Swedish Royal Family, Current Events Part 8: Sept. 2017 - present

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Here's a video of the Royal Family leaving the Swedish Academy at Börshuset last night.

Sofia and princess Christina attended today at Sophiahemmet's graduation ceremony at the Stockholm City Hall.
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IBL Bildbyrå

Today, Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson, is appointed to the first honorary doctor of Sophiahemmet University. This for a long and earnest commitment that goes far beyond the usual.
- Princess Christina has been working for the university's development for over 40 years. For us, there is an extremely important symbolic value that she is the one who becomes our first and only honorary doctor so far, says Johanna Adami, Principal of the Sophiahemmet University.
Today she and Sophiahemmet's chairman Lars Kihlström Burenstam Linder handed over doctor's hat, diploma and doctor's ring to Princess Christina at the graduation ceremony in the Blue Hall. A honorary doctorate is usually given as an expression of appreciation and significant efforts for an university's activity, and it is the institutions themselves who decide if and in such cases who will be appointed.
- Sophiahemmet University has recently been granted a degree in doctoral education, and since Princess Christina has been a major support for our academic environment, the appointment feels very good, says the Dean of Research at the University, Ingela Rådestad.
Princess Christina was the Honorary Chairman of Sophiahemmet for 44 years and has shown tireless commitment to the university's activities over the years. She has always taken part in big events such as nurses' graduation. But the Princess has also been standing steadily in more difficult times. Among other things, she was deeply engaged in the 80's when Sophiahemmet University was thrown down, but also when the entire group was coordinated just under ten years ago.
- She has worked most highly operationally and has been one that is influenced both internally and externally to the university's advantage. We are extremely grateful for this work, and I am pleased to be able to appoint Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson, to Honorary Doctor of Philosophy today. A title she really deserves, says Johanna Adami.
Sophiahemmet Högskola - Prinsessan Christina utnämns till hedersdoktor

This is great, princess Christina has done a wonderful job for Sophiahemmet University, and many other associations. Wonderful that she gets this honour. And she looked regal and beautiful today.

Christina with members of her family: Tord Magnuson, Oscar Magnuson, Victor Magnuson, Vicky Andrén Magnuson and Frida Magnuson. Gustaf Magnuson and Emma Magnuson didn't attend.

Vicky posted a photo and short video to her Instagram of her mother-in-law princess Christina getting her doctor's hat:
"Wonderful to watch my sweet, lovely and intellectual mother-in-law receive her honorary doctorate tonight at the City Hall."

Galleries of princess Christina with her family and Sofia at the event
SWE: Princess Sofia of Sweden Attends Sophiahemmet's Graduation Ceremony Getty Images

Princess Christina is also a honorary doctor of Karolinska Institutet, from 2003.
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Wow, that is great news indeed! Congratulations to princess Christina, she certainly deserves the honour! And she looks so beautiful! Let's hope princess Sofia succesfully continues the work that princess Christina started and so dedicatedly for decades carried on.
Sofia looks positively beautiful tonight, she is really working to make herself a hard working member of the royal family and is becoming a real credit to them. What a marvelous change in this young lady.........just delightful to see.
Seminar on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day
Due to the Holocaust Memorial Day, a seminar will be held on Friday, January 26, at 14.00 in Bernadotte Library, Royal Palace. The Queen, the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel attend the seminar, organized in collaboration with Forum för Levande Historia (The Living History Forum).
The seminar, initiated by the Crown Princess couple, shows the importance of remembering the Holocaust and learning from its history.
The Crown Princess begins the seminar by welcoming everyone. Daniel Poohl, editor-in-chief of newspaper Expo, talks about developments in Sweden and the impact of international development on the evolution of groups with extreme ideologies and cultures of violence. Professor Yehuda Bauer talks about the connection between the history of Holocaust and today's development of intolerant ideologies.
The seminar ends with a conversation between Professor Yehuda Bauer and Chief Editor Daniel Poohl, moderated by Ingrid Lomfors, Director of the Living History Forum.
The media is welcome to attend the seminar.
Seminarium med anledning av Förintelsens minnesdag - Sveriges Kungahus

Another good initiative from Victoria and Daniel.
Queen Silvia, crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel attend today at a seminar on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day in Bernadotte Library, Royal Palace. The seminar is initiated by the crown princess couple and organized in collaboration with Forum för Levande Historia (The Living History Forum).
First photo from Instagram of Micael Bindefeld, who via his Micael Bindefeld Foundation in Memory of the Holocaust delivers a scholarship every year on Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January. Bindefeld has been invited to the seminar.


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Court Instagram, Victoria:

Victoria and queen Silvia listening professor Yehuda Bauer, 91-year-old Professor Emeritus of History and Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In the end of the seminar.
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The little lady in the back is Nina Lagergren, the sister of Raul Wallenberg and mother-in-law of Kofi Annan.

Yes, I recognized her from this photo. Sisters and survivors from concentration camps, Hedi Fried and Livia Fränkel are sitting beside her. Nina is 96 years old, Hedi 93 and Livia 90. Great ladies. Nina Lagergren was married with Gunnar Lagergren, the Marshal of the Realm in 1976-83. NIna was invited to Victoria's 40th birthday celebration last year.

