour combinations is navy and pink, and these slightly raspberry pink trousers work lovely with the navy top and jacket. (..)
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The Duchess of Edinburgh attended a St Patrick's Day parade in Lisburn today, March 16:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
That’s a lovely appearance from the Duchess. I particularly like how she has accessorised the coat which is also very nice.
A very lovely spring look for the Duchess of Edinburgh in Leeds today, March 20:

** gallery **
Not a fan of this latest dress. Could easily be mistaken for a senior's nightgown.
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