Swedish Royal Family, Current Events Part 8: Sept. 2017 - present

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King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Princess Christina and husband Tord at the Kjerstin Dellert memorial concert in Stockholm on May 20:

** rex gallery **
Queen Silvia and Victoria attend on Tuesday 29th May at the unveiling of a bust of Folke Bernadotte at The 'Den goda gärningen' room at the Riksdag.

On May 29, on the Veteran Day, Speaker Urban Ahlin unveils a portrait in memory of Count Folke Bernadotte's deeds and a memorial to the veterans.
The ceremony takes place in the presence of H.M. the Queen and H.R.H. the Crown Princess and members of the Bernadotte family, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Micael Bydén, Director General of the Folke Bernadotte Academy Sven-Eric Söder, Head of the Armed Forces' Veteran Centre Torbjörn Larsson and sculptor Solveyg W Schafferer-Sigerus with several invited guests.
Avtäckning av byst till Folke Bernadottes minne och minnesmärke för veteraner - Riksdagen
Queen Silvia and Victoria attended this morning at the unveiling of the bust of count Folke Bernadotte at the Riksdag. Also Folke Bernadotte's son count Bertil Bernadotte and his wife Jill and Folke Bernadotte's grandson Folke Bernadotte attended.

Belga Image
ROYAL: Silvia und Victoria bei der Enthüllung der Folke Bernadotte Büste

Victoria hyllade kära släktingen tillsammans med Silvia _ Svensk Damtidning

Queen Silvia with one of the invited guests - Hédi Fried, Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz as well as Bergen-Belsen

Drottningen och Kronprinsessan vid avtäckning av Folke Bernadotte_-byst i riksdagen - Sveriges Kungahus

Speaker Urban Ahlin in his Twitter
"Honoured to get to unveil the bust of Folke Bernadotte"

Folke Bernadotte was assassinated 70 years ago, on 17th September 1948. He was 53 years old.
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The King and Crown Princess participated in WWF's annual meeting at Drottningholm Palace.
At the annual meeting attended also WWF ambassadors. Linda Berglund, Deputy Director of Swedish Forest & Species, spoke on the theme "It's soughing in the woods!" In her lecture, Linda Berglund said that increased pressure on the Swedish forest is seen through increasing demand for raw materials and renewable energy, other ecosystem services are gaining value and climate change.
At the end of the annual meeting, a panel discussion was held followed by a lunch.
Kungen och Kronprinsessan vid WWF_s årsmöte - Sveriges Kungahus

King Carl Gustaf is the Honorary Chairman of the WWF Council, and Victoria is a member of the Council.

The official dinner at the Royal Palace

Victoria and Daniel

Carl Philip and Sofia

King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia

Belga Image
IBL Bildbyrå

About the tiaras
Wow! Vilken magiskt vacker glittershow, Victoria! _ Svensk Damtidning


Les princesses Victoria et Sofia de Suède, superbes ce jeudi soir au Palais royal à Stockholm
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Isn't these dinners an occasion where the female guests and the royals could have evening dresses as well as cocktail dresses? I seem to remember that one of the royal ladies usually wears a shorter dress, but perhaps I'm mixing things up here?
Isn't these dinners an occasion where the female guests and the royals could have evening dresses as well as cocktail dresses? I seem to remember that one of the royal ladies usually wears a shorter dress, but perhaps I'm mixing things up here?

It is the Sweden dinner (Sverigemiddag) where the female guests can have evening dresses as well as cocktail dresses. Victoria wore this dress she has tonight at the Sweden dinner last September. Then both she and queen Silvia had evening dresses. All royal ladies had evening dresses also at the Sweden dinner in September 2016. In Sweden dinner 2015 Sofia had cocktail dress, queen Silvia and Victoria had evening dresses. In 2014 and 2013 Victoria had cocktail dress and queen Silvia evening dress. At Sweden dinners the men wear black tie.

At these official dinners (representationsmiddag) the dress code is always white tie and women wear evening dresses.
There is always one Sweden dinner in a year, and 2 or 3 official dinners.

Gallery from tonight

Bildextra: Så var kungaparets galamiddag på slottet_ Svensk Damtidning

Court website
Representationsmiddag på Kungliga slottet - Sveriges Kungahus
Photos at court Instagram

The guest list
https://www.kungahuset.se/download/...stlista representationsmiddag 31 maj 2018.pdf
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On Friday king Carl Gustaf and Victoria visited Försvarets radioanstalt FRA (National Defence Radio Establishment) on Lovön in Ekerö.
Photo from court Instagram
"Today, the King and Crown Princess visited the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment's head office on Lovön, outside of Stockholm, to inform themselves about the agency's activities. The King and Crown Princess received, among other things, contributions from FRA's employees on developments in the immediate area, how FRA works with issues related to international terrorism and how FRA contributes to the construction of a national cyber defense. FRA's Director General Dag Hartelius described the King and Crown Princess the development of the Authority and the challenges facing FRA in the coming years. Superintendent Charlotta Gustafsson also participated in the visit."