The court at its website about the seminar:
Invited guests were among others survivors and relatives of survivors, organizations, embassies, students from Blackeberg and Åva high schools, teachers and students from the Police Program at Södertörn University.
The crown princess welcomed all and said in her speech:
"Never again, we say when we speak about the Holocaust. But ... think how many times in history as humanity has said "never again". And meant it. But still it happens. Again and again. Worldwide. In Rwanda, in the Balkans, in Burma: People are pursued, repressed, even killed. Just because they belong to a particular group of people or beliefs. "Wrong" group. "Wrong" faith.
Perhaps we will never completely suppress hatred and prejudice. [...] But what we can do, and must do, is to equip ourselves with knowledge and understanding.
Knowledge about our history and the meaning of words such as human rights, tolerance, civil courage. Understanding, that what happened may happen again, yes, will happen again if we are not very aware. It's when we forget the history when we risk repeating its worst and ugliest pages.
Testimonies from the people who survived The Holocaust are invaluable for creating this understanding. Some of you are here today. I can not thank you enough for the work you do by sharing your experiences."
Drottningen och Kronprinsessparet vid seminarium med anledning av Förintelsens minnesdag - Sveriges Kungahus

Victoria's speech
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans välkomstord vid seminarium om Förintelsen, Bernadottebiblioteket, fredagen den 26 januari 2018. - Sveriges Kungahus

Kronprinsessan Victorias budskap inför Förintelsens minnesdag _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Victoria von Schweden_ Hier zeigt sie ihre Hammerfigur – dabei trägt sie Samt! _ BUNTE.de

Queen Silvia and Nina Lagergren

Gallery of queen Silvia, Victoria and Daniel at the seminar on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day last Friday, and also some photos of queen Silvia at the Great Synagogue on Saturday.
Victoria, Silvia et Daniel de Suède commémorent l’Holocauste
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The king and Victoria met on Thursday Chairman of the Swedish Parliamentary Defence Commission Björn von Sydow and Secretary General Tommy Åkesson. The court hasn't published any photos of the meeting yet.
King Carl Gustaf and Victoria attended at the Council of State today.
During Councils of State, each minister present informs The King about political initiatives, investigations and current legislation within his or her department, and responds to questions asked by The King. Councils of State are held three or four time a year. The King leads these Councils of State, in which The Crown Princess also participates.
Informationskonselj på Kungliga slottet - Sveriges Kungahus
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King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria met today experts from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to gain in-depth knowledge of South Korea in preparation to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.
The royal couple is in Pyeongchang following the Swedish Olympic squad from Saturday 17th until Sunday 25th February. In March, the Crown Princess is in place to follow the paralympic squad.
Kungaparet och Kronprinsessan i möte med UD - Sveriges Kungahus
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Queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria attend today at the first day of seminar "Agenda 2030 for Children – End Violence Solutions Summit" in Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm. Queen Silvia is one of the keynote speakers with prime minister Stefan Löfven and Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.
The goals of this Summit are:
- to highlight and share mutually supporting initiatives that advance the cause of children’s rights, and to prevent and bring to an end to all forms of violence against children. This is called for in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and is promoted by the Global Partnership to End Violence;
- to spread solutions that end violence against children; to highlight how the Partnership supports the 2030 Agenda and strengthens children’s rights; and
- to make the rights of the child known and safeguarded; and to reinforce a shared commitment for action toend all forms of violence against children.

Queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria ar the seminar.
IBL Bildbyrå
Belga Image
ROYAL: Silvia und Victoria beim Seminar "Agenda 2030 for Children - End Violence Solutions Summit"


Expressen writes that queen Silvia broke consciously the protocol by starting her speech at the seminar "Dear children".
It was a high level meeting with invited guests from all over the world who together discuss how to prevent violence against children.
Amongst the participants, apart from the Queen and Crown Princess Victoria are, among others, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Deputy Secretary-General of UN Amina J. Mohammed, Dominican Republic's Minister for Women's Affairs Janet Camilo and Norway's Minister of Children and Equality Linda Hofstad Helleland.
If the Queen is speaking and the Crown Princess is sitting in the audience, the queen will first say "Your Royal Highness," and then welcome the other guests.
But when the Queen spoke on Wednesday, she completely dismissed the protocol.
Before addressing Crown Princess Victoria, she said: "Dear Children", to address the children who came to the Children's Rights Conference. In most cases, such a greeting message will come last - but since the day was about children and children's rights, the Queen chose to go a little beyond the limits.
The audience quickly noted that the protocol was broken and Queen Silvia smiled, a little proud to Crown Princess Victoria before she continued with "Your Royal Highness, Excellencies, Ministers, Ladies and gentlemen."
Also Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed started her speech "Dear children".
Här bryter Silvia mot regeln – med Victoria framför sig _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Drottningen och Kronprinsessan vid internationellt toppmöte om våld mot barn - Sveriges Kungahus

