The Duchess of Brabant's Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2019 - October 2023

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She’s starting to develop a great style of her own. I’ve really liked her last few looks.
She clearly enjoys fashion and has great taste with the figure to wear anything really plus the money to have a little fun so Why limit herself to dressing like her mother?
By Marchesina:

"Elisabeth's dress is by Victoria Beckham

I am glad she doesn't force herself into Natan just because it is a Belgian brand. And this one looks divine on her, vintage (kinda 1930's in style) but also modern."

Very lovely! and agree about Natan.
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Poor Natan. He’s nowhere in sight on Elisabeth but gets bashed here anyway.
The duchess of Brabant looks wonderful and hopefully some of her style will rub off on her dowdy aunt.
The red dress and head piece look great on her. Fun, age and occasion appropriate. I really like cut outs on the sleeves.
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Lovely look. I like the details on the sleeves too, that makes the outfit not only gorgeous but also unique.
The duchess of Brabant looks wonderful and hopefully some of her style will rub off on her dowdy aunt.

That would be wonderful but I think what we see is what we are ever going to get with Astrid. There will be no changes.

But perhaps her daughters will take some inspiration from their fashioning cousin.;)
Red same color of the Carpet of the Défilé , not a good color . But she wore it perfectly.
As her Mother she cannot walk with high heels on the stones of the Royal Palace, she asked help of her younger Brother.
I thought this look on the Duchess was perfection. Beautiful dress, lovely hat and some fun with the earrings. She is one of the best-dressed royals this summer, regardless of age.
Oh...that is why I thought it to be an older photo!;)

I liked that dress better the first time Elisabeth wore it, for some reason....
I think the two girls were very beautiful and beautifully dressed !
The duchess looked lovely and a very beautiful dress.
Wow in bright red, from head to toe (well not really, the shoes aren't red). Not sure about that look. Quite like the dress but not that hat.
I don't like anything about this look from the Duchess of Brabant. The red is too loud and washes her out. The style and cut are....strange.

Very rare "MISS" by Elisabeth. Something tells me it's Natan.:cool:
We all know by now Elisabeth likes some bold fashion choices. She's young, she has a great physique, this is the time to risk it. She has a lifetime of "looking the part", safe and conservative choices.
That said, while the colour is great on her, I call this a miss. I don't like the fringes and the hat is too big. But I am sure she'll learn over time.
It looks like something Mathilde would wear. In fact when I first saw the photo I thought it was Mathilde.

And I am shocked it's a CH design...
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