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The King, the Queen, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip and Sofia attend right now at the Prayer for Peace at the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace. The Prayer is organized by The Embassy of Ukraine and The Royal Court. Also prime minister Ulf Kristersson attends this event.
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Swedish Royals Attend A Peace Prayer Getty Images

DN Direkt - Statsministern i manifestation för Ukraina - DN
Kungafamiljen vid fredsbön i slottskyrkan – alla samlade _ Svensk Dam

The Royal Court at its website
The royal family gathered to pray for Ukraine
Among the guests was the ambassador of Ukraine Andrii Plakhotniuk. The government was represented by the Prime minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
The service in Ukrainian and Swedish was led by priest Andrii Linkevych and The Reverend, Court Chaplain and Rector of the Royal Court Parish Michael Bjerkhagen.
A large choir, as well as several instrumentalists and vocalists, the majority of whom consisted of Ukrainian refugees, participated under the direction of the Ukrainian pianist and choir director Ivetta Irkha.
Kungafamiljen samlad till bön för Ukraina _ Kungahuset

Video at Court's social media

From yesterday

Alexander was one of the performers, ukrainian pianist Ivetta Irkha (she has lived in Sweden almost 30 years) teaches at Alexander's school Djurgårdsskolan piano, music history and choir.
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Here are a few more photos from the Peace Prayer Service at the Palace Chapel.
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King Carl Gustaf and crown princess Victoria attend now the 50th Anniversary of the 1974 Instrument of Government at Riksdagshuset/The Parliamentary House.
Live broadcast


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Here are a few more photos from the 50th Anniversary Commemorations at the Riksdagshuset.
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Royal participation in ceremonies on the occasion of NATO membership
On Mondays 11 and 18 March, there will be a royal presence at the ceremonies that draw attention to Sweden's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO.

Brussels, March 11
HRH the Crown Princess attends the flag-raising ceremony that takes place at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Riksplan, Stockholm, March 18
HM the King will give a speech at the flag-raising ceremony which will take place on Riksplan outside Riksdagshuset/The Parliament House.
Karlberg, March 18
HM the King will also be present at the flag-raising ceremony which takes place at Karlberg Palace, hosted by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
King Carl Gustaf and Carl Philip attended the FIS Cross Country Skiing World Cup's Final Day's competitions in Falun today. They talked with Swedish skiers Frida Karlsson and Ebba Andersson. According to the court calendar, only the King should have attended.

Men's 20 km later today.

The King said to Viaplay that it's great to be in Falun. Brilliant weather and great atmosphere among the audience. He has been there many times, it's just as exciting and fun when things go well and just as sad when things go badly.
Ebba Andersson tells that both the King and Carl Philip were in a good mood, so it helped, because the race of the swedish ladies didn't go very well. Ebba thinks it was fun to have a small conversation with the King and Carl Philip, they spoke about the skiing season as a whole, the nice weather and that sort of thing. Since the King is a big skiing fan, Ebba advised him to watch the Swedish Championships next week.
Linn Svahn, who finished second overall in the World Cup, also talked with the royal duo afterwards and says they are nice. The King was going along the track to follow the men's race.

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The King and Queen hosted yesterday a diplomatic reception for ambassadors from Chile, Iceland, Moldova, Thailand and Austria as well as the Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See. And as usual, Victoria and Daniel attended too.
The King and Carl Philip attended today a board meeting of Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla's Memorial Fund.
The King and Victoria attended the Council of State today.
The court tells at the photo texts that on the Council table, closest to the King, is Karl XII's Bible from 1703.
The council room was used by King Gustav III as a dining room, and the woven wallpaper in the room was given to him as a gift during a visit to France in 1771. At Councils, on the table in front of the King is a writing stand made of driven silver as a symbol of the continuity of the Swedish state. The writing stand was made in Augsburg by silversmith Johannes Kilian and belongs to the objects that were saved in the castle fire in 1697.
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The King and Carl Philip attended today a board meeting of the Stenhammar Estate Management.
According to the calendar, the King and Victoria met yesterday at the Royal Palace Hans Wallmark, Chairman of the Defence Commission.

On 26 April, the Swedish Defence Commission submitted its final report on the development of the military defence, Strengthened defence capability, Sweden as an Ally, to Minister for Defence Pål Jonson and Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin.
The King and Carl Philip attended in the afternoon the Armed Forces' national Veteran Day ceremony at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm.
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The King and Queen hosted today a diplomatic reception for ambassadors from Angola, Armenia, Ireland, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam. And as usual, Victoria and Daniel attended too.

The King, Queen, Victoria and Daniel met today also Sweden's ambassador to Russia Karin Olofsdotter.
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Daniel and Sofia attended on Thursday at Brilliant Minds, Swedish ‘tech ecosystem’ event at Grand Hôtel. The event has a lot of secrecy and no photos have been published so far.
The King and Victoria attended yesterday a meeting of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs.
According to the calendar, the King, the Queen and Victoria had on Wednesday June 19 a meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström at the Royal Palace. The Court hasn't published a photo of the meeting so far.
King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria attended this afternoon The Öland Inhabitant of the Year ceremony at Solliden.

The King delivered The Solliden Award to The Öland Inhabitant of the Year Ulla-Britt Andersson, Chairman of the Öland's Botanical Association.
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Ulla-Britt Andersson is the 44th recipient of the Solliden award. Artist Adée from Öland performed during the ceremony.

In the end of the video we see Margareta Thorgren organizing the places at the group photo.
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