Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

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Images from deadline


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Is very probably tend in count the sport... existe gloves but is always possible Any way is a nice pair of pics, they show if they care with isch other..thanks a lot for post them.
Hola has another video clip -- taken during the awarding ceremony of the Breitling Regatta:

ldt20 said:
I don't think this video has been posted yet.

Felipe, Letizia and Leonor in the Aifos saying hi to the crew.

Thanks, ldt20, for this video link :)

It looks like Leonor had her ‘test run’ of being patron of the Aifos! I think that in the future, Felipe will gladly entrust her that boat so he can move and sail with his friends at the CAM :D

Especially after all the speculation that came out on how much the King hates everything that has to do with Letizia, it was great to see them share some laughs. The princess even managed to go cross to the King’s boat to greet him with a kiss and curtsey!

As she did so, it looks like she was waiting for Leonor to be handed over to her from the other boat but it seems that Felipe was not ready to give her up for a few more seconds :p
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Wow!What a happy holidays.They are such a affectionate family and Princess Letizia is simply stunning in all the outfits.They seem to be so in love with each other and I'm so happy for them.
mtbcm said:
I hope next time Prince Felipe gets a boy, he had some trouble fixing Leonor's dress;) , ahahahah

I hope that too, can you imagine Letizia with a little Felipe :) :p :) :p :) :p
Imagine Scandinavia has some more photos that are slightly different. Here's the first batch:

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And the last batch from Imagine Scandinavia:

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Thank you everyone for those awesome shots! What a beautiful family! And yes, now I can see more of Felipe in Leonor (before I only saw Letizia), and I think that Prince Felipe was right in his first declarations after her birth - she has features of both. What a gorgeous mixture of her parents she is!:D

And Letizia was positively glowing at the prize-giving ceremony. She looked perfect! I'm absolutely in love with everything, her outfit, her hair and (mainly!) her sandals!!!!
several pictures from EPA & Dusko Despotovic

at the Breitling Regatta Dinner :

and at the Breitling Award Ceremony :
OMG, i just came back from a trip and found all this wonderful pictures, i am really surprise there are so many photos.

Leonor is super cute, is so nice to see her in a more natural environment and finally get to see her smiling :)

Thanks to everyone who posted all this great picture and articles.
How come there are no more pictures of the princes? Are they still there? I miss seeing the baby!!!!!
leonor is beautiful!
tha infantas will go to palma?
letizia is really very very skinny...........
corazon said:
the infantas will go to palma?

I guess they will, but we will have to be patient because I remember last year, when we had to wait ages until we saw Infanta Elena and family in Mallorca!:(
kartheina said:

Thank you for sharing the link kartheina :).

I've found 4 pics that are slightly different from the thousands :D already posted.

Close-ups of Leonor

The Princes looking proudly to their bundle of joy while Letizia touches Leonor's hand

Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia in a very nice picture of the two laughin and enjoying time together


mtbcm :)
lula said:
Gallery from 20minutos

The Infanta dona Leonor dismisses her father during a ditch in Majorca
So nice to see the Spanish royal family on a well-deserved vacation (they seem to work so hard all the time) and enjoying themselves. I just got back from vacation myself. Thanks to everyone for posting all the photos for us to enjoy.
BTW, does this boat "Somni" belong to Felipe and Letizia or the King and Queen?
How long do they usually stay in Palm de Mallorca?


Leonora is too adorable. And I agree that she's looking more like Felipe as she gets older... especially in this picture. Even her hair looks like his. :D
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Little Leonor has the same square face as her royal grandmother.
Leonor is absolutely precious, que niña mas bella! I think she looks like her Papa, and my favorite photo is the one of Letizia and Queen Sofia pushing the stroller with Leonor. You can tell that wife and mother-in-law get along well. THANK GOD!

...sOfIa.... said:
I guess they will, but we will have to be patient because I remember last year, when we had to wait ages until we saw Infanta Elena and family in Mallorca!:(

why? the last year I remember see cristina with baby irene but not elena
two pics from People en Español magazine, from yesterday and today's online issue:,22491,1218474,00.html

Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe goes on a stroll with little Leonor in Mallorca, Spain. The happy royal family is enjoying their vacations with the King and Queen of Spain in their residence on the island.,22491,1219002_3,00.html

Infanta Leonor became the center of all the attention during a stroll with her parents, the Princes of Asturias, on board a yacht in Mallorca, Spain.
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WOW! Leonor is absolutely adorable! The picture of her smiling (now my avatar) is my favourite. It's great to see so many pictures of the family together. thank you to all who posted pictures :)
Leonor is absolutely gorgeous. And Felipe and Letizia look so very happy with their beautiful little girl:)
Do you know when Copa del Rey starts? Will Cristina participate or only Felipe and the King?
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