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Documentary "Kungliga slottet" (The Royal Palace) on SVT1 and SVT Play on 13th and 20th June.

SVT tells about the program
"Follow through golden halls and dark basement vaults. The Royal Palace in Stockholm holds over a thousand rooms, and several hundred years of royal history. The king and his sister, Princess Christina, tell what it was like to grow up in the palace. Crown Princess Victoria shows favorite rooms and priceless objects. Historians, experts and craftsmen give a unique picture of a national treasure, the Royal Palace."

Svensk Damtidning about the program
The two-part documentary takes place in 602-room Stockholm Palace, the king's workplace and official residence and once his and Haga princesses' childhood home: A mythical floor in the south palace wing with slightly sloping floor which the king himself calls "honestly quite boring!".
- We lived inside these small, small windows that you see up under the roof. It was like a long hotel corridor about! I moved here when I was four, from Haga. And I thought the palace was so dark and mysterious and a little scary - it was so big, and had so many dark big rooms and many doors.
Princess Christina opens doors to rooms that are otherwise completely private. To the dining room where she and the king and her sisters always ate everyday dinner with mother Sibylla. Incidentally, the same room that Gustaf III once had as his bedroom.
- But maybe it was not something we thought about every weekday evening at six!
Now the king and the queen have their private overnight apartment in the northern part, a corner apartment that the king describes as a large T:
- And it is a very nice floor. Yes, absolutely fantastic I think!
Prinsessan Christinas comeback – avslöjar hemlighet om kungen! _*Svensk Dam

And we see Daniel, Estelle and Oscar at the program too
- The Royal Palace has an enormous symbolic value, of course. But then it is also a fantastic cultural heritage with an enormous history that has not stopped, it is a building and a place whose history is constantly growing. Every year, every event, it is added layer upon layer of history all the time. Which makes it a living place. It's huge that we have these environments left, given how old they are. It is a fantastic treasure we have in Sweden and it is available. And it's everyone's our treasure, says Victoria, who in the program takes Estelle, Oscar and Daniel on a tour to show the palace where she herself lived when she was little.
Kronprinsessan_ _Slottet är allas vår skatt_ - GALA magasin
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SVT has now the episodes of "Kungliga Slottet" at SVT Play.
At the first episode, at first Victoria speaks and tells how she run at the large rooms when she lived at the Palace. And then we see Victoria, Daniel and the children - Oscar and Estelle running at the Palace too (filmed at the same time as the National Day video on 2020).
We see also the king and queen and princess Christina telling about the Palace at the program. The palace bailiff Erik Kampmann takes us to the oldest parts, under the Palace.
During the pandemic an inventory was made of the items a the Palace and Victoria made many visits to study the items and learm from them.
King Carl Gustaf, princess Christina and Victoria tell very interesting things about the Palace.
The swedish subtitles can be translated with Google Chrome.

Episode 1
Kungliga Slottet SVT 1 Play

Episode 2
Kungliga Slottet 2 SVT Play

This is a very good program, and has to be watched more than one time, so much interesting information in it.
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This documentary of the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) is amazing and fascinating. There is so much information about various things, so many beautiful rooms with beautiful furniture and art. Rooms that usually are not shown, are now open for us. The stories of the King, princess Christina and crown princess Victoria. They tell a lot about the history of the Palace, how it was to live there, how it is to work there. The Marshal of the Realm Fredrik Wersäll shows his office and his reception room. The King looks at books at Bernadotte Library, Victoria tells how she made many study visits to the various departments of the Palace when an inventory was made during the pandemic. The respect Victoria has to the Royal Palace and its history, becomes very clear when she speaks about it. And princess Christina is such a great story teller.
I watched the episodes once and I have to see them many times again, so much to learn about the Royal Palace.
Some screenshots
Victoria's study visits
Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4
Other photos
Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8 ** Pic 9

The Royal Palace in Stockholm is a popular tourist destination and the stately and magnificent halls are open to visitors all year round.
But there are rooms that the public is not allowed to see - and that few even know about.
In a new documentary, experts and members of the royal family show several unknown rooms and tell about their details.
Kungliga slottet_ Ny dokumentär visar okända rummen

