The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 6: December 2011 - March 2012

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I think her hair may be tucked under the coat collar. You can see a closer photo here:
Thanks for the picture, Baroness. I had already seen those and thought maybe her hair was tucked in her collar but then I would look again and think that maybe it was shorter. I guess it is just wishful thinking on my part because I think Catherine would look better if her hair was shoulder length. She would still have the option to put it up but when it was down, she would look more professional.

I will confess to a personal bias when it comes to women wearing the same hairstyle that they wore in college after they turn 30. I think a new style is called for at that point - but that is just me.
I think the duchess of Cambridge,should try her hair up at galas too.I've only seen her wear her hair down.
The British Royal Family is famous for never changing their hairstyle for decades. The Queen has had the same hairstyle since she was a kid! Camilla's hair hasn't changed since like the 70s. Even non royal AnnA Wintour hasn't changed her hair since she was a teenager or in her 20s. At least with Kate her hair is longer than the 3 previous women I spoke of. Also has Queen Beatrix had the same hairstyle for decades?
I love that girl in casual. It suits her much better than the official clothes IMO.
Too classic...I don't like coats has a dress....she should have wear it open...:ROFLMAO:
This is a lovely coat; particularly appopriate as the limelight was shared today with 2 other Royal ladies.

Lovely touch also with the daffodils for St David's Day (the patron saint of Wales).

I'm kind of surprised that Camilla and the Queen didn't wear daffodils or leeks for the occasion.
Her name is not Kate Middleton this is annoying.

I like the coat I just wish she had a handbag it would have looked more complete.
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This looks is so shapeless. I adore Kate, and usually I'm a fan of what she wears, even if it is pretty boring, and same old, same old...but the last few looks have not hit a high note with me.
Like the blue coat on Kate, especially the seam detail in the center- would have liked the waist cinched in a bit for better shape.
She looks adorable as usual; perfect outfit do acompany the Queen. And the yellow flower makes all the difference.
I'm with those who think this outfit is shapeless and boring. The colour is great, it would look so much better to wear the coat open with a dress showing.

Kate's outfit is the worst among the other two royal women, considering her age & opportunities.
The coat is by Missoni. I actually like the coat, it looks classy and appears to be of good quality. Yet it is indeed a bit shapeless and too old/boring for her.
I think that coat realy suits her. Colour is very nice but I don´t like a material of the coat and the cut of the jacket is awful.
Not the best look on Catherine.
I like the colour and the design of the dress coat, but don't think it suits Kate at all. I'd prefer her to choose something that wasn't so straight and generally shapeless, something that would give her curves. The shoes are gorgeous though.
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I like colors, blue goes very well with yellow flowers. Coat is not bad, but cut is strange, makes body square, especially around the arms. Kate seems to find the way to keep hands far from her hair.
I think it looks great on her. She's had criticism here for belting everything before. The one time she doesn't and it's 'why hasn't she belted that coat?'.

She knew she was sharing the limelight today and, ultimately, this is the start of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It's all about the Queen from here on in and Kate seems to get that, Camilla too.

I also need to offer my apologies to Camilla as she was wearing a leek brooch for St David's Day.
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I am one of the ones tat like this coat on Kate - its elegant and appropiate for the event. Appears she has the blue Zara 'going away' dress underneath which brings youthfulness. Shoes are classic and really lovely
The front is shapeless and the material is matronly and a might too short. I also don't like that the shoes (though I love a good pump) are a slightly different shade of blue than the coat. I wish she either gone matchy matchy or with a different color shoe all together. From the back, though, it's actually quite lovely because the seams give some definition to her figure. Hair and makeup today are lovely.

IMO Her Majesty wins the fashion prize today. I do wish that the 3 ladies had gone with 3 completely different colors rather than 3 shades of blue today.
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Not a bad outfit. Appropriate for the occasion and I sort of like this shade of blue.
I don't get the comments of Catherine dressing & sharing the limelight with the Queen & Camilla. Personally, If Kate is or isn't attending an event with a royal, she should still dress every inch of her role.

If Kate gets criticized because she wore a belt with her coats, its because she might of overdone it but wearing a shapeless coat is not making things better. She could simply worn it open or a coat that has more of a cut to it which wouldn't have required a belt.
I love the combination of blue coat and yellow daffodil. Nice touch to acknowledge St. David's Day (she does live in Wales after all). I think she looked all right overall, but I will agree that a coat with a little bit more shape would have looked a bit better. The shade of blue is very flattering on Catherine, and she wears it well.
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