The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 8: April 2012 - June 2012

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Very difficult, indeed. The link you provided showed that it can be achieved.
Here we go. First, I quoted your post in response to you because you quoted mine #Post495 replying to the members who said Kate was plain and average looking.

Second, of course I respect your opinion, you even can find her unatracttive if you want, just give us arguments. Where have you seen I didn't respect your opinion??? We are discussing. There's a huge difference between non-respect (insults, personaal attacks) and discussion (arguments), we are living in democracies, and disagreement doesn't mean by any meaning non-respect!!!
i misunderstood you, 'cause i felt back then you were not respecting our opinions and thus making yours the top right, so i appologize:flowers:
I thought she looked incredibly chic and every inch a royal princess and future Queen. Home run appearance in my book.

She's really stepped it up lately.
I agree 100%. totally true.:flowers:
If Kate's annoying the completely barmy Liz Jones, then she's clearly doing something right.

Ms Jones seems to believe that Kate's job is to 'surprise us', and that she should dump the £185 LK Bennets for the £600-800 Aruna Seths (who also, surprise surprise, sells plenty of pairs of nude heels only at more than twice the price of the LK Bennets).

If Kate likes her LK Bennets then she should be free to wear them as much as she wants.
Who really cares if Kate wears the same heels, if they are comfortable, then why not wear them as much as you can.
Liz Jones ... no comment.
Maybe Kate bought five pairs of the same shoes, like QEII does.
Honesty, does Liz Jones ever do anything but critising others? Apart from revealing tacky details about herself, of course.
I'm not a shoe expert, but I'd make a guess Kate wears this particular pair often because:
- She likes them
- They are comfortable
- They go with most outfits
- She doesn't feel like buying a new pair of shoes for every outfit just to make Liz happy

;) True to that!
A nude colored shoe can be very versatile and worn with almost everything!
so it's not like a disaster or anything if it was worn frequently
Honesty, does Liz Jones ever do anything but critising others? Apart from revealing tacky details about herself, of course.
I'm not a shoe expert, but I'd make a guess Kate wears this particular pair often because:
- She likes them
- They are comfortable
- They go with most outfits
- She doesn't feel like buying a new pair of shoes for every outfit just to make Liz happy

Agreed. Both Camilla and Catherine share thrifty habits in that they appear to get comfortable with a few chosen pairs of shoes and then use them consistently for some time.
Plus, nude heels have become more and more popular, particularly since Kate first wore them. Presumably Liz Jones would've preferred to see Kate in the Nicholas Kirkwood shoes the King of Swaziland's wife wore to the sovereigns' jubilee dinner.
Hey, if those LK Bennett's are so comfy then Kate should stick to them. Who cares what Liz Jones thinks? Kate should wear what Kate wants to wear. Liz isn't paying for her clothes/shoes.
When it comes to shoes, comfort and versatility are the key. If those LK Bennetts are comfortable, and she's able to wear them with a great deal of what's in her wardrobe, then she should stick to them, and this Liz Jones person (or anyone else for that matter) be darned. There's no reason to spend over 500 pounds on a pair of shoes. It's obscene, in my opinion. Catherine strikes me as a very sensible person who does look at practicality of an item of clothing/footwear before purchasing it (or at least most of the time, because I'm sure when time comes for galas, she may not be able to find something that goes with her choice of gown for a relatively low price). As for the lace, she's able to pull it off, so again, why not stick to what looks good and is a success?
Honestly Liz should just shut her trap and let Kate wear the shoes that are most comfortable to her. She's not the duchess attending royal events to tell her what to wear. She should Just stop criticizing and not knowing the reason for the shoes and the royal lifestyle.
I like 3 of the 4 lace outfits featured in that article. I'm not a fan of the long lace dress she wore with her hair down. I honestly don't know if that much lace works on a dress. Also her Thanksgiving dress looks better in the picture in this article, less emphasis on her slender form.
I agree with other comments about Kate and her shoes. Who cares if she wears them over and over? I don't see anyone complaining about EIIR wearing the same shoes over and over. Yeesh.
I agree that she should be allowed to wear the same shoes over again, I've actually just bought a similar pair. But it does highlight the fact that she honestly does seem to only have lots of pairs of the same shoes, are there any pictures of her in different shoes?
I'll be in the minority but it wouldn't hurt her to wear something else, maybe the same shoes in a new colour?

Stupid article, made just to make an article about Kate...
If she was wearing a lot of shoes at 700 pounds each, they would complain that she spends a lot of money....
And of course they are not a lot of the same pair... it is one single pair... DO we think that she really uses her Bennet nudes?? She DOES NOT walk, she is carried to the events place, she just does some steps (the more often inside, in smooth floor) and she is carried back... A good quality shoe can live for years at this rythme!!
I have loved all of the lace outfits. I hope she continues with this trend - so feminine and graceful.
I thought Catherine looked every inch a princess at the river pageant. The color and style of the dress were very complimentary to her and the pairing with nude shoes a great choice. The only thing is, I am not sure about the 'flaps' of the top along the waist at the front – in some photos they looked awkward.

Although I did not find it as flattering to her, the lace ensemble was a lovely choice for the religious service - modest and discrete, refined, elegant and feminine. But I am not fond of the hat!
All the clothes have been worn separately before and they generally work well together this time. But I have a personal dislike of dresses being longer than coats (unless its a 3/4 length coat, of course). CP Mary had the same issue when she welcomed Prince Charles on the official visit earlier this year.

Apart from that - looks good and I like the plaiting in her hair.
I think the coat was also worn at least year's Garter ceremony, Baroness, but I could very well be wrong.

An understated outfit from Kate. How much more elegant and classy does she look than Lady Kitty Spencer?
Kate looks a heck of a lot better, EIIR, with her recycled finery and it is very elegant. The hat was also worn at the Epsom Derby and I really like how it looks with this outfit this time. Her ubiquitous LK Bennetts look good with it as well. Thanks for pointing out about the coat; I thought it looked familiar and it seems to pick up the pattern of the dress. I really like the braid in her hair - it adds some nice interest - and am noticing how much more she's wearing it in the flattering half-pulled back style. My one quibble is that the dress is longer than the coat; like Cepe, it's a pet peeve of mine when a dress' hemline protrudes below a coat's unless the coat is definitely a 3/4 length.

I'm glad to see a repeat of this dress; I was somewhat hoping that she would have worn it for the recent garden party. Hopefully we'll see it again.
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I join you and cepe, Baroness, in having a pet peeve about hemlines being longer than the coat. These pieces obviously weren't made to go together, and although they compliment one another quite well, the hemline isn't the best.
I like her hair. It's another partial up&down but I think the braid is different.
The duchess looks nice in her cream colored outfit for the wedding. Her hair is something different but nice nonetheless.
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