Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

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LaChicaMadrilena said:
No wander...:eek::eek::eek:
Will any party connected with regatas be organized (like it was last year, when Leti was pregnant; she was wearing black top and trousers)?

Yes, tomorrow in the night it is the dinner, how every year. Probably Letizia goes like she did last year, Leonor will be sleeping already.

I hope that we see soon the girl, though not if they will dare to walking with her with this unbearable heat.:cool:
Here lula, the photos of wireimage ;)

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Some more of wireimage :)

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eireann said:
hi mtbcm, hope u find my reply in the midst of all the drooling :p eddie irvine is a former F1´s a link to an image of him

What a hunk;) !!! Thank you for your reply, eireann.

I think so, LCM. Those parties happen year after year, the only thing that could happen is Letizia not going to be with Leonor... but I think she will try to go and Queen Sofia will be abble to talk with Leonor about pulling your cousin's hair in public :D...

I'm looking forward to see Leonor and Letizia in Mallorca...

Thank you all for sharing all the news and photos of day 2 :). Dear Juanita your wireimage close-ups are unapropriate with this heat ;)(where'a my fan?! :D). Felipe you missed to put protector in here, ihihihihih

mtbcm :)
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Some more of wireimage :)

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Thank you Juanita!:D

The photographer has not lost detail, every gesture, every movement ... certainly it seems that the Prince spreads the suntan lotion much better than the King.:p

From terra


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lula said:
Thank you Juanita!:D

The photographer has not lost detail, every gesture, every movement ... certainly it seems that the Prince spreads the suntan lotion much better than the King.:p
You're most welcome, lula! ;) :D
Yeah! The photographer is a perfectionist! :D :rolleyes:

BTW, Are Princess Letizia and Leo already in Mallorca?
Princess de Asturias, Doña Letizia, today drive a cart of baby in center of Palma de Mallorca, by where she took a walk next to Reina Sofía.

from terra


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planetcher said:
I'm guessing that Letizia's critics will say that she made the Queen push Leonor's stroller, wanna bet?

I don't understand what there would be to criticize about the Queen pushing Leonor's stroller. It's a grandmother pushing her granddaughter in her stroller, just as we've seen the Queen push Cristina's sons and Elena's kids in their strollers, why shouldn't we see her pushing Felipe's daughter?
planetcher said:
I'm guessing that Letizia's critics will say that she made the Queen push Leonor's stroller, wanna bet?

I don't understand the purpose of this statement. Have things gotten so bad that defensive statements must be made even before there is a hint of criticism?:confused:

Anyway, thanks for the link. Leonor is getting so big, hopefully we'll get to see alot more photos as the summer vacations go on.
WireImage - 1st Batch

Thanks for the link, planetcher. This is my first attempt to upload photos... so, I hope that I am doing it correctly...

Thanks Kartheina!

Leonor is so big and gorgeous i hope will get to see more ;)
By the way that stroller is very very similar to the one urdangarín boys used...

Does anyone know how long is their sommer vacations?
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WireImage - 2nd Batch

I think that went well. I will work on uploading the rest from WireImage

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kartheina said:
I think that went well :) I will work on uploading the rest.

I certainly think it did -- you've done a lovely job and I'm most appreciative! Thank you. And I also don't know why the negative comment about the Queen pushing the stroller -- I'll bet she is like most grandmothers and loves any chance to help with grandchildren, especially when they are very little. The photos are great.
You are most certainly welcome! It was my pleasure to upload the photos. I hope that we'll see more in the next few hours.

Leonor is now so big. I think carrying her around is enough to keep her Daddy in shape ;)

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Thanks for the pics Kartheina, Letizia is such a sweet mommy :)

..and Leonor is beautiful she has grown a lot it seems she's going to be very tall! :)
omg....Leonor is just adorable.....did any one noticed that Leonor is always wearing white in public ?????

btw.....i think she's just a really well behaved baby, never really seen her cry or being naughty !!!
Letizia and Leonor of purchases with Reina

Doña Letizia and the Infant arrived yesterday in the morning at the island, a day after his husband did. Its presence in the street Jaume II, yesterday in the evening, caused that a multitude of peculiar crowded itself to the door of each one of the establishments which they entered, as it happened in the store of complements and Bijou imitation jewellery Brigitte, while the Princess bought one pamela white to game with the gorrito that took Leonor. Doña Letizia put in a probador to see what so seated to him. With the movable telephone in the hands, she sent a message while the hat paid and immediately afterwards it left the store next to the girl and Reina. The anecdote took place when the employee took advantage of the occasion to do a photo to them with the camera of his telephone.
When coming out the passers-by professed tokens to them of affection - some even followed them during a short while. Infant Leonor continued creating sense of expectancy being conceited of her great blue eyes while mordisqueaba the control of her small car. The women of the family continued their stroll by the street Tous i Maroto and Jaume III.

