Sverre Magnus: Current Events 2 / January 2006 - December 2006

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Maybe this has been mentioned before, but when is his baptism?
while reading a book on Viking history a chapter on the Vendel Period has this what i thought was an interesting paragraph (paraphased)
"The cemetery of Vendel in the province of Uppland stands on the east bank of the river Fyris. The rulers of the Svear mentioned by Latin writers of the Roman period of being the dominate force in the Baltic, and who gave their name to the later country of Sweden.
This seemed to be a variation spelling of Sverre and i was wondering about the geography, is this area in Sweden or Norway.
bbb said:
while reading a book on Viking history a chapter on the Vendel Period has this what i thought was an interesting paragraph (paraphased)
"The cemetery of Vendel in the province of Uppland stands on the east bank of the river Fyris. The rulers of the Svear mentioned by Latin writers of the Roman period of being the dominate force in the Baltic, and who gave their name to the later country of Sweden.
This seemed to be a variation spelling of Sverre and i was wondering about the geography, is this area in Sweden or Norway.
Sweden, I think. Not Norway, at least.
thank you, i just love this forem, and special thanks for all you moderators do

Photos by Lise Aserud (Scanpix) via Dagbladet

Newborn Norwegian Price, to be named Sverre Magnus, pictured as Norwegian Crownprince Haakon and Crownprincess Mette-Marit (posed with their family for photographers in their home at Skaugum near Oslo Thursday 02 March. The photosession was on the occasion of the upcoming baptising ceremony of their son, Sverre Magnus, on Saturday 04 March.


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more from Lise Askerud (scanpix) via Dagbladet
& 1 from EPA-ANP & 1 from nettavisen


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OOPS! i think both of us posted the photos at the same time :)
many more from Nettavisen


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Beautiful pictures. It seems that Marius is great big brother.
Oh, such beautiful photos. I definitetly love this photo session with children, they are great!
Ingrid Alexandra is growing very fast. The baby seems to me to Marius.
What do you think?
sverre is definitly a very cute boy. i think he looks like a mixture between ingrid and marius.
i think marius is a great big brother, too. i love the pic where ingrid is hugging marius and he is holding sverre.
ingrid is really becoming a little girl instead of a baby. She is cute!
there's nothing more i can say of this photo session... They are simply too adorable... i love each of the pictures, each tell a different story.. a different moment.. all too precious.. :) :D

another article from NRK :

and some photos from NRK ..


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The pics where Prince Sverre is smiling are just precious. He has the face of the grown-up in these pics. In my opinion he is the spitting image of his grandfarther Harald.
They call little Sverre Magnus just for Magnus. Thanks for the pictures


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Marius is getting so tall! I thought IA would be fair haired but it appears not.

So many photos, surely there is a video!!!
Sverre Magnus centre stage in new royal photos

As they prepare for the March 4 christening of their youngest child, Prince Sverre Magnus, Norwegian royals Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Princess Mette-Marit have released new photos of their growing brood.

The newest member of the household, and the focus of this Saturday's ceremony, takes centre stage in the images – which were taken in the couple's home in Skaugum, near Oslo - along with his older sister Princess Ingrid Alexandra. Meanwhile Marius, the Crown Princess' nine-year-old son from a previous relationship, keeps a loving eye on his mum from the background.

thank you for the darling photos. PS personality if already shining bright. Love to see the interaction between PA and M, you can tell she adores him. Such a lovely happy family. thanks again
purple_platinum said:
several articles :

perhaps someone can give brief summary?

An almost normal family at Skaugum.

Big brother Marius helps to turn the pages in the picture book about Annika, while little brother Sverre Magnus, or just Magnus as the family calls him, sleeps on Daddy's lap.

It is an "almost normal" family who have seated themselves on the couch in the library at Skaugum, with some picturebooks, in honour of the photographers. But the Crown Princely couple don't hide that they feel very privileged.

"We are very fortunate who are allowed to stay at Skaugum," says Crown Prince Haakon to NTB.

"Yes, just look out of the window right now, and you'll see why," adds Crown Princess Mette-Marit and points out on the beautiful wintery scenery.

On Saturday they'll baptise their youngest son in the Palace Chapel, and have on that occasion, invited NTB home to Skaugum in Asker.

Looks like mummy.

The 3 months old prince wakes after a while from the sharp lights from the photographers, but don't understand the fuss. He smiles and "talks" with parents and siblings, and mummy hopes he'll behave just as nice during the chistening on Saturday.

