The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 13: April 2014

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I like the coat but I would've loved of she left the coat unzipped. The coats so far are nice but kits the same look (arrival, 3rd day event and today). Moreover, her hair should be pulled up in a soft bun or half back as the collar of the coat is lovely and hidden under her hair.
Not very flattering and cheap? Sorry but I don't see it. Also full zips are very much on trend right now, and lots of dresses and coats have full zips in different color from the main fabric. This one at least looks silver/white. Not my favorite coat of hers, but not the worst.
I love the colour of this coat and the zippers. It´s modern and simple :). The only thing that I dislike is how it fits when she sat or bent down to get flowers or speak with someone. The zippers make the jack fits in a strange way at both cases.

Photo 1 Photo 2
Incidentally, I've discovered something I didn't know. I wondered why she and William were wearing poppy brooches/pins. We wear poppies for Remebrance Day, not around Anzac Day. We wear rosemary for Anzac Day, but apparently in New Zealand they wear poppies instead. Interesting difference.

The pin is specifically for the 100 anniversary of the start of WWI - that's the reason for the commemoration ceremonies they are attending.

Close up of pin/logo
The green is boring IMO it is what it is ... great poppy I must have one this year with the 100 logo.. super remembrance that is a lovely touch leading up to ANZAC Day
I think this coat is my least favourite of Catherine's tour outfits. I like the colour, but that's about it. Even if they are a fashion trend within the royal circles, I still think that the designer went a bit crazy with the zips, and the pattern spoils the coat a little IMO.
What exactly are you talking about on the coat?

This is Catherine -

Who is wearing the belt above the waist and has the pocket flaps turned down.

Sophie - MYROYALS &HOLLYWOOD FASHİON: Sophie, Countess of Wessex in Alexander McQueen

Is wearing the belt at the waist with the pocket flaps turned up but unlike Catherine's there's no massive pocket outline on Sophie's coat or the grey model picture.
I am talking about Sophie's coat. If that is the pocket flap both above and below the belt, it still reminds me of a back brace and frankly looks awful - in my opinion. Other people may think it looks great but I don't. As far as Kate's coat, the pocket flaps are way too big.
The green color is gorgeous on Catherine but the cut of the coat is too old for her. I would have liked to have seen the dress, it looks to be a nice cut. Overall, not bad, but not WOW either.
Also interesting to compare the coat lengths of Kate and Sophie. Who would have thought Sophie would be the one with the shorter length?
The green coat is absolutely her color! But, it reminds me of an old lady housecoat with the zip. She has dropped so much weight, she has to be careful about what she wears.
Marg, yes, she leads with her chin, (as do many of us) not to see out from the hair, but just a lazy way of not holding your head and stretching your neck up straight (I'm trying!) Her posture is not good, and yes, will lead to more pain as the years go by.
The Duchess of Cambridge today in Dunedin with a blue dress.

Picture 1

I love this colour and I like to see it on Kate. It was very appropriate and elegant. Normally I´m not a fan of hats...but this one seems nice to me :).

Until now this is my favorite outfit of this tour.
Did anyone figure out which pin that was? EDIT -DM is saying it is the Queen's fern brooch, again. YAY!
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Oh I love the blue ensemble! Elegant from head to toe. Love the hat.
Loved the pink one as well, so now I can't make up my mind which I love more. But the blue wins I think.
So far, best look of the tour in my opinion. Of course, we have a long way to go, so that might be revised.
lovely blue coat? Hope it doesn't have the akward closures asthe pink one, right on the bust.
Never knew wickstead was NZ, brilliant of course. Perfect hat.
Kate is beginning to wear some perfect brunette colors.
That is a lovely color on her, much more flattering to her coloring than the powder blue of the other day. I'm not too crazy about the style and the high waist, though. And what a jaunty little hat, but if she's wearing a brooch I don't see it through that fall of hair. :ohmy:

And I liked the green coat for its color, but dislike all those zippers.
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Love the color, however I do NOT care for Emily Wickstead designs, they always appear ill fitting to me, but I DO love the color on Catherine.
Oh, thank you, RoyalDaisy. And that's a good detail of the hat; it looks like a fern decoration on it. But sorry to keep harping on the hair, but it should have been pulled back or in a low chignon. It's just the same old style.
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Catherine looks so elegant and sophisticated in the blue dress and hat. My favorite look so far.
I love the colour and the design but it seems like a little less care went into making it compared to other outfits Kate has worn. The sleeves do seem a bit too long and wrinkled. Also because she has worn the elegant longer hemlines (only by a couple of inches) this looks a little short and high waisted because I have got used to the other length.

I loved the pink version she wore at the garden party and also love it in this blue but the fit although good is not quite perfect when we have seen what other designers have produced for this tour.
I hesitate to harp but this is problem with Wickstead, in this case the sleeves look much too long and therefore wrinkle up. Arm length measurements are just not that difficult to do and this is the least of the "misfits" IMO. I just don't understand.
OMG I wish I hadn't seen this better picture, the closures look even worse than on the pink version! Looks like snaps or hooks and eyes and you can see every one, how tacky. I would want my money back on this one. What is the point of the odd positioning of the closures? Is this a dress or coat? Of course the sleeves are way off too.:ohmy:
Love the color and the hat...not to sure on the dress itself. It's a bit short which puts her out of proportion (she looks much more elegant when it's a bit longer as we've seen earlier in the week). The sleeves look to big and long...and the bodice is rather plain...but that brooch is stunning!

It's an ok look...but I think it falls flat when compared to her earlier looks from this week.

I love the rich clear colours the Duchess is wearing these days! I think they really suit her.
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