The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion and Style Part 5: November 2012 - July 2013

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I think Camila looked just fine at Trooping the Colour. She appeared elegant and appropriate, which is what one would want from a lady in her position.
I don't love senior citizen ladies in unrelieved white, especially with the silver hair. Not just Camilla, but QE as well. It's not flattering, and looks too bridal IMHO, on a woman of 60+.

IT wasnt unrelieved white although in some pictures it seems so. There is embellishment on the sleeves and collar. Im having probs finding a decent picture. Here is a good look at the sleeves

Camilla Parker Bowles Photos - Diamond Jubilee - Thames River Pageant - Zimbio

I really like this look. Amongst all the uniforms, light colours go so well.
Her hat

This board is not shy about criticizing/critiquing hats. I haven't noticed a single comment about Camilla's hat. It looked as though she had several hats on, one atop the other. She has some really beautiful hats- I wonder why she chose this oddball one yesterday?
Perhaps because of it's relative simplicity, so as not to overdo the silvery trims on her sleeves and collar??
I wonder why she chose this oddball one yesterday

Because she wore the same ensemble last year or maybe, surprise, she likes it ...
She looks really good in turquoise blue. I just don't like that large bunch of feathers stuck on the side of her hat. Her dress and coat are really beautiful.
What a lovely choice! Camila looked perfect from head to toe; elegant, and sophisticated.
She looks lovely in this soft jewel tone.
Beautiful outfit and color; I especially like her hat with those feather embellishments.
Hat is outstanding but the outfit is not looking good.
I love that hat! The outfit is a bit saggy but not awful.
I love that hat! The outfit is a bit saggy but not awful.

I can't seem to remember if this outfit is a repeat from Australia (Melbourne?) or something new.
I love Camila's hat, but the rest of the look is just OK.
Seeing the full-length coat, I can't say that I'm very enamored of it. But as I said before, I do love her hat.
Camilla looks lovely sitting in the carriage, but standing up, the outfit leaves much to be desired. I do like her hat, however.
Love the hat. And I may be in the minority, but I like the outfit.
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Love the hat as well. For the outfit , not the best from Bruce Oldfield....
Love the hat and the top half of the outfit. Not keen on the lacy trim.
Do not like the coat, the cut work makes it look like a baggy tablecloth.
Thye last three outfits look, mostly the same. This one, today, is not really good. The hat is ugly and the coat is just eh....
A nice outfit. But wasn't it rather warm in London today? *sweats* :lol:
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