Sverre Magnus: Current Events 2 / January 2006 - December 2006

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These pictures are sooo cute. The whole family is really adorable! Especially the interaction between Marius and Ingrid! Love them.
What adorable pictures! They are an absolutely gorgeous, sweet family. The children seem to get along great.
My favorite is the picture of Marius holding the baby, and Ingrid hugging him!
sverre is soooooooooo beautiful!
Thanks for the photos. Sverre Magnus is a big, cute baby.

It appears Marius is a good, big brother, and Ingrid Alexandra will be a good playmate when Sverre Magnus gets older. I think Marius will be taller than his parents and all three children will be taller than 5 feet 7 inches.
Lovely pictures. :)

Colors..colors... :eek: I just wish that IA, a little girl, would be more colorfully dressed. If she's too deprived of colorful clothes in her youth then she'll end up like her aunt Martha-Louise and, though lively and lovely that would be a bit too colorful for a queen:rolleyes: .
Sverre is so beautiful, I adore this baby! He's totally cute (as is I-A). Marius looks really a lot like his mother. They're a lovely set of siblings, all of them together. Haakon and M-M looked great too! I especially liked what M-M was wearing, dark colors suit her and her blonde hair very well. Thanks for the pictures all! I always enjoy pictures of this family very much.

Well, let the christening begin! ;)
(I can hardly wait!)
Photos from NRK


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Marius and Haakon are wearing the same colors: black sweater & white shirt
A few more from Aftenposten


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Marius is, by far, the cutest in the family. He is going to be a very handsome man. He is just too cute.
Absolutely brilliant pics, thanks to all who posted some!
It's great to see so many pics and not only a few chosen ones like for Sverre's first presentation...:)
the faces sverre has in most of the pics are hilarious. it's incredible he is just 3 months old! he is going to be a really beautiful boy and he already is one of the cutest ones born in the royal boom period in 2005. marius is also going to be such an atractive man... not very fond of ingrid's clothes really... brown is not a really nice colour for children.
it was lovely to see them all in this pictures...
i love PI determined little face, you can see she has a mind of her own already, bet she has those boys wrapped around her little finger before too long.
nice to meet you susiewong, u found a good place to visit
Thanks for posting the pics.

Sverre Magnus can pull some adorable faces.
On the interview on TV2 the interviewer asked if they chose godparents from tradition, strategy or with the heart; they said they choose people they wanted to be godparents to their children and people they felt closeness/friendshio with. Haakon said he was very happy the Queen was going to be one of them

I have to say Sverre is the picture of patience, first Haakon was holding him and handed him to Marius and then two seconds late Ingrid "attacked" her brother saying she wanted to hold him and he was moved again, all the time whilst awake and looking at them and not making any sounds

PS Mette-Marit need to learn some new words, saying "veldig viktig" (very important - all the time sounds repititive. Haakons interview skills has improved though IMO, now we even get some sentences that it seems he has not thought trough to much and that sound genuine and "in the moment" sometimes before he has sounded a little rehearsed
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Sverre is a very big baby! for a 3 month old! But I-A is the cutest toddler EVER! :p
sverre is so cute. my favorite pictures are those with all three kids. all in all lovely pictures.
The pictures are lovely. Thanks to everyone who posted them. All the kids are dressed in very neutral colors. I think they look very spiffy for little kids :D but I wish I saw the kids (especially Marius and IA) in little bit more colorful clothing. Everyone looked lovely though.

Marius is going to be a HEARTBREAKER. :D His smile is absolutely captivating and adorable.
Princess BellyFlop said:
Lovely pictures. :)

Colors..colors... :eek: I just wish that IA, a little girl, would be more colorfully dressed. .

I was thinking the same thing . Ingrid would look lovely in a pretty smocked dress and let her be a little girl . It's cute to wear play clothes but for a photoshoot color looks great on children but the photos are beautiful nonetheless.Thanks for all the pictures.
Lovely family pics. All kids are cute and similar to each other. And little Sverre is just adorable. :) But I also wish that for family photo they all should wear more color.
Thank you for video. Mette Marit is so natural and has a beautiful smile.:) I wish I could understand the interview.:p
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