The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 9: June 2012 - September 2012

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I know she's worn Stella McCartney before, but this is the first piece of her's that I've liked on Kate. The pink shiny thing from Prince Philip's 90th birthday dinner with the other grandchildren was just not nice.
Oh I love this look! Fun, young, modern and finally, some real jewelry.

A+ in my book.
I love the dress, especially the color. The necklace isn't my favorite, but it does complete the outfit very nicely.
I like the dress! I love the color and cut. She looks very lovely and elegant!
What a lovely color on Kate but unfortunately this dress isn't working for me. The lines are clean but there is no shape to it, the sleeves are at a length where it is unflattering to the arms IMO.
The color is lovely on her, but I think the dress would have looked very nice with her trusty beige LK Bennetts. I don't like those external darts. The dress called for a long necklace and the chain looks really nice and fresh, so it seems she's accessorizing better with her jewelry. I'm just glad it was long enough so that it wasn't concealed by all her hair!
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I don't dislike the frock, but something about it reminds me of a 70's flight attendant look.
I like the color & cut of the dress, it looks flattering on Catherine, but I can't get over those pleats sticking out of her bust. They look like fish fins to me!:ermm:
I have to agree with you on that. They do resemble fish fins.
Oh No! I hadn't noticed that! Of course it is the darts inside out. Fun for the designer maybe, but not flattering for anyone.
Don't think this blue would look well on anyone.
Like the necklace.
I love Catherine in blue. It's definitely a flattering color for her. The dress itself is nothing special. Yes, she does look nice in it, but it's nothing to write home about. I don't care for the shoes. They look as if they're a tad too small.
What a boring dress I really do not like Stell McCartney anything frankly, but this is totally boring and the necklace I don't like it with this ... but the colour is very nice if I have to say something nice, and, the hair all over the face look ... maybe the dress would have looked less boring with the hair up or back.... maybe.
Definitely a lovely shade and the necklace is very flattering. Would like to see Kate doing a bit more with her hair.
I am just not liking those silly darts. I do like the fact that she is wearing a piece of jewelry to break up the monotony of the simple lines of the dress and that one can finally see it!
Is it just me or is her hair getting longer and fuller??
How are those 'darts'? Am I thinking of a different pub pastime to everyone else? Because those look nothing like darts in any way, shape or fashion to me.
EIIR said:
How are those 'darts'? Am I thinking of a different pub pastime to everyone else? Because those look nothing like darts in any way, shape or fashion to me.

It confused me as well.
Darts in the fashion sense have nothing to do with the game of darts. Perhaps they use different terms in the UK, but per, a dart (in this sense) is "a tapered seam of fabric for adjusting the fit of a garment."
I would have liked to have seen her wear her taupe L.K. shoes with this dress. Its a beautiful color on her but then again we all know she looks great in jewel tones. The dress I agree was a tad boring but I suppose was appropriate for the event. I think the Cartier necklace was lovely and had the theme of the olympics so I suppose it was o.k. to wear. Her hair could have been done differently but she loves her hair down. All in all I think she looked lovely. Simple and elegant as usual. :)
It's such a nice bright shade of blue, an Olympic color in a way, she looks nice in the dress.
The Duchess of Cambridge today:

- The dress
- Side view
- Close up

She is apparently wearing a sold-out £35 dress from Hobbs.
I don't care about the price tag; that dress is really nice! It looks very summery and nice, and the shoes are nice too.+

I'm actually a bit surprised at how lovely the dress looks because my own experience with Hobbs was less than present. I once bought a red top (which was more expensive than this dress) from Hobbs, and its quality was absolutely horrible. Took it back to store next day and stayed away from the brand ever since.
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No idea why she keeps buying dresses a couple of sizes too small.
Nothing sits in the right spot here - the dress could have looked nice enough, but its belt ends up around the belly instead of the waist, skirt a tad too short, sleeves too tiny.
Those sling back wedges are ugly, but then I don't understand anyway why wedges would be worn by any woman in public. For an engagement involving sports activity, what's wrong with nice ballet flats?
Use wedges for gardening only - preferrably as flower pots.
I'd say the dress looked good if it only had a different pattern colour.
The grey is just :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
I really love this dress. It's nice and summery.

I think the fit of the dress is fine. It doesn't appear too small to me.

The dress - Check Wessex Dress | Hobbs
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