Kungligt besök på FRA - FRA
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From the official dinner:
Magda Gad's conversation with the Crown Princess at the Palace

Magda Gad, Expressen's War Correspondent, was one of the guests at the Royal Couple's official dinner this week.
- It was a very solemn and stylish dinner at the Palace in beautiful surroundings with good food and exciting company, she says.
The guest list contained individuals from industry as well as politics and media and, on Thursday evening, Magda Gad received a private chat with both the king and the crown princess.
Talked about the fake murder of Ukrainian journalist
The king and Magda Gad talked about the fake murder of Russian journalist Arkadij Babtjenko when the king wondered what her theory of the whole was.
- He stated that he appreciates journalism that takes time, it is better that it goes slowly and gets right than it goes fast and gets wrong. The king also thought that if a journalist is doubtful about what actually happened then this should be said that it only gets more confidence if the report tells that it may be in one way but that it may also be in the other way and that what is correct, you do not know yet, Magda Gad says about the conversation with the king.
"The Crown Princess asked how people have it in the war"
At the same time, the Crown Princess asked questions about how the people in the middle of war live, and whom Magda Gad visits during her reports:
- The Crown Princess asked a lot about how the people are having it in the war, how the situation is in Syria today, how much land IS controls and how I prepare for my assignments. When I told about my friend Nejlikan in Raqqa and that she lost her barely two-year-old daughter in a bombing she became noticeably touched, said Magda Gad.
- Everyone had very many questions about my work, which is obviously appreciated. It is a receipt that I have reached it, she concludes.
Magda Gads samtal med kronprinsessan på slottet


This is such a beautiful photo of Victoria
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King Carl Gustaf and Victoria attended at the meeting of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs.
The Council is a consultation group between the Riksdag and the Swedish Government, presided over by The King. The Council consists of the Speaker and nine other members from the Riksdag, together with nine deputies.
Utrikesnämnd på Kungliga slottet - Sveriges Kungahus

Later today they attended at the meeting of the Council of State.
During Councils of State, each minister present informs The King about political initiatives, investigations and current legislation within his or her department, and responds to questions asked by The King. Councils of State are held three or four time a year. The King leads these Councils of State, in which The Crown Princess also participates.
Informationskonselj på Kungliga slottet - Sveriges Kungahus
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King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria and Daniel attend this afternoon at the inauguration of the Tsunami memorial in the National City Park in Blockhusudden at Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. Also prime minister Stefan Löfven attends at the inauguration. Lea Porsager is the artist behind Gravitational Ripples which became the winning contributor in an international art contest on the design of the memorial.
The completion of memorial monument is now in a final stage. The work is still covered in a green cellulose cloth containing grass seeds and herbs. During the summer, the cloth will molder away, the grass grows and the work will become a green and flourishing place.
Den 5 juni på Djurgården - Invigning av minnesvården efter flodvågskatastrofen i Sydostasien 2004 — SFV

Gravitational Ripples_ chosen as Tsunami monument - Radio Sweden _ Sveriges Radio

The king, queen, Victoria and Daniel on their way to the inauguration of the Tsunami memorial in Blockhusudden in Stockholm.

IBL Bildbyrå

Belga Image



ROYAL: Die schwedischen Royals bei der Einweihung des Denkmals "Gravitational Ripples" in Gedenken an die Tsunami-Opfer
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King Carl Gustaf said in his speech among other things:
"We carry our memories with us always wherever we go. Yet it can mean a lot to have a place to go to remember. (...) It feels good that the Royal Djurgården land can be used for this purpose. And I I'm honored to be here today with you. Dear friends! I hope this memorial monument will be a place for many to visit - an opportunity for reflection. A place for you. "
Kungaparet och Kronprinsessparet vid invigning av minnesvård efter flodvågskatastrofen - Sveriges Kungahus

The king's speech
H.M. Konungens tal vid invigning av minnesvård efter flodvågskatastrofen i Sydostasien 2004, Blockhusudden, tisdagen den 5 juni 2018 - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Instagram

In the center of the memorial are the names of those who passed away (carved only if their relatives have given their consent)
Image Upper.com - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Swedish royal family attend memorial service for tsunami victims _ Daily Mail Online

Victoria and Daniel
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This year's Sweden Dinner will take place on Friday 14 September at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Will try to find the picture of the invitation again.