The royals show the places of childhood: "The palace is big when you are little"
The Royal Palace is not only an important symbol - it is also the childhood home of many royalty. King Carl XVI Gustaf, his sister Princess Christina and Crown Princess Victoria show the rooms where they have played crocodile, run away and lived everyday life as children.
Kungligheterna visar upp barndomens platser_ ”Slottet är stort när man är liten” _ SVT Nyheter

Victoria shows off her favorite rooms and you can follow when Victoria tells about her upbringing to Estelle and Oscar.
We get to see when Oscar and Estelle play in the big halls.
- Oscar, run as fast as you can, Crown Princess Victoria urges on SVT.
Then she tells Oscar about what it was like when she was a child - and passed on her games to her children.
- Because that was exactly what I did when I was little. With Grandpa's nanny, Nenne who took care of me. Then I ran here in the corridor, says Victoria and continues:
- But one thing was to beware of, the crocodiles! The crocodiles were at the doorpost here, where there was water. Then I had to jump over the water.
Then Daniel comes forward and asks what they are talking about. When Victoria talks about jumping over the doorposts, Daniel exclaims:
- That's why you're so elastic then!
Victorias fina stund med prins Oscar _*Svensk Dam
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At the documentary "Kungliga slottet"

Several of the rooms at the palace have been mythical for a long time. Now the viewers can hear the story behind the hidden rooms. One of the rooms shown is the so-called "benkällaren" ("bone cellar").
At the top of the palace is an unknown room that is stylistically one of two of its kind in the country. The room has over the years been used for several purposes. From once being a bathroom, it was transformed, at one point, into a closet. In the late 1990s the decision was made to recreate the original with its unique details.
- It is the only room left, apart from a room at Skokloster's castle, which has exactly this Gothic style with these pointed arches that are so easy to recognize, says curator Kerstin Hagsgård.
About the bone cellar, the palace bailiff Erik Kampmann says that the name comes from the large amount of bone remains that have been found in connection with excavations.
- There is a huge mix between human remains, but a large part is animal bones.
Hemliga rummet på slottet avslöjat – makabra sanningen ute _*Svensk Dam
SPA published a video from the Sweden Dinner, 4th September 2015.
"Kungahuset", TV4's annual program of the royal family, will be broadcast on Christmas Day. Rania Shemoun Olsson, the host of the program, told about the program to Svensk Damtidning.
When Victoria went to the Netherlands and Portugal this summer, the favorite topic, climate, was on the agenda.
But there were not only happy faces during the trip. Rania Shemoun Olsson has followed the royals and can reveal details about what we will see in the program, including a somewhat frustrated Victoria. Rania says that both Portugal and the Netherlands were very much about sustainability, the climate and the environment. Victoria is actually very frustrated by the situation. That it doesn't happen much and that it goes very slowly. So you will hear that, said Rania.
Victorias ilska under resan – framför TV4-profilen _*Svensk Dam

Rania Shemoun Olsson was also at Skuleberget, when Nicolas and his family visited Nicolas' duchy. A video of the visit will be shown at the program. Rania tells that she also got to talk to Chris. It is a bit unusual, they are rarely in Sweden. And they very rarely appear for interviews.
Chris tvärvändning i äktenskapet med Madeleine! _*Svensk Dam
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Året med kungafamiljen ("The Year with the Royal Family") on SVT1 and SVT Play on 20th December.

SVT about the program with some photos
After two pandemic years, the royal family travels again. We follow the royal couple at ABBA premiere in London, and Crown Princess Victoria goes to Kenya. Princess Madeleine brings her son, Prince Nicolas, to the Höga kusten to inaugurate a playground. And Nicolas' cousins, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, are allowed to run an excavator.
Pressrummet _ Året med kungafamiljen 2022
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SVT broadcasts on 25th December a documentary about princess Birgitta
"Sessan - en kunglig saga" (Princess - a royal fairy tale)
Princess Birgitta is the Haga princess who over time became the party princess. She is the king's older sister and grew up at Haga Palace with her three sisters and the little prince. Admired by the entire Swedish people, but as a 24-year-old she leaves the country. Now Princess Birgitta looks back on her life with the help of unique archive material that she has never seen before. In open conversations with filmmaker Jens Lind, she talks about her childhood, her father's tragic death, her dream of winning Olympic gold, the marriage that made her a double princess, the scandal headlines, the future of the monarchy and her admiration for her brother's work on the Swedish throne.
Sessan - en kunglig saga _ SVT Play

