The Ducal and Princely Family de Broglie

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Nov 14, 2003
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Arms of the duc de Broglie

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Princess Marie-Blanch de Broglie

Does anyone know how she's a princess? Who her family is? Apparently, she's a well known cooking instructor in Paris.
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The de Broglies are an old French family. The Head of the Family was created a Duke in 1742 and the family attained princely rank in 1759. A quick check of Wikipedia will show many members of the family who distinguished themselves. For example, the 7th Duke de Broglie, who died in 1987, was a French physicist, Nobel Laureate and Secretary of the French Académie des Sciences.

The family genealogy can be found here: Broglie
The Dukes de Broglie: Wiki
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In the latest edition of Vanity Fair (September 2008) Princess Olga of Greece has an article about the Gallerie Deyrolle. Prince Louis Albert de Broglie and his wife Francoise owned it. (The Gallerie burnt and the Prince is re building it)
Prince Louis Albert de Broglie ("Le Prince Jardinier") has a homepage, here.
Prince Louis Albert de Broglie ("Le Prince Jardinier") has a homepage, here.

Thanks Warren. His revised coat of arms is so cute!!!!!!!!!!:flowers:
I believe a part of the castle in Tourraine is open as a bed and breakfast to paying guests.
Prince is not a title in France. Only members of former royal and imperial families have the rank of prince : Bourbon, Bonaparte, Orleans, (The same as in Britain).

The Head of the de Broglie family is duc de Broglie. He is "prince de Broglie" only par courtoisie in France. Which means he is not prince.

Beeing "prince du Saint Empire", he may call himself prince in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, but not in France.

His wife is "princesse de Broglie" par courtoisie. No other Broglie is prince.

A "prince du Saint Empire" ranks under every duke in France.

(reference : Bottin Mondain 2005, p 1862)
I have met Prince Louis Albert and his brother, Prince Philippe Maurice some years ago. Prince Louis Albert is very charming. I stayed at La Chateau de la Bourdaisiere - a wonderful experience!
It is very close to Tours and the royal chateau of Chenonceau.
The Broglie family seems to be quite large - many aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
La Bourdaisiere was used in the first "Joe Millionaire" series about 8 years ago - lots of young women hoping to become engaged to an American millionaire who happend to be a construction worker in real life with very little money.
The real Princes owned the Chateau used in the series and would have made better leading men - and better catches for some of the women!
I recall having read a book when I was a child, written by Pauline de Broglie, Comtesse de Pange about her youth/early adulthood pre-1918. French title was "Comment j'ai vu 1900" - a fascinating report about life of the aristocracy of the Belle Epoque. She describes eg that due to her personal status as a Princess of the Holy Roman Empire (Reichsfuerstin von Broglie) she was seated on banquets far away from her husband who had only been a French comte and how uncomfortable that was on arriving as she was presented long before he was introduced to the guest of honour....
What a good idea, speaking of a great house of the French aristocracy...

Just out of Idle curiosity, why are there lines of de Broglie and de Broglie-Revel?

Also, I remember reading that the father of the current (Victor) Duc de Broglie was the politician (Prince) Jean de Broglie who helped negotiate the Evian Accords to end the French-Algerian war and who was assisinated while coming out of his financial advisor's office on Christmas Eve 1976.
Victor-François, 8th Duke of Broglie, passed away on 12 February 2012, aged 62.

He was born at Paris on 25 March 1949, the eldest son of Prince Jean de Broglie and his wife, née Micheline Segard. He succeeded in 1987 as Duke of Broglie to his distant cousin Louis.
He was unmarried and without issue.
He is survived by his two younger brothers, Philippe and Louis, and by a sister in law. His brother Philippe is now the 9th Duke of Broglie.

Royal News of 2012, Section III
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