The Death of Thomas Kingston, Husband of Lady Gabriella Kingston

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I recall reading that he and Lady Gabriella lived in Notting Hill.

Wonder if the place in Gloucestershire was a country hideaway or something?
It is a devastating loss for the family, who must have been taken by surprise. Publicly, I hope that the causes of death will not be revealed, although the press should try to find out.
Will funeral details be released?
Thomas Kingston has two sisters; they and their families all attended his wedding at Windsor.

I wonder if we will ever hear of his cause of death, or if it will never be revealed.
there will be an inquest
I am saddened to hear about Thomas death. However, why is this announcement coming from the palace. I don't remember their wedding announcement coming from the palace. The children of Prince Micheal of Kent are general citizens - yes members of the wider family - but still not part of the royal family. Very odd that this has come from the press room.
Maybe to take the pressure from his wife, he is a young man and there will be a great deal of interest.
It is probably an acceptance of the fact the news would become public and if it was announced by the media finding out themselves and not BP it might allow all sorts of rumours to run amock. It was notable to me the statement clearly stated it was embargoed until 6pm today - suggesting it had been given to the media earlier but they were not allowed to publish until now. It may be BP announced it as they knew they could place it under embargo so the news only came out after family and friends had been told rather than, for example, being broken for all to know and read about on the Daily Mail home page whenever the DM or another media outlet got hold of the news.
How horrible; he was so young to boot.
So, condolences to all who knew him.
Hopefully the press won’t make a too big deal out of this so she can mourn in peace.
Another poorly worded press release from the Palace. It leaves so many questions.
A touching piece of music, "Before Tomorrow," was written and sung by Lady Gabriella Kingston (née Windsor). The song was released in 2023. Its lyrics are poignant given today's news.

She has a wonderful singing voice.
What horrible news for Lady Gabriella and the families.
And the funeral will probably be completely private, with no presence of the press.
So sad to hear this shocking news.
Their Wedding was just lovely, very old school glamour. And She, one of my top five most beautiful - elegant Brides.
Condolences to both Family's, especially Lady Gabriella.
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My respect for Prince and Princess Michael for being present at the Thanksgiving of King Constantine.
I don't know how is Princess Alexandra and if they announced her the sad news. Her daughter was sitting next to her , I suppose for help.
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Although I understand the need for privacy issue ... the wording leaves too much to the imagination. For example "... he was found dead at a residence in Gloucestershire ..." that should have been written "he died while in Gloucestershire over the weekend" Saying that he was found dead at a residence leads to all types of questions -- whose residence in Gloucestershire? was no one with him at the time? how long had he been dead when found?

Sorry ... but, just very poorly worded. JMHO
I agree, the whole thing leaves a lot of room for speculation.

I feel very sorry for Gabriella, because she has always given me the impression that she wanted to marry the right person and live happily as a wife.
Hopefully, she's got enough personal hobbies and interests to keep her busy over the next hard months and years.
Awful news such a shock I was in disbelief when I read it.

Their marriage was so beautiful, elegant and class - Lady Gabriella was a stunning bride and I loved the fact the Queen and the DOE attended which showed how close they were to Ella. I remember she was very upset at the Quee's lying in state and fainted.

Tom seemed a lovely man from reports and they always looked so happy in pictures
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