The recording was also special for Princess Birgitta herself, who couldn't hold back the tears when the TV crew rolled the very special archive footage that she had never seen before.
Birgitta i ny stor intervju – sanningen bakom skandalrubrikerna _*Svensk Dam
At "The Year with the Royal Family" is shown the Crown Princess Family's visit to Slussen in March.
— We have had a fantastically nice and exciting display of Slussen and the gigantic work that is going on here, says Victoria.
Victoria explains why the whole family comes along during the screening:
— It is a historic place. Something that I and my generation lived with. The discussion around the lock and the reconstruction. This will be a part of their lives.
Estelle and Oscar are clearly fascinated with construction technology.
— It felt nice to have them with us. Then they are very interested in these questions in general! I know they have seen the Golden Bridge on several occasions at school and preschool, so seeing it in place so close was fascinating. Since it's a construction site, it's exciting for anyone.
Oscars minnesvärda dag! Nya bilderna från prinsens roliga äventyr _*Svensk Dam

The Treasurer of the court Jan Lindman, is interviewed at "The Year with the Royal Family"
Lindman is in charge of the finances of the court, the finances of the royal family and of the royal foundations.
The treasurer thinks it is very good that for the first time it becomes clear to the public how the money is distributed between the members of the royal family. It is stated in the court's annual report.
— There are three families who receive so-called frame amounts. It's the royal couple, it's the crown princess couple and it's Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. The royal couple receives 8 million per year, the crown princess couple receives 4.5 million. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia together receive SEK 1.1 million. Madeleine lives in the USA and does not actively participate in the royal mission. To the extent that she, on behalf of the king, performs duties, then she receives compensation for her expenses.
SVT's reporter asks that the royal family has a private fortune, why do they need this money?
Lindman says that the Head of State must always be independent and free from ties in society. It is very important that the Head of State and his family are financed by the state so that they are completely independent of other sources of funding at all times. One would not be able to imagine that the royal family was sponsored by any company because then they would no longer be independent.
Därför får kungafamiljen svindlande summan_ Sanningen bakom beslutet _*Svensk Dam
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SVT's "Året med kungafamiljen" (The Year with the Royal Family) will be shown this evening at SVT1. But the program was put to SVT Play already at 02.00 last night.
The program begins with some beautiful images from Kenya, and it's for instance nice to see the preparations to Victoria's birthday cortege:
Året med kungafamiljen SVT Play

Some screenshots from Året med kungafamiljen/The Year with the Royal Family

Hänt Magazine asked Marie Nyreröd, the project manager of Året med kungafamiljen/The Year with the Royal Family, how does it actually work when you make a documentary about the royal family? Do the royals have a hand in the final production or do they blindly trust SVT?
Nyreröd says that every year they usually make a 'wish list' of what they want to film with the various members of the royal family. That list goes to the court's information department, which then takes the questions on to the royals themselves. It is usually easier to get permission to film official events than private ones, of course. The people seen in the documentary can change from year to year. Since the program is called "The Year with the Royal Family", they try to also include the parts of the royal family that do not belong to the royal house, i.e. also the families of Carl Philip and Madeleine. This year they are happy that Prince Nicolas is with. Otherwise, the royal couple and the crown princess's family are usually primarily available for interviews and participation in the Year with the Royal Family.
Kungligheternas krav med Året med kungafamiljen _ Hänt


Photo from "Kungahuset", TV4's program of the royal family. Program host Rania Shemoun Olsson with the King and Queen.
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SVT's documentary about princess Birgitta "Sessan - en kunglig saga" (Princess - a royal fairy tale) now at SVT Play:
SVT Play

