Spanish Infantas and Daughter's Fashion and Style Part 3: October 2018 -

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The Infanta Elena looks really lovely too :previous:
A great look for Infanta Elena at the inauguration of the international flamenco fashion fair in Seville today, January 18:

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The Infanta Elena looks really elegant at the International flamenco fashion fair in Seville ,a really lovely hairstyle too.
The upper part is really nice and not too keen on the polka dot trousers.
Victoria Federica at the gala presentation of the San Isidro Fair posters in Madrid yesterday, February 1:

** Full view ** Upper part **
A different pair of pants and earrings and it would have been a winning look on the Infanta!
A nice look for Elena at the presentation of the "La Sonrisa de Cris Bullfighting Cartel" in Madrid yesterday, February 22 - I especially like the curls:

** Full view ** Upper part **
A really nice hairstyle too on the Infanta and the outfit too was lovely!
Elena and Cristina at the Thanksgiving Service for King Constantine at St George's Chapel in Windsor today, February 27 - Cristina's look is great! I wish Elena had not worn those clown pants of February 14 again:

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The Infanta Cristina looked really good ,Elena can do better and the less said about those pants and the messy hair!
A nice look for Elena at a charity bullfight yesterday, March 23:

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More photos from Hola! Cristina looked very pretty, she and Victoria were among the (few) best dressed ladies for sure.

Either Victoria Federica has overdone it on the tanning or she's wearing a foundation that is too orange. Other than that little quibble, she looks perfectly attired for a funeral.
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