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[DNF] Fotoarchief Denieuwsfoto

Everyone is saying little Magnus looks like Mette-Marit, but I really see a resemblance between him and his great-grandfather, when Olav V was a boy, in this picture!

Ack, norwegianne beat me to it, but I loved the picture of little Olav. Definitely you can see the resemblance!
Now that you say it - he does really resemblance King Olav.

Some pictures from Her&Nå, If you click on them they are in a big size.
A video from Dagbladet
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The pictures from the photoshoot are so extremely nice, I can't get enough
of them!
I think they are so special as to the fact that there is a lot of "action", they
came down the stairs, tried out their bikes, walked through the park, many
ocassions for great photos.
As you all mentioned the similarities between children and parents, I'm
looking forward to see how child number four will look like :D
I was so excited when I got online today and saw the photoshoot of my favorite family. It was great seeing how all the kids have grown. I think the I-A is a handful, she seems to have such a big personality. She will really keep her parents on their toes. LOL:lol:
Magnus is so cute, he always looked like alittle old man, what a face he has!! He looks a lot like his older brother:wub:
And of course, Marius, I just love this boy. What a great big brother, I-A and Magnus are so lucky to have him. He seems like he is starting to get embarrassed by the attention especially since he is a pre-teen. I also liked when they were coming out of the house for the phootshoot, Marius was holding CPH hand. They seems very close and seems to still have a great relationship.
I think the Princely couple are very good parents.
Thanks everyone who posted links and pictures!!
Thank you LaMinka for all those beautiful photo's you have !!!!
It's so nice to see all Royal familys in these photoshot so natural, playing and not posing for photographers!!! So nice to see them natural!!
they really are a sweet family thanks for posting alll of the pictures !
Every time I see Princess Mette Marit is better and better, She looks wonderfull, relax and really elegant in evrey kind of moment, at home, in gala dinner, in official acts.
Good for her!
Such wonderful pictures, the children are adorable. Magnus has hair!
Omigod!!! :eek: The kids are super cute! IA is full of surprises. Love her making all those funny faces... :wub: And the CP couple as usual looks so great together. Great family! Great pictures!
Ingrid is a little imp! Haakon had a hard time keeping a straight face when she was pulling faces. HAHA
They're such a lovely family! It's nice to see Haakon and Mette-Marit with their beautiful little blonde children, though Ingrid Alexandra's hair seems to be getting darker, so I think when she's older her hair will be brown like her father's instead of the light blonde her mother and older brother have. The children are all three beautiful but you can still see they're children having fun, unlike some of the stiff posed photos you used to see with other royal children.
Summer Photosession 2008

There will be a summer photosession with the Norwegian CP Family next weekend. It will take place at Flatholmen, where the Family owns a Summerhouse. ::..
Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see the pictures of my favorite family. Hope all the children are present for this session.
Thanks for the info.....
Me too! They are my fave family. I'm counting the days.......... :D

So they'll use the newly purchased summer house. Can't wait for this! I love the kids :wub:

I found several articles:

I think these 2 articles says that they spent Haakon's bday there in the summerhouse.

Overskyet på Haakons 35-årsdag - VG Nett om Kronprinsparet

Gratulerer med dagen Haakon! - SEHER.NO : Norske kongehus

How about this one... could anyone translate please....

Kronsprinsparet tar i bruk sin nye hytte i Uvdal til høsten. - VG Nett om Kronprinsparet
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What nice pictures, but where was Marius? Was he with his father?
What nice pictures, but where was Marius? Was he with his father?

Yes, after spending the first parts of the holiday with his mother and stepfather, Marius is now on holiday with his father's family. :flowers:
Wonderful Pictures, Magnus is getting so big, he is almost as tall as I-A. I only wished they could of had some pictures taken with Marius present. I realize he is getting older, so maybe he didn't want to but I would of loved to see one of my favorite young man. They have such beautiful children, hopefully we will hear of another baby soon:whistling::whistling::whistling:
Sverre looks terribly cute!

Gallery from Hola magazine:

Galerías de imágenes

I noticed a brownish stain in his little arm. Since I do not follow this RF very much, I am possibly uninformed... is it a sunburn or some skin problem? Thanks!
Oh boy, this picture is indeed more then cute!

I noticed a brownish stain in his little arm. Since I do not follow this RF very much, I am possibly uninformed... is it a sunburn or some skin problem? Thanks!
I never noticed this before. :ermm: Looks a little bit like a pigment-mark or something.
Extremely nice pix and people !
Such a good looking family !
I think that the mark on Magnus' arm is a birthmark. I have one myself, on my stomach and another on my thigh, although they are quite small, compared to his.

Edit: They are called "Café au lait spots" and they seem to be what both Magnus and I have.
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