Birgitta tells that Désirée is the closest to her of her siblings, because they are so close in age. She tells that Sibylla lost a child between the birth of Margaretha and herself. Birgitta says that her father was very shy, all of them are, the siblings too. Her father was the fun parent who played with them, mother Sibylla seemed to have more duties and obligations. Birgitta tells that a day after her father was dead, her mother called her four daughters to her and said: "Your father will never come back". And after that Sibylla didn't talk about Gustaf Adolf, Birgitta thinks that it was Sibylla's way to mourn. Birgitta had seen her father for the last time on her 10th birthday party, a masquerade, a day after that Gustaf Adolf left to the hunting trip where he never came back. After the World War II Sibylla became "the German at the palace" and got anonymous letters of hate. Birgitta and her siblings didn't know what Sibylla's father had done during the WWII, that wasn't spoken about at their family. As a widow Sibylla got to choose: work or family. And she did everything she did before and Nenne (the nanny) took care of the children. Birgitta says that it was Nenne who sat beside Sibylla's bed and hold her hand, when she died.
Birgitta tells about her own life very interestingly.
Birgitta tells at the program that Désirée has been ill and not feeling well at all, but now she is better. She is asked if the siblings are going to meet again. Birgitta says she doesn't think so, they are all too old! Her sister has been ill and other sister is in England and has become older, and she herself has become older.


Some photos and cards shown at the program

This is a very good documentary, and Birgitta is a wonderful person.
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"Kungahuset", TV4's annual program of the Royal Family, is shown today at TV4 at 20.00, and at TV4 Play for those who live in Sweden or are Swedish. Host at the program is Rania Shemoun Olsson.
Se Kungahuset 2022 online här TV4 Play

From the program, Estelle in Östergötland
Här återser Estelle sin sagostig hon fick när hon var två! TV4 Play

Nicolas inaugurating his christening present TV Play

Carl Philip and Sofia at Catwalk live TV4 Play

Bonusmaterial to the program (16 minutes), among it:
Victoria and Daniel on the Day of The Right of Public Access (Allemansrättens Dag), Dutch state visit, Victoria in the Netherlands, Victoria and the Queen in Helsingborg
Kungahuset 2022 – bonusmaterial TV4 Play

This morning the program host Rania Shemoun Olsson and royal expert Claes-Johan Larsson were interviewed at TV4's News morning
Crown Princess Victoria's commitment to environmental issues is great. Here, TV4 News morning's presenter Rania Shemoun Olsson talks about how the crown princess talked about her frustration with the climate situation during a trip to Portugal. Claes-Johan Larsson, expert commentator is impressed by how incredibly well-read the Crown Princess is. You see her more and more often in contexts where climate, science and archeology appear. That she also possesses the gift that when the crown princess speaks, you listen.
Kronprinsessans frustration över klimatsituationen_ ”Måste gå snabbare” TV4 Play

More TV4 News morning
Tonight, TV4's annual program Kungahuset is broadcast, where we follow the royal family over the past year together with Rania Shemoun Olsson. Here, expert commentator Claes-Johan Larsson talks about what the Royal Family's past years looked like.
Så var året med kungafamiljen TV4 Play

Rania Shemoun Olsson has hosted "Kungahuset" three years. She says to Expressen:
- I can't say that we know each other. You don't have a relationship with them, but every time we see each other, it feels a little closer. But you stay professional. It feels like the trust is there and that it is constantly being built up. And that's great.
She describes all the members of the royal family as nice and easy-going, but when it comes to the children, special consideration is required.
- When it comes to the children, you try to keep a kind of distance. You can see that they are very keen that the children are most important. They get to be with for a little while and then you get to back off a bit.
Glitter, glamor and more everyday situations will also appear in the program.
- But you can also expect great commitment from our Swedish royal family. They are very passionate about humanitarian issues and the environment.
TV4-profilens huskur räddade kungens röst
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Rania Shemoun Olsson, the host of TV4's "Kungahuset", tells to Hänt about the trips she made during the year with the royals.
Rania was first in Jordan with the royal couple and then shortly afterwards went to Kenya with Victoria. On her ocial media, she shared pictures from behind the scenes during the filming.
Rania is allowed to post pictures, she is a journalist so she should be able to do what she wants. No one can tell her what questions to ask or what to post on her social media, which is also part of her job. But she can also feel that some image was perhaps not so appropriate, it's to have a good balance. (..)
Ranias Olssons privata samtal med kronprinsessan Victoria _ Hänt
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Princess Birgitta told to Expressen about making the SVT documentary of her.
There were tears and laughter at times. She was moved by looking at old things that have been shared in the family. At one point, she asked Jens Lind to stop the recording. You can see how she starts to cry and says "Can't we stop, oh no". It was her father's voice that appeared twice, when he was with the scouts and the other was during horse jumping. That moved her the most.
Birgitta has often told that she is shy, which many people find hard to believe. She says about crying on TV that she didn't want to be there at all, but unfortunately she had been persuaded. They had been requesting her. They nag and nag and say "can't you" and and "everyone wants to see you". Finally she gave in. But, she loves the program done at her home and Jens Lind. (..)
Prinsessan Birgitta i tårar under SVT_s inspelning
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A new documentary "Sveriges sista kungar" (Sweden's last kings) is published on SVT Play Sunday 8 January at 02.00. The first episode is broadcast on SVT1 Thursday 12 January at 20.00 and second episode Thursday 19 January at 20.00.

