The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 9: June 2012 - September 2012

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dbarn67 said:
I agree, this hat is especially bad. Queen Elizabeth II has wonderful hats, Catherine should speak to her milliner.

Ironically the hats worn on last weeks engagement to Nottingham were designed by the same woman, HM looked lovely Catherine did not.
Each to his own. I think its a hat - I'm not that keen on it as its too fussy, but its a hat. Fascinators (to me) are bits of fluff and net onan alice band or clip (horrible!)

The dress is interesting - ERdem custom piece. Its classic styling, something she could wear on many occasions for many years to come. Stands out well against the red uniforms and gold braid. In that regard she reminds me of the Queen's approach to clothes - appropriate and long lasting.
This is one of those rare occasions when I dislike everything about Kate's look.
The hat is quite ridiculous, and while I like the colour of the dress, the design is not my cup of tea. Bad hair day too.
I like the dress, beautiful detail. But I'd bet me lunch money that "hat" is on a clip slid into her hair. Most of what she wears are on hair(Alice) bands or clips. The remembrance day hat was similar to this one as well. That was clipped in.
I love the outfit but she needs to do something with her hair and trash that stupid hat!!! :ROFLMAO:
I usually admire Kate's style but I dislike this look perhaps more than any I can recall - I loathe most fascinators anyway but this one particularly irritates. I agree with previous posts regarding the hairstyle and I'm not liking the dress much either! ( oh dear I might just be in a bad mood 'cause of all the rain we're having in the UK at the moment)
Hi, I would like to see something else on her head. I know that lightly curled hair are comgortable, but she is royalty - what about some updos :flowers: like CP Mette-Marit or CP Mary. The up-do she was wearing at the Olympic games thing was very nice :)
I don't like it. The overall look just isn't her and God bless Catherine's love of fascinators, I usually like them, but this one just looks awkward and weird. Her hair looks ... slightly windy, I don't know if that was the purpose of the hairstyle. When that's said I love the little details on the dress.
It's going to be a competition to see who can wear the worse hat in the Windsor family Catherine or Sophie.
The hat is hideous! I find it too much. I don't like the details of the dress but I do like color.
June 15th

Another short flimsy dress and does Kate ever anything without wearing high heels?

Today's Trooping the Colour

I really like the dress, pretty detailing and very regal for the occasion; I dont find the hat as ugly as other posters. What I dont like is the messy hair, quite a desaster.

Camilla & Kate should have coordinated in a better way, both wearing a similar colour / dress with detailing.
Hope we see full length pictures soon. I like the color and the top part of the dress very much. This shade is very flattering on her. Much more so than what she wore on the 15th. I don't like the hat. I don't understand putting something right smack on the front of the head, and they always seem so small for someone tall.
I love fascinators. It's nice to see young royals, aristocrats, and wealthy ladies putting their own spin on the British hat love. I feel they are too young to where those pill box hats, yet they still respect the tradition by wearing something beautiful in their hair. It's because of Kate that I was introduced to the fascinator and I hope she continues wearing them.
On the other hand this is not one of the attractive fascinators; I don't like the size or the angle. She has better ones in her closet I am sure.
I don't see anything redeeming about the Trooping the Color look; whether it's a hat or fascinator, it's tilted too forward obscuring her eyes, her hair is unkempt, the huge embroidery/design on her dress is too matronly and the color just boring and also aging. I don't even like the shawl collar; it looks too bulky for her. I'd love to see a conventional hat on her just for a change.
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It was quite windy at times as Camilla and the Queen both had to hang on to their hats, literally.

I've said it before, I think her hats is going to be the one area where Kate tries to be a bit more 'outside the box'; everything else she's gonna keep quite conservative and appropriate, but occasionally I think she'll try more distinctive hats. This one I find a bit busy, although I like the colour and the shape and size, it's just a bit complicated.

The Erdem dress is lovely, as pretty much all of his stuff is. Kate was certainly enjoying the day happily chatting with several different family members.
She looked great in both occasions. Wonder if there was a rule that she & Camilla had to wear blue today..
I think she looks fine, although I would have preferred the dress be a solid rather than a pattern. Still, it looks like a style she can wear repeatedly, which is something she probably likes.

I could take or leave the hat, but I have seen worse.
I think she looks lovely. The dress is a masterpiece. I even like the hat.
She looked really nice at last night's Art Room engagement.

I didn't like today's Trooping outfit. The color of the dress was nice, but I wasn't fond of the style. I usually love her hats, but this one was just okay. I didn't care for the way it was sitting on her head.

It's going to be a competition to see who can wear the worse hat in the Windsor family Catherine or Sophie.

You can add Beatrice and Eugenie to that list too. Besides the Queen, I didn't like any of the hats the women wore today.
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I loved the soft grey and I love the hat. I really love the neckline on the dress and the detailing.
I love the dress though I do the style (shawl collar) ages her. A quick glance has her looking like her mother IMO. Hate the hat/fascsinator.
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A silly hat worn at a hateful angle protruding into her face and with messy hair - very bad approach to headwear.
Catherine's dress would have been such a wonderful design for her husband's grandmother, perfect in color for her as well, so why did the Queen reject it?

Another pic:

Fascinators are dumb. :argh: Harshest language I've ever used. :shock: They are really annoying. :blink: :p ;)

On rare occasions I've seen some cute ones that are worn well and are suitable for the woman. This is not one nor one of those times - yet, as a stand alone piece of 'art' this hat is attractive. Had Kate had a generous up-do (which we know she won't do) and positioned the hat a tad further back I think she would have had a winner. There were some possibilities there.

Disastrous hair - probably due to the moisture in the air. Dramatically detracts from her whole look. She looks disheveled. I'm sure she learned a lot from today's outing.

I'm finding it hard to take in her whole ensemble because of that hair. Plus I don't fancy that kind of collar. However, Kate is an attractive young woman and from a distance her presentation was fine. I'm sure she was sitting there in the carriage and before going out onto the balcony fuming to herself - 'Drat this hair!' Or was she able to fix it before she went out onto the balcony? Anyway, can sure relate to her predicament! ;)
love the hat!,
Is it just me or her hair color is lighter here
waiting for a full length photo though..
Tyger said:
........I'm sure she was sitting there in the carriage and before going out onto the balcony fuming to herself - 'Drat this hair!' Or was she able to fix it before she went out onto the balcony? Anyway, can sure relate to her predicament! ;)

i was thinking the same thing...Kate did not have a good hair day - the wind is not your friend and Im sure she was regretting not tying it back or up or something.

I thought her look today was lovely and elegant (ironically of the key female family members she is the only one who wore a new outfit). that dress is a nice addition to her wardrobe and Im sure will have many opportunities to wear it again possibly on the tour this fall or at a wedding. The hat was a little avant garde - but i give her credit for trying different looks - wasn't her strongest effort, but my opinion may be impacted by the windswept hair - that was in desperate need of a brush.

but I do think Kate is settling into her role very nicely - she seems very happy.
I thought it was a little lighter too, LipGloss. Could just be the light I suppose.
Count me in as well thinking her hair looked lighter; could it be the lighting or a new hair color? And given the windy conditions, this was the day that she should have pulled her hair back again.
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It was a very windy day in London today, I don't understand why Kate didn't decide to pull her hair up, it looked very messy and the headpiece didn't help. I wish she would wear proper hats. I personally think fascinators are silly.

The grey shade of her dress is a color she does not wear well, it ages her. The collar/shawl also ages her, it is not a style for her.
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