Queen Silvia's speech (in english)
H.M. Drottningens tal vid Solutions Summit, Stockholm, onsdagen den 14 februari 2018 - Sveriges Kungahus

Silvia hyllades på hjärteuppdraget _ Svensk Damtidning

Queen Silvia's speech
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State Council (12.03.18) at the Royal Palace

The court has updated their calendar today. There will be an official dinner at the Royal Palace on the 31st May. The king, queen, crown princess Victoria, prince Daniel, prince Carl Philip and princess Sofia attend.
Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus

King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria and Daniel attended on Monday at a diplomatic reception at the Royal Palace. At the reception were invited ambassadors from Dominican Republic, Portugal, Turkey, Ethiopia, Lebanon, South Korea, Egypt and Iraq with their spouses.
Kungaparet och Kronprinsessparet höll diplomatmottagning - Sveriges Kungahus
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King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and Victoria attend this evening at 'The Bernadotte dynasty and music' event at the Hall of State at the Royal Palace.
Belga Image

This year it is 200 years since Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was appointed as King of Sweden. Due to the anniversary, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, in collaboration with the Royal Court, arranges a musical evening April 12 with theme The Bernadotte Dynasty.
Among the performers are acclaimed soprano Christina Nilsson, current in the title role of Aida at the Royal Opera, together with pianist Magnus Svensson.
A panel of music experts talk about the importance of The Bernadotte Dynasty for the development of Swedish music. Everything under the leadership of tonight's moderator Susanne Rydén, the President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.
Bernadotterna och musiken – musikafton i Rikssalen*12 april* - Sveriges Kungahus

Christina Nilsson and Magnus Svensson

Kungaparet och Kronprinsessan vid Klingande Akademi – Bernadotterna och musiken - Sveriges Kungahus

Kungaparet och kronprinsessan Victoria på hyllningskonsert _ Svensk Damtidning
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Victoria, Daniel, Estelle, Oscar and Carl Philip welcomed the Swedish National Ice Hockey Team, the World Champions, to the Royal Palace to congratulate them about 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, which they won yesterday at the final match against Switzerland.
IBL Bildbyrå
Belga Image

Estelle and Oscar

VM-hjältarna besökte slottet _ Aftonbladet

Court Instagram
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Well done to the Swedish team and nice to see Estelle and Oscar in the line up today.
Victoria, Daniel, Estelle, Oscar and Carl Philip welcomed the Swedish National Ice Hockey Team, the World Champions, to the Royal Palace to congratulate them about 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, which they won yesterday at the final match against Switzerland.
IBL Bildbyrå
Belga Image

Estelle and Oscar
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VM-hjältarna besökte slottet _ Aftonbladet
Thank you for sharing. Do you have HQ pictures or at least better pictures? Estelle and Oscar look so lovely, and the photo with the trophy is so cute :flowers:
Thank you for sharing. Do you have HQ pictures or at least better pictures? Estelle and Oscar look so lovely, and the photo with the trophy is so cute :flowers:

I don't have any other photos than these linked here.

Court website
Kronprinsessfamiljen och Prins Carl Philip tog emot herrlandslaget*i ishockey - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Facebook

Stella Pictures

The players told to the press about the visit:
- It was awesome. It was something that you couldn't be with - if you aren't at a national team, says Adam Larsson.
- That was cool. You must have done something to get there, says Jacob de la Rose.
In the photos, Prince Oscar is wearing a small Tre Kronor-shirt (Tre Kronor is the name of the National Icehockey Team) with all the Swedish players' autographs while holding the World Cup together with big sister Estelle.
Information officer Ulrika Näsholm tells us that Prince Oscar got the shirt from the hockey team after last year's World Cup gold.
- It was a gift from the hockey team which he received last year when they won. Princess Estelle got a shirt today, too, she said.
On the other hand, the princess was not seen wearing the shirt at the photos. The reason was simply that she got the shirt after the photographers had left.
- She got it after the media had left. She put it on a little later, says Ulrika Näsholm.
Mika Zibanejad tells of the meeting at the Palace.
- It was amazing. Last I did it after Junior World Championships. That honor is incredibly great. It is not possible to describe. Amazingly great. It's about showing appreciation from both directions. It is mutual respect. It was great fun to be there, he said.
Prins Oscars fina gest till Tre Kronor _ Tre Kronor _ Expressen

From Svensk Damtidning
Se Oscar i hockeytröja när kronprinsessfamiljen firade hockeyguldet _ Svensk Damtidning

Estelle von Schweden_ Hier geht's lang! Sie hilft Brüderchen Oscar beim Termin _ BUNTE.de
Här får Estelle och Oscar än en gång träffa VM-hjältarna Gala Magazine
Estelles halsband och Oscars Adidas-skor _ Kungliga modebloggen

Estelle and Oscar


Behind the scenes photos from Twitter of Tommy Boustedt from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association. Estelle wears the team shirt she got yesterday.
We see that also Victoria, Daniel and Carl Philip got shirts.
"Many thanks to the Royal Family for very nice and appreciated visit to the Palace."

King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and Victoria had today an audience with Deputy Solicitor to HM The King Olle Stenman.
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