Episode 1
Gustaf V takes over at a time when the king rules the kingdom. Democracy, universal suffrage and parliamentarism have not yet been introduced in Sweden. He is the last Swedish king who seeks political power and he actively participates in keeping Sweden out of the world wars, despite his German friendliness. During World War II, he praises Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union. Part 1 of 2: Royal power.
Kanaler _ SVT Play

Episode 2
Gustaf VI Adolf has the role of forming the government and supreme commander, but only during his time as monarch is the decision made to change the constitution so that the people rule the kingdom. A change that is introduced when the young king Carl XVI Gustaf takes over. For fifty years he has now reigned as the most powerless king in Europe. The monarchy has been reduced to a fairytale palace. Part 2 of 2: The fairytale palace.
Kanaler _ SVT Play

At SVT play it says now that the documentary can only be seen in Sweden Hopefully that changes so that we can all see the documentary.
Sveriges sista kungar _ SVT Play

Short clips from documentary "Sveriges sista kungar"
Was a total misunderstanding
King Carl Gustaf stands by the positive judgments about the Sultan of Brunei that he made in a high-profile interview in 2004.
- He traveled around and was very close to all people, he says in the new SVT documentary Sweden's last kings.
SVT Nyheter – SVERIGES SISTA KUNGAR_ Kungen står fast vid Bruneiuttalande _ SVT Play

Hear the king's criticism of the changed line of succession
The Riksdag decision that changed the Swedish line of succession, from Prince Carl Philip to Crown Princess Victoria, was unjust. King Carl Gustaf says so in a new documentary.
SVT Nyheter – SVERIGES SISTA KUNGAR_ _Som förälder tycker jag det är förfärligt_ _ SVT Play
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The episodes of "Sveriges sista kungar" (Sweden's last kings) should have been published had SVT Play on 8h January, but both episodes have been published today. And we all can see them.
Besides the King, also Princess Christina and Queen Margrethe are interviewed.
1. Episode
SVT Play

2. Episode
SVT Play

At ZDF "Schwedens Krone"
A journey through time from the legendary Wasa dynasty via the progenitor of the Bernadottes to Carl Gustaf, Victoria and Estelle.(..)

ZDF-History - Schwedens Krone - ZDFmediathek

Rania Shemoun Olsson quits as the host of "Kungahuset", TV4's annual program about the royal family.
For Rania, last year was the third year in a row she has followed the royal family.
Now Rania reveals that she is leaving her job as a court reporter, to focus wholeheartedly on her mission at Nyhetsmorgon (News morning). In a message to Hänt, she explains the decision: "I've been doing Kungahuset for three years now and it was a fantastic and rewarding experience, but I decided already last fall that I want to focus on Nyhetsmorgon in 2023. It can sometimes be difficult to combine both of these big assignments in terms of time".
Rania revealed also who her replacement will be, it is another TV4 profile.
"My fine colleague Anders Pihlblad is taking over", writes Rania.
Rania Shemoun Olsson hoppar av TV4-uppdraget _ Hänt
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Innanför slottets väggar (Inside the palace walls), four short episodes at SVT Play, they have also been shown at SVT1.

