Terrorist Attack in Amman: November 9, 2005

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(from getty)
AMMAN, JORDAN: Jordan's King Abdullah II enters a room at a Amman hospital where he visited 11 November 2005 people wounded in the recent hotel attacks. Fifty seven people were killed in the worst attack in the kingdom's history claimed by homegrown extremist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's militants. Al-Qaeda said today that four Iraqis, including a husband and wife team, carried out the suicide bombings against luxury hotels in Jordan that devastated one of Washington's staunchest Middle East allies.


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Queen Rania: Jordanians are determined after bombings.

'There is Such a Feeling of Unity in Jordan,' She Tells 'GMA'

Nov. 11, 2005 — Jordan's Queen Rania says she woke up with a heavy heart two days after a string of deadly hotel bombings killed at least 60 people in her country. She says she also woke up determined.

"I also woke up with a sense of determination and strength, just knowing that there is such a feeling of unity in Jordan," Queen Rania said today in an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America."
more of King Abdullah from polfoto :


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I am so sorry that Jordanian People had to be through such pain and disgrace.
I trust God will help you rebuild your self-esteem.
My condolences to the mourning families.
mtbcm :)
Queen tours city hospitals

AMMAN — Four-year-old Ammar Keilane was laughing and dancing on Wednesday night when an explosion ripped through a wedding party at the Radisson SAS.

When the boy awakened from his coma on Thursday, no one knows if he recognised the visitor holding his hand. Her Majesty Queen Rania stood by Ammar's bedside.


Quote from Queen Rania (from the article above):

“This is what happened to my family, so there's nowhere else I could be today but be with people and try to console them”
lil Monkey said:
The women who QR wiped her tears,lost 2 of her daughters,she said that when she went to recieve the Bride and Groom,she asked her daugghters to stay at the table and when she heard the bomb she went running inside she found them both dead :(

thats very sad. No wonder she was inconsolable, any mother would be. Even before Queen Rania's visit to the hospital she was crying and the doctors and nurses were trying to console her.
Some screen captures from yesterday and from Good Morning America this morning

Queen Noor was on CNN's Anderson Cooper last night to talk about the terrorist attacks in Amman. She said she knew quite a few people who had been hurt or died in the attacks.

A transcript of the show is here:
You have to scroll down the page to find Queen Noor's interview.

Here are some screen caps:
Watch a video of Queen Rania discussing the Amman bombings
Click on the screen that shows her picture if no picture click on Full video Menu and pick international then look for her picture

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Here is another video
Click on the on Watch free video Browse/Search on the right side of page, When screen comes up, at the top were it says All Click there and scroll down to World, then on the screen there will be various of titles click the one that says Jordan's queen visits victims (3:15)


The story of this guy broke my heart,he's a doctor working in a hospital somewhere near Amman,he was working when he heard about the blasts,he tried calling his wife who was at the wedding to check on her and on his 3 months old daughter,but the phone would ring and noone answered,not his wife,not his mum or even his aunt,he tried to find a way to go to Amman to see if his family has been hurt but he couldn't find a way , until someone stopped his car and offered to take him,he went to the hospitals to check where they were and when he found where they were, he found out that his wife,mum and Aunt all died and his baby girl injured :( :(
"I am still trying to call my wife,It's ringing but she's not answering,I am still hoping she will answer,but nothing :( :( " the man said crying :( :(

He was crying so much,it was so heart breaking seeing that :( :(
he's not older than 26 years , the baby is his first baby :( :(
alot of people in the world are crying with you lilmonkey
bbb said:
alot of people in the world are crying with you lilmonkey

Thank u so much,I seriously didn't expect to find all this support from all over the world,this means the world to us jordanians , it means that Jordan and Jordanians are loved all over the world and that terrorism is a shameful act that is unacceptable everywhere on earth...

