Spanish Royals at 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

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Photos terra

Arent they going to attend Victoria's wedding?
Shocking result for the Spanish side. Even I was surprised by the result 0-1 to the Swiss.. But I'm rooting for Spain anyway!
Thansk for the info & pictures.
It is really nice seeing Letizia attending with Felipe the game instead of him attending alone like what we have seen with some other crown prince's.
It´s a shame Spain lost to Switzerland. obviously I´m rooting for my country, Brasil, but Spain is my second favourite.
I hope that the end of World Cup could be Spain-the Netherlands. They should be two monarchist countries! :flowers:

How do you find out where the King or Queen will be making an appearance? Their website doesn't seem to have a court circular like the British Royal family where you can look up what they will be attending in advance. I am going to Spain in Oct and would love to see them somewhere.
Very supportive for Queen Sofia to attened but it does make sense/expected for a royal to attened.
Thanks for all the pictures and it seems was worth a trip to S.Africa for her.
Do we know if any of the royals, Cp couple, Infantas will fly to watch the final match? Is Queen Sofia attending the finals or flying back to Spain?

Queen Sofia cheers on Spain to World Cup semi win
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