The Duchess of Cambridge's Eveningwear Part 7: April 2016 - February 2017

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better pictures
Wind is not Kate's friend, we all know that.

Her posture is horrible and she still seems to be very insecure or nervous - at least via body language - about where to stand, go, wave, maybe that has to do with the bad posture, having to fight with the hair and skirt while pressing the clutch to the spot where the legs start, what looks unfortunate anyway.
I would have to agree with the general feeling that the top and bottom don't match. The bodice is ill-styled and ill-fitted and just looks plain odd, and then we have Catherine's preferred high-waisted skirt.

The pleats on this gown are warring with the ultra-fussy top and just as you shake your head and wonder what sort of evening gown this is . . . out pops her leg from an extremely inelegant height and the effect is even odder still. Hello Catherine, for a minute I thought it wasn't you! Glad we cleared that up. :whistling:

DoM, I think the points you mention are mannerisms rather than any sense of insecurity or nerves. Women that wear such slits in their evening gowns, showing as much leg as Catherine wont to do in almost all her evening gowns, do not suffer from lack of confidence.
I rather like the top and skirt combination. I would have closed the slit in the skirt and have the neckline altered a bit. But I like it.
i think the posture issue may come from the fact that she is quite tall, specially in heels, so kind of has to duck down to be able to talk to people...

regarding the skirt and the wind, i guess that will always be the problem of flowy skirts. they look lovely and is a younger look than a 'stiff' skirt, but the wind will always be an issue - specially in the UK!

the hair, on the other hand, is rather irritating as she is always touching it to put it out of the way - and a problem easily solved with a good hairdo. she doesn't do it as much these days as in the past, but it is disturbing when watching her.
She looks like she's not sure whether to hold down her skirt or her hair. :lol:
Love the dress. Unique but appropriate for the occasion. I might have closed the slit on the skirt up a little (couple fo inches), but other than that, very pretty. I would have loved to have seen her hair in a half up/half down type of style.
This isn't a fave of mine. I like skirt; the slit adds a little something. I don't think the top works on her though.
I actually think it's a pretty dress (I love the slit in the skirt), but it feels a little boring. I think it would have looked better with an updo and different earrings/jewelry.

That Tom and Lorenzo article made some good points. The dress is a little basic, so it needed something to make it pop. Different accessories/styling would have helped.
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November 12, 2016 - The Duchess in a black Temperley coat attending the Royal Festival of Remembrance.

It's a lovely coat which flatters her but I don't think this event required a coat especially since it was indoors. A simple black dress would've looked right.

Full view ** Close up
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Agreed. Lovely coat, but a nice black dress would have suited the indoor event more.
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I agree, much as I like the coat, it did look a little odd by to continue to wear it as if this is an outdoor event. In previous years Kate has arrived coat-less in a formal black evening dress and other royals are clearly continuing with this pattern this year. Perhaps she was feeling cold and she slipped it off later in the evening.

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Maybe she turned up and realised someone was wearing the same dress :lol:
Maybe she just sees the event as somber and fit for remembering others rather than a fashionable opportunity.
Maybe she just sees the event as somber and fit for remembering others rather than a fashionable opportunity.

Yes appreciate your point but as this is a fashion thread we are going to discuss such trivial matters.

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Catherine looks wonderful and elegant. It's a great coat.
Yesterday evening's look was very disappointing. The coat was too blad for such a somber occasion and that hair loose like that was a big "no", imo.
I have a similar opinion to the previous posters - beautiful coat, but a little strange that Catherine is wearing it for an indoor occasion. Having said that, it's getting colder in London though (I'm just on the outside of the city) so perhaps she wore it because she was genuinely cold, even if she's inside.
If it's the same style I'm sure it looked great on her!

It looked pretty, but why get the same dress, even in a different color?
Try for something different!
There's no reason she couldn't have worn the red one, if she was determined to wear that dress.
I agree, beautiful dress, but I don't see any reason to have two in different colors. She looked sensational in the red, she could have easily worn it tonight.
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I agree. It's a beautiful dress, gorgeous cut and looks fab on her. I think she should have worn the red one, in part because as others have said, why have two of the exact same dress? Also, since this was an event for young people, and it's the holiday season, I like a bright color rather than black, and the red would have been perfect. That said, I do love the belt and earrings. Oh and the shoes...the shoes!!!!
I don't see the big deal about owning a dress in two colors.
I don't see the big deal about owning a dress in two colors.
Me either. Most people when they find a shoe, skirt, dress, whatever that they really like and that fit them great, they buy it in a few colours. I don't see any issue with it what so ever. She looks splendid!
I don't see the big deal about owning a dress in two colors.

I agree. Personally, I have purchased several items of clothing in different colors. Sometimes you find particular item of clothing that you love....the fit, the texture, the way it looks on you, its comfortable to wear, it hides things:whistling:, the price is right and you think....why not get a different color so you can enhance your wardrobe. And let's face it...a black cocktail evening dress is always a staple in anyone's wardrobe. The only thing Kate probably shouldn't have done is worn it so closely to the date she wore the red dress.

Either way its not like Kate doesn't have enough engagements that both dresses won't get worn.
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We aren't talking Kate smith who is shopping on a budget and found a good dress on a good price and bought a few shades, or someone with body issues who found something that fit finally. Kate has plenty of black cocktail dresses, and we know she us to duscount shopping in bulk in multiple colors :whistling:
I don't see the point in having 2 evening dresses just in different colours - for day wear it is something different but these Preen dresses whilst being lovely it seems extravagant.
I do love her new Prada shoes.
Well, whatever on the two dresses in one color thing, I prefer the red! The black is a bit, meh! Not bad, just meh.
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