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This year's Sweden Dinner will take place on Friday 14 September at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Will try to find the picture of the invitation again.

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Thanks for the info! Later this year there will also be Riksdagssupé, following each parliamentary election, the Royal family traditionally invites the new members of the Riksdag, the government and representatives of the Riksdag's leadership to a dinner and divertissement, concert.
Thanks for the info! Later this year there will also be Riksdagssupé, following each parliamentary election, the Royal family traditionally invites the new members of the Riksdag, the government and representatives of the Riksdag's leadership to a dinner and divertissement, concert.
Indeed, I have tried to figure out when it will be, but it is difficult. In previous years the Riksdagssupé has taken place in late October or early November.

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Indeed, I have tried to figure out when it will be, but it is difficult. In previous years the Riksdagssupé has taken place in late October or early November.

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Heaven knows when we'll have a settled situation in Riksdagen and a government after the election this year. It's building up to be a stormy second half of the year.

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King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attend tomorrow afternoon in Solliden at the presentation of Årets Ölänning (The Öland Inhabitant of the Year) 2018 - Crown princess Victoria. King Carl Gustaf delivers the diploma, the Solliden Prize and flowers to Victoria.
The jury's reasoning for choosing Victoria as this year's Öland Inhabitant of the Year was:
"Throughout her life in words and actions, the award winner of the year has expressed her love for Öland, a place where she feels at home. Her earthly commitment to the province and people contributes strongly to the island's development and attractiveness. With her presence and vigor, she creates interest and attention for Öland, both nationally and internationally. Her birthday, July 14, has been for a long time celebrated as Öland's own national day."
Victoria gave a short written statement:
- I'm honored and happy to receive this award. Öland is a special place for me and my family. It feels nice to showcase Öland with all the richness and special features that are characteristic to the island.

Svensk Damtidning and Barometern show the event live. The broadcast starts at 14.45 and the event at 15.00. Johan T Lindwall, the editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidning, looks forward to tomorrow.
- That Crown Princess Victoria has been chosen as The Öland Inhabitant of the Year is a big deal locally on Öland, but also great for everyone who follows Svensk Damtidning and our reporting of royals. We give now everyone who can't be in place on Öland the opportunity to still follow the whole celebration at Svensk Damtidning.
Lindwall says that Svensk Damtidning's readers can expect more similar live broadcasts and other fun in the future.
- I am extremely pleased to be able to invite our readers to this cooperation with Barometern. This is just one of many collaborations that Svensk Damtidning is aiming for in terms of royal material.
Se live-tv från årets ölänning hos oss på Svenskdam.se _ Svensk Damtidning

King Carl Gustaf was The Öland Inhabitant of the Year in 1996.
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Victoria was officially named as Årets Ölänning (the Öland Inhibitant of the Year) 2018 in a ceremony in Solliden. Victoria got a diploma and the Solliden Prize, a glass bowl from Kosta Boda called "Globe" from her father. The Öland Inhabitant of the Year is an award awarded by a jury appointed by the newspaper Barometern and Sveriges Radio P4 Kalmar. The first Öland Inhabitant of the Year was chosen in 1980.


Belga Image


- It is obviously very funny for me to hand this over to the Crown Princess. The reasoning is well expressed, that's exactly what it's about. Very well done, says the king.
Then it was the Crown Princess's turn to speak.
- I would like to thank Öland. It is so that I've been here all my life, and I long to return. I can reveal that when I cross the Öland Bridge and just as I cross the bridge, it's "Jippie". Then there is always sorrow as I go back to the mainland. Öland is and remains a fantastic special place not only for me but also for my own little family, which I have brought here. It's a need simply to get here, said Victoria.
Här är Victorias tal från Årets Ölänning_ _Jippie!_ _ Svensk Damtidning
Victoria tar emot pris av pappa kungen – se fina bilderna! _ Svensk Damtidning

The gentleman at this photo is Odd Zschiedrich, the Master of Ceremonies at the royal court. He moderated the ceremony.