Letizia arrives and it goes away of “shopping”

It was not the flautista of Hamelin, nor arrived Mister Marshall, but the citizens of Palm walked yesterday behind schedule by downtown following the sign of a queen - Doña Sofía-, a princess - Letizia Ortiz- and infant - Leonor-. Princess de Asturias released her vacations in Majorca going shopping with Reina and its first-born. Doña Sofía and her daughter-in-law entered a store of imitation jewellery near the City council of Palm and continued their stroll by the street San Nicholas. Letizia dressed a white shirt and trousers sure whereas Reina took to a shirt to rays and a jeans. It was the one in charge to push the cart of her last granddaughter who took to a white cap and a dress.

The organization of the regata exclusive right tonight offers a supper in the Castle of San Carlos to whom usually they do not lack the members of the Royal Family.


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Leonor is such a beautiful baby! I think she looks just like Felipe but with lighter hair. Does anyone know if their are any celebrations planned for Leonor's first birthday????:confused: :)
What a beautiful pictures really lovely.... I want to see Letizia with the white hat that she bougth for herself.... Maybe today?????
The girl is beautiful and very big . Always I surprise it calm that she is, even with the riot that surrounds her always.:D For Letizia it has to be exhausting, because the girl has extracted the genes of her father and is very big, must weigh enough. Letizia does not need gymnasium must spend everything with the creature .... I do not want to know what will be when she starts walking.:confused:
They have taken advantage very well of the element surprise ... while they all were in the ditches they escaped, let's wait to see them this weekend with the men.

The Breitling waits for Letizia

The Princess of Asturias landed yesterday in Palm and it hopes that she follows the ditch in high seas

It begins the activity on the wharves. The second day of the Cup Breitling in Port Portals. The crew members of the crafts move with fluency on the covers preparing the mast and the winds.

The temperature is raised and the sunbeams fall down perpendicular, ready to be hot to everything that one that does not take protection. Some minutes of the ten and quarter of the morning were passing when the well-prepared Prince Felipe raised the Aifos and smeared himself generously with cream - undoubtedly he doubts, the instantaneous one of the day-. The same steps followed the rest of navigators who were accompanying him spending to them nicely the pipe of solar screen. The inheritor to the Wreath contributed in the tasks of arming the ship. He took charge coiling together with several companions the candle bigger than the botavara or horizontal stick. Though the day was not appearing specially windy, the crew of the Aifos seemed to be ready to improve the tenth ninth place obtained the previous day in the table of classified.

Some of the neighboring) crafts, as the Caixa Galicia, are started by them course being done to the sea to the field of ditches. And the King does not appear still. His habitual breakfast is lengthened in the Flanigan by the Queen, Jose Cusí (his outfitter) and the woman of this one.

The white heads and garnets of the Bribón have it quite ready to set sail. They gather the buoys of the edges of port and starboard, place the helm. The one who will govern the craft in this occasion? To the 10.45 rucksack appeared to the shoulder for the pantalanes, this time without Dona Sofía. After some small skid, he hurried to embarking ready to enter waters of the bay palmesana. But before, the change of footwear was indispensable. Sat close to the helm, the King extracted a pair of shoes of non-slipping sole that they were going to try a surer movement in the cover during the voyage. While one of the sailors was giving up the ends that he was keeping tied to the pier, the Monarch was sticking to nude double his nautical ones of sole of rubber later to be done by the cane of his sailboat.

It was one day without scares. The Princess Letizia did not appear for the wharves of Port Portals, in spite of having landed in the evening in the Island with the small Leonor. What yes has confirmed is the assistance to Sa Pobla, where the couple will receive the Golden medal of the municipality.

The day regatista of the previous day dressed of mourning: the Queen and Don Felipe were present at seven o'clock in the afternoon at the funeral mass of Margarita Picardo Bertrán, wife of the admiral Marcial Sanchez-Barcaiztegui Aznar, president of the National Commission of Ditches of the Navy and great friend of the Kings.

25 years of images well costa Cup

The Kings will inaugurate on July 31 an exhibition that revises the most significant moments of the competition

The history of the Cup of the King in photographies on the water and the nautical spirit in Ainhoa Arteta's voice. The exhibition Corners of the King - 25 years of images and the concert of the Auditórium the acts of 25 lead anniversary. (...)
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Thank you so much for the pics! The girl is absolutely beautiful! And she is sooo big! No wander Letizia and Felipe are loosing weight with such "exersize" as carring her:D:D I love seeing Sofia and Leti together, they have such a fantastic relationship!
From Hola

The prince Felipe takes part in the Ditch Breitling on board of the 'Aifos'

The prince Felipe takes part in the Ditch XII Breitling, which began yesterday in Palma, on board of the craft 'Aifos', whose name is the investment of the order of the letters that form Sofía's name. This year the Prince will not haggle with the CAM as other years. Also his father takes part, the king don Juan Carlos with the 'Bribón', and the king Harald of Norway on board of the 'Fram'.



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Yes, she is in light pink hat, shoes and t-shirt.

Leonor looks so cute and big. I love to watch all these photos of her and the family:) Look at Felipe's face, he is so proud - Leo is daddy's girl:D That's really lovely family.

Btw.The Queen push Leonor's stroller - so what she is her grandma and she can do that if she want and can. She's done that with her other grandchildren's strollers than why not with Leonor's?
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