Tatiana, Princess Nikolaos of Greece Jewellery

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Nov 9, 2003
Tatiana, Princess Nikolaos at her pre-wedding cocktail party and the wedding itself:

original images have been heavily cropped and are not subject to copyright


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Earrings worn at Princess Maxima's 40th birthday concert, May 27, 2011

Not sure what the stones are or if they are costume jewelry.


Photo heavily cropped.
At the christening of the Danish royal twins, April 14, 2011


Armani scarf necklace and a pendant with cross

Photos heavily cropped.
At the pre-wedding gala of William and Catherine, April 28, 2011

Diamond teardrop cascade earrings

Diamond and crystal necklace
I really like the pieces she picks out. I'm sure should could borrow any of Queen Anne-Marie's humungous jewels but she tends to pick a different style that compliments her face/body.
It seems like the greeks like to give cabachon stones for engagement rings.
Is it? I can not tell is there a better picture/
apparently Pavlos gave MC a cabachon saphire and diamond ring. It seems such a European, upper crusty thing to do
Jewelry worn at Princess Nathalie's wedding, June 18, 2011

Diamond teardrop cascade earrings

First seen at the pre-wedding dinner of Prince William and Kate.

Watch with diamonds


Sapphire engagement ring, diamond wedding eternity band and a gold band in between the two.

Photos heavily cropped.
Do you think Princess Tatiana borrows a lot of jewelry from either her mother in law or different jewelry stores? It seems like she wears awfully big, expensive things and I don't know if Nicolas can afford it all. A lot of the jewels seem very modern looking too, not like something that would be in the Greek family for generations.
I love sapphires but I don't like her engagement ring. It looks more like a cocktail ring. (This is the best shot I could find)
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I agree her wedding band is more attractive, and I do love all her jewelry picks, very elegant and complement very well with her style. Does anybody know what her current engagements are? what her interests are?
The diamond teardrop cascade earrings are some I'd my favorite!
Her wedding earrrings are just too gorgeous.
Yes, her wedding earrings are wonderful!
Has she been given any significant heirloom by the Greek in-laws, apart from her e-ring? She usually wears flashy and contemporary pieces of jewellery, that seems to buy on her own, but what about the jewels from the royal collection? ;)
Tatiana made me gasp when I saw her at the wedding of Madeleine & Chis. She looked like an elf, or a fairy. The antique pearl tiara just looks so beautiful on her. I’m also glad that the central pearl tip is back on after nearly two decades.
Have these earrings been ID'd yet? Are they part of Queen Anne-Marie's personal collection? Or were they a gift to Tatiana? ImageUploadedByThe Royals Community1419574683.660661.jpg
Here's her engagement ring. The sapphire is from Queen Anne-Marie.ImageUploadedByThe Royals Community1419577017.311074.jpg
I'm curious about this brooch. I wonder if it is also loaned to her by her mother in law? It looks to be diamonds and maybe a garnet.ImageUploadedByThe Royals Community1419577154.616894.jpg
I've seen Tatiana wear these earrings quite a few times. Does anyone know if they belong to Queen Anne-Marie or if they were a gift to Tatiana? ImageUploadedByThe Royals Community1419970643.827060.jpg
Tatiana is wearing an unfamiliar tiara at the wedding today:

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I assume the tiara is new or borrowed. It's a very lovely tiara.
New tiara? It looks nice on her! If it's hers, and not borrowed, it's nice and suits her.
Amazing! It is not what I expected. It is nice tiara, but a bit small for my taste. Probably convertable to a necklace. Hm, somehow I think that the antique corsage tiara would have looked better.
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