Short video, Victoria's speech
Här tar Kronprinsessan emot priset Årets Ölänning _ SVT Nyheter

Great to see Victoria and queen Silvia in their Öland dresses.
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The court at their website
Kronprinsessan tog emot utmärkelsen Årets Ölänning - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Instagram

Johan T Lindwall, the editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidning:
Victoria + Öland = True. Yes, it's really so and now the Crown Princess has got the ultimate proof of it when she became the Öland Inhabitant of the Year today.
Here on Öland, Crown Princess Victoria has spent all her childhood summers and it was here she came in the summer of 1977, just a few weeks old. Victoria and Daniel have also made Solliden to their vacation paradise in their relatively newly built Villa Skönviken, just a few hundred meters from Kalmarsund, and a couple of minutes walk from Solliden Palace.
Crown Princess Victoria was an obvious choice as The Öland Inhabitant of the Year. Dad King received himself the 1996 prize and could proudly hand it out to daughter Victoria. Princess Estelle is in the future a given choice for the same price as mom and grandfather.
Summer has begun for Victoria and next week we are many who are on Öland to celebrate the world's best crown princess.
Svensk Damtidning chefredaktör Johan T Lindwall_ _Victoria + Öland = sant!_ _ Svensk Damtidning

Photographer Suvad Mrkonjic at his Instagram

Video of the whole ceremony
TV_ Här ser du hela prisceremonin för kronprinsessan - Barometern

- The Crown Princess is honored to receive this award. She is very grateful to be on Öland where she spent all her summers in principle. The fact that the king delivered the award makes it extra special, of course, says Margareta Thorgren.
Victoria är årets ölänning – fick pris av kungen

Victoria posed with the girl who delivered the flowers to her
"Daughter on a royal mission and what a wonderful day we had in Solliden. A lot of congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria of the highly deserved award this year's Årets Ölanning! Emmie, she really got a memory for life!"


BILDEXTRA_ Årets Ölänning prisades vid Solliden - Nyheter i Öland - 24 timmar om dygnet
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Thomas Carlzon, the governor of the Kalmar County, attended at the ceremony. All the former people chosen as The Öland Inhabitant of the Year were invited to the event, and many of them were in Solliden. Odd Zschiedrich reminisced in his speech two former Öland Inhabitants of the Year, Melker Ekströmmer and P-O Amnér, who have passed away after last year's ceremony.

After the ceremony:

Kronprinsessan blev Årets Ölänning – Hyllade Öland - Ölandsbladet

La princesse Victoria enfile sa tenue traditionnelle pour recevoir le prix Solliden
ROYAL: Victoria wird als Öländer des Jahres auf Schloss Solliden ausgezeichnet

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The King and Crown Princess couple visit fire areas
On Monday 30th July, the King visited Pålgård in Ragunda municipality in Jämtland during the afternoon, the area has been affected by the forest fires. On the same day, the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel visited Färila in Ljusdal's municipality in Hälsingland.
The king and the Crown Princess couple performed the two visits to show the Royal Family's appreciation for the persons, both employees and volunteers who work with the fires.
The king said in Jämtland: "I wanted to come here today to show my and the Royal family's appreciation for all those who work with the fires. Both employees and volunteers. We are very many in our country who feel great and grateful for your efforts."
During the visits, the King and Crown Princess couple also received information about the efforts made to extinguish and limit the fires in both places.
Kungen och Kronprinsessparet besöker brandområden - Sveriges Kungahus

Three big photos at court Facebook, Victoria and Daniel meeting finnish and polish firemen

Photo from Facebook of Pohjois-Savon pelastuslaitos (Rescue department of Northern Savolax)
"Visit by dignitaries on Monday morning. The royals thanked Finns for their help and wished for strength and good luck to their mission"

Governor Per Bill hosted Victoria and Daniel on their visit.
Kronprinsessparet besökte Färila – tackade brandmän - P4 Gävleborg _ Sveriges Radio
Radio P4 Gävleborg Instagram
"Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Färila during Monday. The plan of the visit is to show their appreciation for the rescue and emergency workers on site and to meet the affected."

Victoria and Daniel

"Our Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria, her husband Prince Daniel (white shirt) and a Governor visiting our soldiers from 281. during the forest fire fighting!"

Governor Jöran Hägglund hosted king Carl Gustaf on his visit to Pålgård in the afternoon.
Kungen på besök i Pålgård - P4 Jämtland _ Sveriges Radio
King Carl Gustaf got a tour at the places the fire had been.