The Crown Princess speaks of her youngest as "very beautiful, nice and quiet." There's no doubt as to who he looks like.

"His sister is practically identical to her father, but Magnus looks like my side of the family, I'd like to point out," says a smiling Mummy.

After the illness earlier this winter, the little Prince is developing nicely over the past few weeks.

"He'll communicate with us in a completely different way. When we "babytalk" with him, he'll retort with sounds and large smiles," says Mum.

Crown Prince Haakon underlines that there were never anything dramatic around his son's illness. "He had a viral infection, and when he didn't get better after 10 days the doctor felt it was best to get him into the hospital. We found it very reassuring, and fortunately he quickly became better and we could go home," says the Crown Prince.

Life on the farm.
The Crown Prince is one of the biggest dairy farmers in Asker, and the children are constantly out to say hi to the cows.

"It's very nice for the children to live so closely to animals," says the Crown Princess and laughs as she tells that the family also have bunnies, for the children's sake.

Other than that, the property is used much for recreational activities.

"We can put on our skis outside and take walks from here," they tell, and with their children they have used the skis much this winter. The smallest one is too young to join in, but Ingrid Alexandra has just learned to ski a bit, even if she is still very happy with daddy pulling her in the pulk/sled.

"She finds it funny to ski herself. As long as she's got the stakes, she's fine." tells a proud mother. "To use the nature in our surroundings is part of how we raise our children. Here it is possible to take them along on activities that makes them feel as if though they can manage to do something, thus provides safety."

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, who earlier often went to Frognersetern for her walks, have recently discovered the many beautiful recreational areas in Asker. "As I've grown to know Asker, I've grown better at using the nature here," says the lady of the house, who earlier viewed herself as an urban dweller.

Children first.

When Ingrid Alexandra was born two years ago, King Harald was ill. It meant that the Crown Prince couldn't put his wife and children first in the same way as he's been able to do this time. "It's been a great difference. I've got more possibilities to put the family first, and it is very nice," says Daddy Haakon, who spend a lot of time with the children. That way he can follow up on Marius' activities, and follow the development of the two youngest in another way.

Marius has got many new friends after moving to Skaugum, according to the couple, and a class mate lives at the farm. The nine year old is described as a caring and nice big brother. He has recently picked up one of Haakon's interests, and started playing the guitar.

"Ingrid learns new words every day. She's in a very active linguistic period, which is a joy to follow. She talks like a waterfall, and repeats the words all the time," says daddy.

She's got some problems with the letter R, so Marius is "Maius". Sverre Magnus is "baby" or "little brother."

Special position.

Norway's future queen have started daycare, but for the moment, she's napping at home.

If the little princess will start at Jansløkka School, as her big brother did, is an open question. "We haven't thought about it yet," says the Crown Prince.

That their daughter is in a special position compared to her brothers, isn't a problem, according to the couple.

"We think that it will be a natural thing, but it is certain that she will have much more attention towards her than her siblings. One of the things that are different is that Ingrid will be taken along to other occasions than the two others, and then it becomes important that we're open to all three and explain the situation as it is," says the Crown Prince. Both he and the Crown Princess thinks that their daughter already feels as if though she's in a different position than her brothers, especially when photographers arrive for a visit.

Grandparents and babysitters.

A Norwegian saying is: "Norway stops without grandparents". It is extra appropriate for the family at Skaugum.

"We are so lucky that whenever we travel, my mother moves in here. In that manner we're privileged. I don't think we could have traveled as much as we have these past two years if my mother hadn't been here," says Mette-Marit.

But the family also have two grandparents on the other side who are very engaged.

"My parents are nice to have as grandparents, and they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren," tells the Crown Prince.

"And grandmother is very generous when it comes to the grandchildren," adds his wife. They enjoy to babysit.

Good friends.

Many royal guests are arriving for the chistening on Saturday. The couple underlines that they aren't invited because they are royals, but because they are personal friends. "We are very happy about the friends we have in the other royal houses, but they aren't very different than our other friends," says the Crown Princess.

The young royals see each other regularly, and even if they don't give advice, they'll exchange experiences in many areas.

"Of course we talk about how we do things compared to how others do them, but it is as if though we talk with other friends," says Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

Saturday they'll all meet in Sverre Magnus' Christening.
Happy to read

Sorry that I have not replied earlier but I have been in hospital and only now home and fine. I love the forum but I am very happy just to read whats going on and perhaps grow in confidence I may post in the future:)

several more from Aftenposten


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