The Countess of Wessex's Fashion & Style, Part 2: May 2010 - June 2011

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Countess of Wessex Fashion & Style Part 2

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Of course if Sophie wanted to borrow something for a day engagement I'm sure the queen would allow her to. HM seems like a generous person. :flowers:
I like Sophie's necklace set on this latest engagement. It's quite pretty. One of her best imo.
Absolutely I'm sure she would allow it, but I've never seen any significant pieces on Sophie so perhaps she is too bashful to ask or is more comfortable with her own jewelry. One good thing about wearing simple jewelry is it tends to go with anything.
I think I have seen Sophie wearing that particular necklace and earrings at a gala event too. I think I've seen them before. If I can find the pictures I will post them.
Thx guys for answering my question (in previous thread) about Sophie's jewelry.
I also noticed Sophie always wears the same tiara, her wedding one. It's lovely but it would be nice to see her in a different tiara for a change.
I wonder if Sophie will attend Victoria's wedding as she is on the invite list. Would be nice to see what she wears.
Sophie and Edward were invited but William and Harry were too and they're not going. The BRF usually only send one representative. I don't know if it will be Charles and Camilla or Sophie and Edward as nothing has been confirmed. Perhaps they'll surprise us and send both couples.
Sophie visiting the newly-redeveloped birth centre at Chesterfield Royal Hospital on May 2010.

Pic 1 * Pic 2
She looks very nice. I like this red coat on Sophie!
I like the red coat too but hasn't Sophie worn this outfit several times already?
I only recall her wearing it twice before, at the Christmas church service and at another engagement.
Red is a good colour on Sophie.
Red always looks regal and with a little romantic drama.
It looks like a giant flower exploded on her hat. :D j/k All in all Sophie looks very nice.
It sure looks interesting. I'll just leave it at that.
She looked average.
She reminds me of Diana.
Sophie looked very elegant at the Trooping and for once I liked her hat.
What's with the huge hats? They look rather top heavy!:sad:
I liked everything but the hat. This gigantic flower wasn't really necessary IMO.
Both outfits look lovely on her and I especially like the hats.
The outfit for the Garter service is the only one the countess wear in the last few days I like. And I like it so much!
Just a curiosity: shouldn't a hat of a royal lady still allow everybody to see well the face of the lady? This hat cover all her right side..
A little less on the size of the hat this time, but the design seems a bit space-age orbital.:nuke:
Better photos :flowers:

Detail Pic2

At the Garter Service

Hat I love this hat

I prefer the outfit at the Garter Service. The hat is just great, one of my favorite hats by Philip Treacy.
Ascot outfit looks okay, but nothing special and though the hat looks nice (but too small, IMHO) something is off for me with this look.
Thanks for the better photos Melibea. :flowers:

I prefer the Garter outfit as well. It's so chic. Her hat is magnificant! It's big and dramatic, but at the same time elegant and classy! It would've been perfect for Ascot.
I tihnk Soph has been looking great recently - love her hats, they are really quirky and fun... she seems to be enjoying them.
2nd Day at Ascot


Sorry but this time I can't find more photos

I've found this one from another year at Ascot, it's the same hat she wore for the Garter no?
^ Hmm, apart from the hat, the rest seems to be nice. I like the colours a lot! We'd better wait for more pics.
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