More photos of the king's visit to Pålgård and Victoria and Daniel's visit to Färila at court Facebook:

- They wanted to thank and support all the people who worked in many different ways, who have come from their holidays and have just been fantastic, says Margareta Thorgren.
The king's visit began at a federal center in Östersund and then he went along a firepath in the field, says Thorgren.
- The king will meet some forest owners who have suffered from the fire, says Thorgren.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel received a description of the situation in Färila, and then went to several fire places, including to Kårböle.
- They have talked to people from the emergency services, the Home Guard, military personnel, healthcare professionals and firefighters who have come up from different parts of Sweden to help fight the fires, says Ulrika Näsholm, information officer at the court.
They also met firemen who came from Finland, Poland and Denmark to assist in extinguishing work.
- The Crown Princess couple appreciated the visit and got the opportunity to talk to different people working on this. They have also talked to the volunteers who really stand up and have seen what power there is in society, says Näsholm.
The royal family has followed the fire situation and in addition, the king has continuously received status reports from the counties. At the same time it was important for the king not to visit the fire-borne resorts before the situation became "more controlled", says Thorgren.
- He did not want to disturb the rescue work and take off the resources, she says.
Kungafamiljen besökte branddrabbat område
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Lots of articles at the polish media about Victoria and Daniel meeting the firemen from Poland.
The successor of the Swedish throne visited on Monday before noon the Polish firemen who helped in extinguishing forest fires in Sweden. During this unannounced visit, Princess Victoria talked about the conditions in which Poles work.
- We are additionally underpinned - said junior brigadier Michał Langner, commander of Polish firefighters in Sweden.
- It's very nice and surprising, for sure firefighters will remember this mission their whole lives. We are very pleased, we are additionally reinforced - Langner said.
Szwecja. Księżniczka Wiktoria odwiedziła polskich strażaków

The successor of the Swedish throne, Princess Victoria, visited Polish firefighters who help to extinguish forest fires in Sweden.
The visit was unannounced - the princess arrived at the moment when firefighters were burning off single fires.
- A column of cars drove up, from one of them got off to a seemingly nice young lady who turned out to be the heir to Sweden's throne., reported the junior Brigadier headman Michał Langner from the Main Headquarters of the State Fire Service.
- The princess mainly asked what kind of activities we were doing, how we worked and if we lack anything. It was a nice conversation, says the younger brigadier.
Poland sent 139 firefighters from the State Fire Service and 44 vehicles to Sweden.
Księżniczka Wiktoria u polskich strażaków w Szwecji _ Polskie Radio Koszalin

Also in finnish media
On Monday morning, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited the rescue workers at their base. Jari Hartikainen from the Northern Savolax Rescue Department reports that the royals were interested in hearing about helping Finns.
- We were just about to go to work when Victoria and Daniel came. As an outspoken savonian. the opportunity could not have been unused, so we went all to greet them, Hartikainen says in a good mood on Monday night.
According to him, the royals asked from the Finns, inter alia, from where they came from Finland.
- They asked how long we are here and how the fire fighting looks like from our point of view. They were very happy and grateful that we came here to help.
Suomalaiset pelastajat saivat Ruotsin metsäpalopaikoilla sankarivastaanoton – Ihmiset hurrasivat ja taputtivat, kuninkaalliset kiittelivät - Kotimaa - Ilta-Sanomat

Kruununprinsessa Victoria tapasi savolaisia palomiehiä - matkusti Ruotsin metsäpaloalueelle

Victoria and Daniel

King Carl Gustaf met representatives of Ragunda Hembygdsförening (Folklore Society)
"Nice visit today. They were interested in the efforts of the Folklore Society to support all contributors to extinguishing the fires."


Victoria and Daniel with danish firemen

Photos from Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Jämtland
"On Monday afternoon, the King visited Pålgård in Ragunda municipality, the area which has been affected from the fires.
During the visit to the county, the King was informed of the work on the fires in the county and what work efforts were carried out. In Pålgård the King met the relevant landowners, NGOs and municipal representatives. Representatives of the media were also invited to the King's visit. Earlier today the King visited Trygghetens Hus where the County Administrative Board, the Rescue Service, the Police and the Armed Forces have had their staff under the forest fires."

Photos from Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg
"Today we have had a royal visit to Camp Färila. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel had time to attend the staff meeting, have lunch in the dining room and meet both volunteers and employees who work to stop the fires during the visit.
The Crown Princess couple wanted to show their appreciation and express a big thank you to all those involved in the event from the first day. Crown Princess Victoria told us that they follow closely the fire fighting reports and how impressed they are over the work that is being put down. During the staff review, the Crown Princess couple received an in-depth picture of the efforts."
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King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria and Daniel gave on Thursday an audience to Annika Rembe, director general of the Swedish Institute. Also Anna Rudels, Emma Jansson and Henrik Selin participated at the meeting
The Swedish Institute presented its work to follow how Sweden is perceived in the outside world. The conversation also involved how SI's Swedish promotion and long-term relationship-building activities may be relevant to the Royal Family's international visits.
Kungaparet och Kronprinsess_paret i möte med Svenska institutet - Sveriges Kungahus
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