Thank you all for ur prayers,I think we need them now so much to overcome this tragedy...
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I just saw Anderson Cooper yesterday and was surprised to see Queen Noor. Anyway, guess what went through my mind when I did see her, I immediately thought that Humera will be sitting somewhere taking screen caps and they will be posted on TRF!! :) Thanks so much for doing this. I know that I can always count on you to post screen caps on the JRF. By the way, how do you know when they will be on TV? I never know until it is too late!!
Oh, also, this was the first time I saw Queen Noor on TV and I must say she is far more attractive on TV then in pictures. I also saw Queen Rania but I think it is the other way around for her - she is more attractive in pictures than TV. Anyway, both are lovely looking.
lil Monkey said:
He was crying so much,it was so heart breaking seeing that
he's not older than 26 years , the baby is his first baby

I saw his little baby on tv, im so glad to see that she's doing fine. And the 4 year old boy Ammar, he's so beautiful, I actually thought he was a girl

Queen Rania and Mrs. Annan meeting little Ammar (ANP and Yahoo)
QR met again today with the woman who lost who 2 daughters in the attack.
(Pictures from ANP and Yahoo/Reuters)

this is all so sad - i think that when i hear it on the news it is just a number and then you hear the individual stories like these that make your heart break. But God willing they will go stronger and will receive support long after these stories fade to the background. I cannot imagine - not even a little bit - what must be going through these people's minds and hearts. All I can do is to keep them in my prayers.

Sometimes I look at the Muslim world and really there are so many sad things. Iraq war, Palestinian conflict, Pakistan earthquake, the Indonesian tsunami last year, and now this. It's all very sad but we must grow stronger and Insha'Allah we will.
Well said madonna. We will, Insh'allah.
It is great to see all the demonstrations of unity and Jordanians rallying around their country and their King, as well as the way the royal family has consoled Jordanians, not as subjects but as own their extended family, a term that has been used so often by King Hussein, King Abdullah, and again recently by Queen Rania and Queen Noor. I have said this in the past and what I have seen recently has re-affirmed this belief of mine, the familial bond that I sense between the JRF and its people is something I dont see in any other royal family.

King Abdullah visits the injured (Petra)
heh..thats too funny madonna. I actually missed the interview the first time. But around the time I was going to bed last night, I decided to flip through the channels for some news and came across Anderson Cooper just a minute or two before the interview began. When he mentioned he was going to speak to someone who was born in the USA and had lived in Jordan, Queen Noor didnt come to my mind. But then he mentioned her so I sat up at once and had my hand ready over the keyboard. Screen caps are quite easy for me btw..as soon as I spot something of interest, all I have to do is to press F12 and the image is captured. And thats why I dont really have to know in advance when any of the royals will be on tv, though it does help. A lot of the times I simply stumble onto something of interest and as long as the footage is long enough, I am able to make screen caps.
I agree with you btw about Queen Noor looking much more attractive on TV.
I was expecting her to make some sort of statement on TV and here she was. I think it would be nice if she could go to Jordan and visit the injured.
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yeah i think that would be nice as well.

she also mentioned that her daughter - she didn't specify which one - had said the other day "why does this have to happen to us? why does this have to happen to jordan?" (or something to that effect) regarding the attacks.

i think queen noor's children at least are very nationalist no matter where they may be living right now.
Prince Hassan attending a rally denouncing the terrorist attacks in Amman.
The photos and stories are heartwrenching. Queen Rania and King Abdullah are doing an incredible job under impossible circumstances trying to make the victims and their families feel they are being loved and supported. They are acting as representatives not only of the government but all of Jordan and the vast majority of those of us in this world who regard these acts as so vile, so heinous and evil they are beyond any defense. Hearing the stories and seeing the photos literally has the equivalent of being punched in the stomach again and again. The shared experiences, the looks in the eyes of those providing comfort and those receiving it is a profound study in the good of humanity, steadfast determination, and unbowed love--staring down the face of evil. Queen Rania and King Abdullah are doing magnificent work and I am filled with admiration for them, the survivors, and all of those who are rallying to provide care and express support.
Excerpt from QN Interview with CNN

She couldn't have said it better:

QUEEN NOOR: I think there -- there are probably a range of factors. I personally think that they have made a significant tactical error here.

COOPER: Because?

QUEEN NOOR: Because they have attacked innocent civilians, primarily Muslims. In that, it's a sin against Islam, what they have done.

And I think that those who comprise many of -- of the either disaffected or those searching for the best way for their grievances and frustrations and anger to be resolved or -- or represented will look at this in horror.

And I think they -- that they will lose support as a result of what they have done, because it's targeting an Arab country, Arab civilians. There's no clear military target, if that were an objective, or if they could consider that a justification, as in so many of these suicide bombings, which are, again, a sin against Islam. This was a -- a gratuitous killing of innocent civilians in the most bloodthirsty, abominable fashion.

Will Prince Hashem be back in Jordan ?

His brother's are back in concern of the bombing ...

Is there any news on him?
Here are smaller versions of the latest Petra pics.

Both pics are from Abaca Press America


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