Spanish State Visit to Norway: June 6-8, 2006

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mtbcm said:
Its perfectly understandable due to the similarity of names, I hope you didn't mind me correcting .
Don't worry! I never mind something like this.
I was just so amazed by the beautiful picture of Sonja and JuanCarlos! :)
It seems we can see more lovely gestures between the Norwegian Royal couple and other Royals, then between Harald and Sonja themselves.....
Stunning!! Both Queen and Mette-Marit look stunning!! :D ;)
It's just my impression or both Kings look healthier?!?! :confused:
More images of the reception to the spanish comunity

from terra


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Images from terra


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I'm not a big fan of Sofia's gown tonight. :( She looked much prettier yesterday!
M-M and Märtha both look nice.
Also sonja!
This gown is much better then the one she wore yesterday! She doesn't look as "small" then. ;)
I agree, didn't much like Queen Sofia's gown either. I liked Mette-Marit's very discreet suit as well as Martha (although that bright lime green makes her look much more tan).
i may not have a fashion sense but see if you agree with me.
Queen Sofia looks great!!! Love the dramatic dress.
Queen Sonja looks like she is going to the ballet.
ML -what is up with the shiny hose and the off the shoulder dress? Pretty but not to me as formal as the occassion demands?
MM- Like the dress. Glad that she is wearing something besides black but the dress looks like it should be worn at work, not to a formal dinner!!
WHat do you think?
Linda 85
Loved Sofia's pink dress at the Spanish community visit.
About the Countess of Barcelona's tiara that Sofia wore at the Gala State Banquet, maybe she felt that she wanted to wear a different tiara and asked her s-i-l if she could borrow it? Nothing wrong there as it seems to be in the Spanish family royal jewels.


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are you sure that this is the dress MM wore in Thailand? I think this one here is more a two-pieces-thing...
It looks like the same or very similar, maybe she has had it altered, or maybe it is a different one, not sure




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GORGEOUS!!!! Queen Sofia looks GORGEOUS IMO!! ;):)
Is yellow Mette Marit's favorite color..its so weird...every now and then she will throw in the color..and its never in her outfit. was a yellow barrette. At King Carls birthday it was the purse and belt (maybe shoes). And I actually like Sofia's dress. Not feeling Martha Louise. And
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I think I love almost everything the royal ladies wore today! It's only the suit with the dots of Sonja that made me frown a little. I so don't like dots!

And what a spectacular dress of Sofia, that last one. I really like it!!! :)
Images from PPE


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Do the Norwegian King and Queen not get along? I think I might have read that they lead separate lives -- the King certainly seems very distant toward his wife.
MM's blue dress is wonderful ! as well as yesterday blue and white outfit
Nice to see her back
...JuAnItA... said:
GORGEOUS!!!! Queen Sofia looks GORGEOUS IMO!! ;):)
I couldn't agree with you more, I love the dress! So bright & dramatic.
mtbcm said:
I wish there were only photos of Princess Mette-Marit torso tonight :D, I love her but that below part ruined everything. She should hit the person that said it looked good :(. :)

The designer obviously (at least in my opinion) committed a crime of lese-majesté with that skirt.
Zonk1189 said:
I am trying to understand why Mette Marit wears some much black. I wonder is because its slimming or she thinks it fits her features. I miss the days when she wore lots of color.

When was that?
linda85 said:
i may not have a fashion sense but see if you agree with me.
Queen Sofia looks great!!! Love the dramatic dress. Queen Sonja looks like she is going to the ballet. .

One queen looked more formal than the other but both dresses are great. It's just that at the same event and next to each other, something bothers me...

linda85 said:
ML -what is up with the shiny hose and the off the shoulder dress? Pretty but not to me as formal as the occassion demands? .

Maybe but she probably had to do that so her fashionly-challenged sister in law would not feel left out. Her dress was in sync the the dress of the Spanish queen.

linda85 said:
MM- Like the dress. Glad that she is wearing something besides black but the dress looks like it should be worn at work, not to a formal dinner!!.

Yep. You take the words out of my mouth. Perfect dress for daily princess work not a formal dinner.
SofieN said:

"she-could-outshine-them-all"talk, she was breathtaking.» That's for me the key point of that comment and most probably the main reason why she gets so many critics for her lack of fashion sense. She has SO MUCH potential and she wastes it so often. Sad sad sad
im still look for pictures at Getty Images of Spain visit Norway for 3 days but no there! oh darn for me.

pictures very wonderful! and Princess Martha-Louise's green dress looks nice with her back looks good of view but HM King of Spain receive orders to CP couples that very nice.

4 majesties include King and Queen of Spain and Norway always more friendly and more respectfully but King of Spain hold HM Queen's sonja arms more respect and more friendly.
Wonderful pictures - thanks to everyone who posted them!

I thought both Queens outfit were lovely. Bright, cheerful and very fresh - just right for summer!

And CPMM choice of outfit seem to have improved significantly since the gala dinner - she really looks stunning and it would be nice to see her in brighter colours than those dark shades she seems to prefer all the time.
Great pictures!The Lady's wore great dresses!
Thanks to all posters! :)


When I look at all these pictures it's just hard for me to belive Sonja's age! She still looks wonderful! She doesn't look like a woman that will turn 70 in 1 (?) year! :eek: :rolleyes:

Blue costume beautiful
Mette-Marit always beautiful, always sweet, always elegance
good mother
I love you MM
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