1. The King's childhood home
Princess Christina and King Carl XVI Gustaf grew up in the southern wing of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Crown Princess Victoria also lived in this palace for five years. How was it? What are their strongest memories from childhood in such a special growing up environment.
Innanför slottets väggar – 1. Kungens barndomshem _ SVT Play

2. The royal wardrobe
We look into one of the palace's many uniform storages. Many of the items of clothing that hang here are between 60 and 100 years old and of very high quality. The palace's staff take good care of the costumes and in the Oxenstiernska annex there is the sewing room where you can make and sometimes sew.
Innanför slottets väggar – 2. Den kungliga garderoben _ SVT Play

3. Set for party
A stone's throw from the palace is Fatburen, a department within the Royal Court. The palace's linen is kept here. The finest is the Union linen, woven in 1891 in Lille. The linen is used continuously, e.g. in connection with large events in the Hall of State. We get to see pictures from both Crown Princess Victoria's and King Carl XVI Gustaf's coming of age.
Innanför slottets väggar – 3. Duka för fest _ SVT Play

4. The King's grandmother, who was she?
Crown Princess Margareta, called Daisy, married to Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, mother of five children and grandmother of i.a. Princess Christina Mrs. Magnuson and King Carl XVI Gustaf, died only 38 years old. Who was she and why do we know so little about her? Princess Christina Mrs. Magnuson shows old photographs and tells about her grandmother.
Innanför slottets väggar – 4. Kungens farmor, vem var hon_ _ SVT Play
At SVT's Lilla Aktuellt on 19th June:
There are not just two, but four, in the royal family celebrating their wedding anniversary on June 19. The King and Crown Princess Victoria share that day, in the clip you can see what their wedding looked like.
Lilla Aktuellt – Vad hände den 19 juni_ _ SVT Play
Film: Ulriksdal 1942. Crown prince couple Gustaf Adolf and Louise are visited by princess Sibylla with little princesses Margaretha, Birgitta and Désirée. From ’Från kronprinsparets hem (1942)’ (From the home of the crown prince couple (1942)).
Gustaf VI Adolf lived during the year in four different castles; Stockholm, Drottningholm, Ulriksdal and Sofiero castles. At Ulriksdal, he spent six weeks every year in the spring and, among other things, took great care of the garden. Even today, plants from his time are preserved in the castle park and in the orangery, including the myrtle plant that his first wife, Crown Princess Margareta, brought with her from England. When Gustaf (VI) Adolf married Louise Mountbatten in 1923, the Stockholmers gave them a foundation sheet to furnish a modern living room at Ulriksdal. The responsible architect for the room was Carl Malmsten. The result is an excellent example of what we today call Swedish grace.
500 år av Sveriges historia_ 1900-talets Ulriksdal . Gustaf VI Adolf bodde ... _ By Kungliga Slotten _ Facebook
Anders Pihlblad, program host for TV4's "Kungahuset" (annual program of the royal family, tells to Hänt Magazine:
- It's so exciting and I know many are curious, that's why it's so difficult for me to say anything about the programs we record. But more programs are recorded, and I can say that it exceeds expectations. Think how exciting it is, and what exciting things you will see later when it arrives. The program will be broadcast in December.
Anders' husband and TV4 profile Henrik Alsterdal says that TV viewers have a lot of fun to look forward to in the documentary, which is broadcast in several parts. He says he knows well everything that Anders records, it will be a very good and exciting program. Henrik doesn't follow royals, but can say about the program that it will be fun.
Anders Pihlblads avslöjande om den kungliga dokumentären _ Hänt
At ZDF: Julia Melchior's documentary "My father, the King" (Mein Vater, der König) about King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria.
Princess Christina, former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, author of royal books Herman Lindqvist, Princess Birgitta's daughter Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach, princess Margaretha's daughter Sybilla von Dincklage, former Marshal of the Court Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg and Aftonbladet's royal expert Jenny Alexandersson are interviewed.
ZDFroyal_ Mein Vater, der König - ZDFmediathek

Among other things, princess Christina tells about Victoria and Daniel's dating that she and her husband Tord Magnuson knew Daniel very well, because Tord had gone to Daniel's gym for a long time.
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