The Duchess of Cambridge's Eveningwear Part 4: August 2012 - October 2013

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I love the dress, but it desperately needed a necklace.
I love the dress, but it desperately needed a necklace.

But if she'd worn a necklace then she would have had to wear her hair up cos people would complain they couldn't see that, and then others would have said that she shouldn't have bothered etc etc :ROFLMAO: Nice circular argument.

She is like Charlene - she isn't into jewellery that much - just a few personal pieces that she repeats. Time enough to bring out the bling
I'll wait until we get some more photos, but I am underwhelmed by the overall look.
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She looks like she got ready in a hurry and ran out of time maybe George was being demanding and wanting a feed or cuddle. She actually has that slightly disshevelled look that first time Mums have in the beginning I like it its endearing :)
For this kind of neckline, I will just usually wear a brooch where the V tip is.
As usual the hair is what catches my eye more than what she's wearing, can't she do something with it? must it always just hang like that?Aaarrgh!
Re jewellery - diamond earrings; diamond bracelet and a new ring with (poss) diamonds.
My only complaint:I would have gone with a stronger lip. She's minimalist without being totally austere, and she looks so classy, it makes me want to cry.
Re jewellery - apart from the diamond/ruby necklace (which I would never wear with dark blue) does she have a "statement necklace" to wear? So many assumptions.................
She is such a stunner.

As to necklaces, she seems to be a very hands on mommy (and I like that about her). Most my young mom friends change their jewel habits away from necklaces and dangling earring because that's what babies go after and tend to destroy.

She has never worn a lot of necklaces anyway. Her job is not to please me anyway - so I say - do what you like DOC!
meh. The dress is nice but it needs something. :ermm:
I agree, Duchessmary. It's nothing to write home about..
I think that gown is very elegant and that Kate looks lovely. I do, however, think she would look even lovelier with her hair up.:bee:
Add me to the chorus: Lovely dress. Needs something like a necklace, an updo, a bold lip, etc. As she wears it, it's rather boring.
Yes the dress is beautiful and fits well but does need something, I agree.

Mostly, I'm wondering about her hair, it looks different. Some women lose their curl, lose, their hair after giving birth. Could this be it? It doesn't look too good, imo

Kate looks amazing. Love the dress, beautiful style and gorgeous colour. I think she wore enough jewelry, no need for the necklace, it would have taken attention away from the lovely neckline of the dress. Great appearance.
meh. The dress is nice but it needs something. :ermm:

I agree; nothing wrong with adding a necklace. It would look so much more polished.
I don't think Kate s particularly fond of jewelery but sometimes it is needed.

I don't mind that she prefers to wear her hair down; she has lovely hair.
It is indeed a beautiful gown in colour and style.
I do think though that a necklace, or some other detail, would have provided a more balanced "setting", to frame and focus attention toward the Duchess' pretty face.
What a beautiful dress. Wow. She looks stunning in it.

A necklace would have been nice, but Kate's less into jewelry than I am.

I agree, she looks fabulous. I am not so into jewelry myself, but I would take Kate's ring LOL:)
Catherine always chooses a lovely dress for the evening and this one is really lovely. But I do agree with some of the comments about wearing some jewellery because the dark blue of the dress would be a great background for some jewells - especially some simple diamonds.
I have alot of respect for the fact that Catherine does not want to be showy or be seen to be dripping with extravagance and prefers a simpler style - there's plenty of time ahead of her to wear all the royal extras. She's dressing up and pulling out all the stops for bigger events, but even so, abit of sparkle for those meeting her at the charity event would be nice for them.
I agree it is lovely but I also agree it nneds something ....
Besides the colour I think the dress is fantastic, it is in DIRE need of some bling though.
Its a pretty dress and such dresses suit her much nicer than the fully embellishment dresses (like the silver dress). Her hair should been up and she could've worn statement earrings or smaller earrings with a necklace/pendent.
The dress has a nice cut and design,Catherine looks stunning :flowers:
Regarding the colour: I believe that it has a navy material with sheer black material draped over it, that´s why to some people it looks black while others see blue in it :) A few jewels or a more colourful lipstick would not have hurt, but for me the overall impression was a very good one, it´s a very elegant & sophisticated look.
I guess we have to accept her hairstyle as her "own" personal style, just like CP Victoria loves ponytails and chignons,
it seems that the wavy-open hair seems to be The DoC favourite way of wearing her hair!
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Agree with all, it is perhaps now time for Catherine to start to wear some serious jewellery.

Lovely as the gown is, I for one would like to see Catherine recycle a few of the gowns she has collected in the last few years. I suspect she already has >10 formal gowns, and it would be good to see them repeated.
Catherine looks lovely and I like the dress. However I do agree with those who said that some jewellery could've improved* the look; I think a diamond necklace would've looked good with it. Although she did wear a bracelet (see here).

*= Not sure whether this was the right word to use- I couldn't think of any others.
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The dress is great but I agree, she needs to wear a little more bling. The bracelet is beautiful and I noticed she has on another ring, cant see it though. I know she is kind of low key with jewelry but things are different now. Is that the bracelet that was a gift from Charles? Anyone have a better picture of the ring on her other hand?

Oh and is the dress another McQueen? Great cut, very flattering.
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